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In Topic: Losing Streak affecting Babcock's Decision?

Today, 05:39 PM

Does anybody know when Capuano's expires with The islanders?  In an interview I heard Babcock speak about all the family connections he has with the Islanders.  They are a skilled team ready to take the next step.... Could be a good fit.  He can only wait for the D to improve so long before giving up.


In Topic: 3/26 GDT: Sharks 6 at Red Wings 4

26 March 2015 - 08:19 PM

Blame Howard all you want (I do plenty) but Our D blows.  We have one top 4 guy & 6 solid 5,6,7 guys.  Danny will be a top 4 in time but that's it. 

In Topic: Losing Streak affecting Babcock's Decision?

23 March 2015 - 09:45 PM

I think this could easily turn into a Barry Trotz in Nashville situation

Only without a solid D.....

In Topic: Losing Streak affecting Babcock's Decision?

21 March 2015 - 12:09 PM

The Sharks are closer to what exactly? They are not even in a playoff spot and have just as many locker room issues as the Leafs.

Tougher, fast.  They will get a new GM  They could be straightened out more easily than the Wings.  Even if the Wings get in the play offs (no guarantee) they won't go far.  Sj are a couple tweaks away from being a good team that is built to battle in the playoffs.  Wings are not playoff tough.  History keeps revealing it.  Some interesting kids in GR for sure.  A little over valued though.  Remember when Smith was the guy everyone wanted as part of any trade?  He will be a solid 4 - 5 guy but not more.  He sure knows how to hit the glass with his shot!

In Topic: Losing Streak affecting Babcock's Decision?

21 March 2015 - 10:43 AM

I think Babcock can see through a streak.  More importantly he can see exactly where the team is, even when they were performing well.  I think he has already decided to go & I think he will end up coaching the Sharks.  They are closer, SJ is a beautiful place to live.  I don't think he will want to wait the three years to be competitive in a meaningful way & why should he have faith that the right decisions will be made within 3 years.  We have a few really interesting kids but we are going to loose a couple "special" players soon.  Kronner is exhausted and while Danny will be a solid guy they have nothing else long term on the back end, nothing.