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Byfuglien suspended 4 games for crosscheck to J.T. Miller's neck

01 April 2015 - 07:25 PM

I don't think of Buff as this kind of player, but this is one of the more vicious crosschecks I've seen in a while. Right to the back of Miller's neck.

The better replay is at the very end of the YT.

He's getting an phone hearing. So probably a suspension, but less than 5 games.


Former Wings coach/GM Bryan Murray has stage 4 cancer

13 November 2014 - 10:53 PM

Bryan Murray's colon cancer has apparently spread and is now end stage.  Sounds like it's not so much fighting to beat it, as how much more time will he get with the treatments. 

 Bob McKenzie retweeted

Bryan Murray told @MichaelFarber3 cancer has spread from colon to liver and lung, no cure. Get a colonoscopy is Murray's message. #courage



Here's the piece TSN did on him.

Ottawa Senators general manager Bryan Murray has been battling colon cancer since this summer. He sat down with famed hockey writer Michael Farber and shared some of the sobering details in his [/size]first interview since being diagnosed for TSN.
The Ottawa Sun transcribed some of the interview:

"There is no cure at this point for me,” Murray said in the powerful five-minute story that aired on TSN5's pre-game show before the Senators-Oilers match last night. “The word is we'll keep doing chemo and, hopefully, reduce the tumours and the effect and I'll get some time out of that.”
A father of two, Murray said the doctors told him he may have had cancer for seven-to-10 years.
“The frustrating part — and I've said this to several doctors since then — is, ‘How come there were no signs?' ” Murray said.
“When you hear that you've had cancer for possibly up to 10 years and there were no signs ... Obviously, because of the Stage 4, it had moved through my body.”


more NHL wisdom: Chris Pronger may work for Dept of Player Safety

08 October 2014 - 06:41 PM

I guess since Matt Cooke wasn't available they had to go with their second choice? 




Veteran defenseman Chris Pronger and the NHL Department of Player Safety are believed to have mutual interest in regards to a potential job, according to Bob McKenzie of TSN.


Interestingly, Pronger himself was no stranger to NHL discipline during his playing days, with no fewer than eight suspensions for a combined 22 games and 1,916 penalty minutes on his record.




Hockey 101: Zone exits for wingers

14 August 2014 - 05:39 PM

Here's a good article by Justin Bourne that touches on something the Wings definitely need to get better at--zone exits.  It sounds like it's one in a series he'll be writing on them. 


For those who aren't familiar with him, Bourne is a former minor-leaguer who breaks downs of some of the finer points of the game in an entertaining way.  It usually makes for a great read and illuminates aspects that a casual fan might overlook. 




While everyone plays an important role in getting the puck out of the zone, the onus usually falls on the winger to make the crucial play that determines whether your team’s heading on a rush, or doomed to a shift hemmed in your own zone.


A common mistake of wingers (well, of almost every forward) is giving in to their desire to get ahead of the play. You know where the play is headed, so you might as well get there, right?

Well, no. By playing higher in the D-zone on breakouts, you put yourself into traffic, which gives you less time to make a play, forces the D-man to make a harder pass, and puts you first in the queue of players due to get Kronwalled.

So, get low, open up, and pivot towards the boards.




Watching both the Wings and Kings, it's striking how much better the Kings are at exiting their zone, even under pressure.  They usually have great puck support and guys and often make it look routine. 

Forum Rules Refresher. PLEASE READ

03 July 2014 - 02:17 PM

Since it's the offseason and also because of what's been going on since the free agent signings, it's a good time to remind everyone of some of the forum rules. 


I've posted a few warnings in threads but wanted to put a reminder where everyone will see it.



From the forum rules:


· DO post a link reference (or cite the TV/radio source) when reporting breaking news, reports, etc. Threads started without this information may be deleted or moved.


When posting a trade or signing, please provide a link to a reputable source as confirmation. This time of year people often make fake twitter accounts so make sure the tweet you're linking to is a verified account from a reputable source.



· DO post constructively. If you can't add anything meaningful to a discussion, don't bother.


Before hitting reply, just take a second to think about what impact your post will have on the discussion.  Is it making it better or worse?



· DON'T post duplicate topics. Before posting your new thread be sure to check the first two pages of the forum to make sure the topic isn't already being discussed. Multiple violations of this rule by a single member is punishable by temporary suspension from the forums.



· DON'T post false and/or misleading topics. Members caught doing so will be banned IMMEDIATELY with NO chance of reinstatement.


The punishment may seem severe but if people start posting fake trade threads, the forum becomes total chaos.  LGW should be a resource for solid hockey talk and information.  



· DO refrain from using vulgar language. There is a curse/bad word filter currently on the forum and members that purposely attempt to circumvent this filter will be subject to a suspension of account privileges.


No alternate spellings.  No blanking some of the letters.  Let the profanity filter do its job.



· DON'T personally attack other members. This includes name-calling, flame-baiting, etc.. If you can't discuss your point with maturity then don't discuss it. People that violate this rule will be dealt with swiftly.


In short, debate the content of someone's argument, not the person themselves.  


This includes broad insults against people on this forum and their level of fandom.  Like it or not, complaining about the Red Wings can be on topic.  If you don't like it, don't read it.  If they've clearly violated forum rules, report it to bring it to a moderators attention.  If you really don't like anything a person here has to say, you can put that member on your ignore list.




As I've said before, this forum relies entirely on content generated from its members.  You are all the authors of this forum, so it will only be as good or bad as you make it.  The ultimate goal of all of these rules is not to punish people, but to make LGW a source of lively, respectful, informed discussion. 






(link to the full forum rules for reference)