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In Topic: Cold War II/Red Wings vs. Leafs Doubleheader !?!?!

14 December 2007 - 11:15 PM

be alot better if it was at the big house.. 100,000+ watching this game would be nuts two great game would be sweet.

In Topic: Looking for an "O" Stick

07 September 2007 - 10:26 AM

the stick is more of a gimmick ive used it and hated it. Heavy and not balanced. and little kids should be using wood sticks.

In Topic: Novi Rink Zamboni Fire

11 August 2007 - 10:43 AM

im a zamboni driver too its just freaky..they are lucky the tanks didnt explode.

In Topic: Do you play hockey?

08 August 2007 - 12:53 PM

I grew up playing hockey all my life and still play....plus i i got the ultimate hockey job i drive a zamboni at the disc in dearborn

In Topic: dallas stars NEW jersey

16 July 2007 - 01:38 PM

love the number on the front......