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#2032767 Who will be the whipping boys for '10-'11?

Posted by haroldsnepsts on 12 September 2010 - 02:54 PM

Bertuzzi - He definitely came to mind. The turnovers at the blue line, the one hand on the hockey stick, bad penalties, etc.

Ericsson - I can already see the sarcastic GDT comments on his play. Something along the lines of, "B-b-but he's going to play well this year because he said it's a contract year!" along with of course the <_< smiley.

Kindl - Probably. A good majority of those who have watched GR with supposedly untrained eyes will always carry images of him with quite the lack of confidence struggling so badly just to get the puck out of the zone. The very few of those who have watched GR with supposedly trained eyes will always point to how Kindl can make skilled plays and passes that his teammates at the AHL level simply weren't ready for.

Salei - Not sure to be honest. I don't think he'll be ripped apart as badly as Lilja. Plus, he's more of an offensive threat than Lilja, imo. He can actually shoot the puck from the blue line pretty well. But I can already see his backers claiming that for a third pair defenseman he's doing just fine.

I think this is a good assessment.

I would add Rafalski, because he has the nerve not to be Nick Lidstrom.

#2032571 Stanley Cup Predictions

Posted by haroldsnepsts on 11 September 2010 - 01:31 PM

Wings vs. Leafs.

Granted it would require hell freezing over first, but I can dream.

It'd sure be good for the NHL.

#2031016 Kovalchuk Deal approved

Posted by haroldsnepsts on 04 September 2010 - 11:10 AM

so they knocked two years off it?

It's still cap circumvention. I guess now it's just more in line with the existing contracts that circumvent the cap.

#2031012 Mario Lemieux- Order Of Canada

Posted by haroldsnepsts on 04 September 2010 - 11:04 AM

Agreed. If that. I mean seriously, Lemieux is 1-4 all time, Yzerman is top30-40.

As for Steve Y better defensively? Who cares? Lemieux is so much better offensively that his defense is irrelevant. The other team prayed they do not get scored on. Mario is up there with Gordie Howe. And do not forget - Yzerman was great defensively when he scored around 80 points, he was not good defensively when he was in his offensive prime.

But since this is LGW and most people are Yzerman worshipers, we are gonna get a lot of neg points.

Yzerman is 6th all time scoring in NHL history,one of 3 players to ever score 155 points in a season (guess who the other two are), three Stanley Cups, Pearson, Conn Smythe, Selke, and an Olympic Gold Medal. People talk about how much more Lemieux would have done without the bad back and cancer. Wonder what Yzerman would've done with a good knee for the last 15 years of his career. 30-40 seems a bit low.

This just in, Stevie gives Canada the Order of Yzerman. Country bows and feels unworthy.

#2028376 Penguins sign Arron Asham

Posted by haroldsnepsts on 22 August 2010 - 11:12 PM

Never said Draper was 'the difference maker', he was part of the foundation to give the team that extra element that it takes to win.

Umm, isn't that pretty much a difference maker? You're hilarious dude. He's not the difference maker. He's just the one who was part of that element that made the difference?

I can pull up past quotes from Bowman too. But they have nothing on your hockey knowledge.

That'd be impressive since he works for the Hawks. Because we're talking about Drapes now, not under Bowman.

blah blah blah...

You say so much stupid s***, it's heard to know whats a joke and what is poor logic. Maybe you should stop "kidding" because it makes you look foolish on here.

Hey, thanks for the personal attack. For the record I didn't give your post a minus. Apparently there are people here who are less a fan of them than I am.

I don't have to put words in your mouth... you say the stupid s*** on your own.

And another one! cheers! :thumbup:

Lol @ Drapers contract is soo bad, yet Wings past 4 years (including this year) looks like this: WCF (lost to the Ducks) :: SCF (won Cup) :: SCF (lost gm 7, entire team was banged and battered) :: Stanley Cup Quarter Finals (exhausted team from 3 previous deep runs were ousted by #1 team in the West, rookie Howard gave up a few back breakers -- but you'll probably blame Draper) Only on LGWs /facepalm

That's airtight logic. The Wings have done well, therefore Draper's contract is a good one. Do you seriously not see the flaws with that line of thinking?

#2028250 Penguins sign Arron Asham

Posted by haroldsnepsts on 22 August 2010 - 12:11 PM

Seriously? When the team wins the Stanley Cup, every player is an important piece to that victory. Surprised you can't understand that. /facepalm

With that kind of logic, what are you going to say if Red Wings win the cup next year? "erm...gee wiz, Modano only scored 4 goals, Holland made a bad decision signing him instead of Asham", [...] "Slappies are always here cheerleading Holland after he builds cup winning championship teams, they don't understand that Holland should have signed 'Asham instead'" :unsure:

btw, Dallas Drake only scored 4 points, guess he wasn't a piece of the 08 cup victory either? (by your logic)

First off, no every player isn't important to a Cup victory. It's great if they are, but typically there's a couple guys at least who weren't difference makers.

Second, that's called sarcasm, sport. My very next sentence I refer back to where I said Drapes was earning his contract in '08.

"Draper's a leader for us with his energy level and his commitment," Red Wings coach Mike Babcock said. - But let me guess, Babcock doesn't have the hockey intelligence as you? Can't wait to read the excuses trying to discredit this one... ;)

And there it is. One quote from Babcock, so how could we ever question the Wings??

You keep talking about how that extra money couldn't have gotten the Wings anyone else. The Wings are tight against the cap. Maybe you don't understand how the cap works, but it's not like any money saved from Drapes contract would have to be used one to one for another player. It's about the total cap space, and I bet Holland would love to have every dollar he could get to work with.

I said that? Really? Lets dig back to.... page 5: :blink:

Blink indeed. So you're saying his contract was "brilliant" then, but he's overpaid now? That doesn't make a lick of sense. How can the same contract be brilliant and overpaid?

Again, if you had read what I previously wrote, I said a contract should be evaluated on its full term. Not just on a season by season basis. Because of course these guys are going to be worth it on the front end.

Says the guy with poor reading comprehension skills. Says the guy who discredits Draper 3 goals and 4 points in the 08 playoffs (despite lifting the cup), while Drake had the same number of points that same run, Gasp! I'll say it again so maybe it'll sink in... When the team wins the Stanley Cup, every player is an important part to that victory.

That's pretty ironic considering you missed that I was kidding. Read the sentences directly after the one about Drapers points.

You're great at putting words in my mouth and inventing arguments so you can shoot them down.

#2028249 Penguins sign Arron Asham

Posted by haroldsnepsts on 22 August 2010 - 12:05 PM

Actually, it started with 'this sucks' and it's 'worse than getting Williams instead of Prospal'. Little over the top.

And no one's saying management is above criticism. Some of us just think Modano is better for the team than Asham would be. Stop acting like your being repressed. We all have our opinions, all we're doing is discussing them. (Though I would say, as a general rule, Holland does a lot better managing the roster than any of us would, but that's beside the point.)

In regards to Draper, I'll say that it's easy to judge a contract in hindsight. Sure, we could probably replace his value for half (or less) the cost, and possibly use that savings to improve somewhere else. His off-ice contributions might not be missed. Nor, I think, would our reputation for treating our players well have suffered had we not resigned Draper (or given him less money, or term). Oh well. No roster in any sport has ever been perfect. Unless you can point out some example that would make us a notably better team without Draper's contract, then it's pointless to complain about it. But I don't think you can get a difference-maker with his salary. At best you're looking at a marginal improvement in the bottom lines. Wow.

Draper has been a valuable member of this franchise for many years, we wouldn't be that much better off without him, so why complain? It's not like we spent $5.6M on a FA goalie whose resume was basically one good 13 game stretch (and we're now risking our reputation by ungraciously disposing of him).

I'm not acting like I'm being repressed. There's actually been some good conversations going on in here, like between GMR and mindfly.

Speaking only for myself, sure it would've been nice to pick up Asham for 700k. But I'm not saying he's getting the Wings to the Cup or it's an either or situation with Modano. It's all the people jumping into the thread who've made it that. There's a pretty large gap between saying you'd want a player on the team and that player would make the difference in winning the Cup.

But that's a common argument for shooting it down. "xxxx player is not going to be the difference to get the Wings to the Cup."

And the prevailing argument has also become "do you know more than Holland?" Of course none of us know more about running a franchise than Holland. But it's about being a fan of the team. Analyzing and overanalyzing every move and throwing our two cents in. That's why this forum exists.

The Draper thing was really an aside which has derailed this thread even more. As I said, I'm a big Draper fan, but Holland was overly optimistic about his contributions to the team when he signed that contract. Or maybe he didn't have enough faith in kids like Helm to replace him.

#2028179 Small rule change confirmed

Posted by haroldsnepsts on 21 August 2010 - 09:57 PM

In what sport, besides association football, do ties/draws occur frequently? The majority of sports have some sort of overtime system or an extra game to decide the outcome.

In what sport can guys punch each other in the face until they're too tired to swing anymore, and their only punishment is to sit for five minutes?

I don't care what other sports do really. I love hockey. Shootouts are awful.

#2028173 Penguins sign Arron Asham

Posted by haroldsnepsts on 21 August 2010 - 09:46 PM

I'd be interested in reading the archives of what you wrote about Zetterberg's contract. Wonder what kind of double standard I'd find. Oh, and you also forgot to mention that Drapes is a vocal leader on the team. His contributions goes much beyond his on ice performance. Draper hasn't been on the "gravy train" since he re-signed. I remember him being a piece of the Stanley Cup championship in 08. ...Oh how quick we forget.

How much of Draper's 1.6 cap is overpaid? Enough to keep us from re-signing our stars? Nope, they are all locked up. Does his contract keep the Red Wings from winning the cup or making the SCF? Nope, Wings did that back-to-back.

Drapers contract is a bit overpaid now, but not enough to hamper the team. I'm not going to cry or fuss about it, Drapes helped Red Wings win lots of cups.. can't ***** about that.

The Wings don't need a vocal leader who doesn't contribute much on the ice. That's called the coaching staff.

yes, I think Draper's 4 points in the 08 playoffs are what put us over the top. He certainly contributed more then than he does now. But I'm not quickly forgetting. If you read my post, I said his contract fit his contributions in 08. But you're trying to justify his current pay for things he's done in the past. That's a pretty good example of why it's a bad contract. They signed him for too much or too long.

You're grasping at straws now with nonsensical arguments. Did his contract keep the Wings from making it to the SCF? who knows? how could you ever prove that? Maybe it kept them from winning their second Cup? prove it didn't. The point isn't to pick specific players that his contract has prevented us from getting. That's all speculation. I don't see how you can look at his role on the team these last few seasons and think he's worth that money.

But god forbid someone criticize Red Wings management. This thread started not even so much as criticism, but more, "would've been nice to have him" until all the cheerleaders jumped in.

#2028087 Penguins sign Arron Asham

Posted by haroldsnepsts on 21 August 2010 - 03:54 PM

I think a scoring 3rd line (which would be a 2nd line on most teams) is better than two 4th lines.

As for Draper he'd be 13th forward and in rotation when injuries occure. But thanks for proving my point that Wings don't more 4th liners. We're already have a mess in that department. No sense in adding more drama to it.

Yes Draper's contract is bad now. He's overpaid by $600-$700 yr. However, in 2007/08 his contract was brilliant. Same thing will be said about Zetterberg and Franzen in 5-6 years.

Well, you've got hyperbole down pat.

Draper's contract was brilliant? Even at a cap hit of 1.65 million, since the 08 season he's scored 17, 17, and 22 points. and was -2, -13 and -2. He plays 15 minutes or less and isn't a key faceoff guy and wasn't relied upon to kill penalties. In 08 maybe his cap hit fit his contributions, but it was on overall overpayment from the start. Especially since they knew even if he retired Detroit would be stuck with his cap hit.

I love Drapes, but he's been on the gravy train since he re-signed. The contract should be evaluated based on its full term. Not just the years it's favorable.

#2028020 Penguins sign Arron Asham

Posted by haroldsnepsts on 21 August 2010 - 10:50 AM

Asham is a gritty, low scoring forward and is a career -34. In 11 seasons, he has had a positive +/- ONCE and that was in a year when he played 35 games.

Ok, he's gritty, got it but he doesn't score much (10 goals last year) and isn't good defensively. Also at age 32, he has no upside. What you see is what you get.

So why do people want him?

This is getting blown out of proportion by all the people condemning this thread.

Modano is 40. He has no upside either. But hopefully he'll bring something this season. Same could be said for Asham for a couple seasons. Modano was a -6, -13, and -11 his last three seasons. Helms is a career -11 in 3 seasons in the NHL.

I'm not saying this is an either or situation between two players. But the aspects you mention aren't enough to rule a guy out.

I don't think anyone really thinks Asham would make or break the Wings. But he's a guy who was had cheap who brings some elements the Wings could use.

That's it. cheap signing. good player for the money. Maybe would've been nice to see him on the 4th line. Didn't happen. Oh well.

#2028015 Paul McCartney adds penguins sticker to guitar

Posted by haroldsnepsts on 21 August 2010 - 10:30 AM

beatles suck anyways, that frickin traitor. Even if he was pressured into it he should have said no, he's a knight he does what he wants.

There aren't enough minuses possible on this board for this post.

And for those who may be too young to know, McCartney had a band after The Beatles called Wings.

#2028011 Penguins sign Arron Asham

Posted by haroldsnepsts on 21 August 2010 - 10:09 AM

Holland should have foreseen Williams was going to break his leg and not recover in time to be productive. A perfect GM would have anticipated all the injuries before the season kicked off.

A mistake would have been signing yet another (seventh) 4th liner instead of building the best 3rd line in the league. But you're right, as unwillingly as you are to understand that Holland put together the best possible winning team without losing assets, you still have the right to your own opinion.

Like I said, in the forward position and depth, Red Wings are unmatched in every category. Signing Asham over Modano would have proved to be the the perfect example of "geniuses make mistakes too".

In an earlier post you said that you would take Asham over Maltby, Draper and Miller. Just curious, who would you propose to trade to fit him on the 4th line? Abdelkader? Eaves? or Helm? My golly, Wings look pretty damn good on the 4th line even without your old 4th line "savior".

Do you even understand what your argument is?

Do you even understand what his argument is?

I don't remember him calling Asham a savior. I've just seen him make a reasonable argument for how he would be a good addition to the 4th line and bring some aspects to it that it doesn't have.

People here keep acting like GMR is making a huge deal about this. Doesn't look like he is to me. Can we no longer be disappointed about not getting players we like to play for the Wings?

Instead you guys are exaggerating how upset he is in order to try and contradict his statements.

And let's be serious. The Williams signing was bad even without the leg break.

#2028009 Penguins sign Arron Asham

Posted by haroldsnepsts on 21 August 2010 - 09:55 AM

Maybe he just didn't want to play here like I said earlier.

As for our current options. I like him more than Maltby and Draper, both of whom are not as good as our younger options. I'd take him over a guy like Downey who we're giving another chance to at training camp. I'd probably take him over Miller, since Miller is basically a worse version of Eaves.

So in my book, he'd be a guy that should be on our 4th line. If he was ever an option that is. Don't know if Holland ever contacted him or not. I do know, however, that someone like Maltby shouldn't be getting offers over someone like Asham.

I agree. Asham would've been a nice little addition and for cheap.

In these threads about adding grit people always make the argument that guys who will hit, fight, and aren't total goons aren't out there to be had, at least not for cheap. Asham is a good example of a guy that was.

And I have to admire your dedication in this thread GMR, but it's a lost cause dude. If Holland had signed Asham, there would be a 20 page thread about how great the guy is and what a positive addition to the team he is. Because he signed elsewhere, most of what you're going to get is how Holland knows what he's doing and Asham is useless.

Obviously we don't know if Holland ever contacted him or Asham ever would've played here. But he's a guy who was had for cheap that would've made a team better. That seems worth commenting on. This place has become such a Red Wings cheerleading camp sometimes. Talking about this s*** doesn't mean you hate the Wings or think Holland is a bad GM. It's a hockey forum.

It's not like he was saying Holland was a terrible GM or the Wings suck. Just pointing out someone who was out there and being disappointed we didn't get him, when the argument is often made these guys don't exist or will cost too much.

#2025084 Wings sign Ruslan Salei

Posted by haroldsnepsts on 11 August 2010 - 09:09 AM

See: Jimmy Howard's 40+ save game against LA. Countless rebounds knocked away by Detroit's defensemen. Helped Howard win the game for them.

Either way, I honestly haven't seen that any more than I have seen it since 2007. Hasn't kept the Wings from winning games like other things that I have noticed.

One 40+ save game means they clear the crease?

All I can say is I noticed it a lot last season. Opposing players hanging around our net for easy chip ins or at the very least great scoring chances because no one was making them pay a price for standing there.