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In Topic: WCF: St. Louis Blues vs. San Jose Sharks

Today, 03:45 AM

  1. Earlier this season, Darren Eliot did an FS-D intermission bit on why the Sharks were pretenders, as opposed to legitimate contenders. I cringed through the whole thing.
  2. That Brent Burns guy is pretty good. It's a shame that players like him are never traded. (No, I will never let this go.)
  3. Food for thought:

Before December 12th, the Penguins sat 15th in high danger scoring chances +/-. Since December 12th they trail only the San Jose Sharks in that department with a mark of 136.



In Topic: Fixing this mess....

Yesterday, 02:36 PM

People would be screaming about Yandle's defensive play after 2 games.


I'm reminded of something Dave Tippett once said...

When [Dave Tippett is] watching tape or scouting opponents on television, he does so with the sound muted, so he's not exposed to conventional hockey wisdom.


"Sometimes, when I watch games at home (as a fan), I'll chuckle at some of the things being said about the players," he said.


His approach changed in the mid-1990s, when he served as head coach and general manager in the IHL, when he had to justify his payroll decisions. He was searching for a new way to evaluate the game, to understand "exactly what was happening on the ice."


"I'll give you an example," he said. "We had a player that was supposed to be a great, shut-down defenseman. He was supposedly the be-all, end-all of defensemen. But when you did a 10-game analysis of him, you found out he was defending all the time because he can't move the puck.


"Then we had another guy, who supposedly couldn't defend a lick. Well, he was defending only 20 percent of the time because he's making good plays out of our end. He may not be the strongest defender, but he's only doing it 20 percent of the time. So the equation works out better the other way. I ended up trading the other defenseman."


The best defense is a good offense.


Listen to Holland's presser again, he actually names Okposo as a player that could change the style of the team.

Without guessing who won't be back, would you all be excited if he landed Radulov, Okposo and Yandle? Of course, trades would be needed to have the cap, but would that fill needs? Since Datsyuk says we need Radulov, maybe if Holland lands him, Datsyuk comes back for his year??


So we're going to continue to hold the likes of Mantha and Athanasiou back because "They gotta be better without the puck" and then turn around and throw crazy money at the likes of Radulov and Okposo?


I think the Wings have to acknowledge and embrace the reality of their situation: we have, essentially, no proven top-end talent, and we play a self-defeating brand of hockey that emphasizes all the wrong things. We need to bring along the young talent (which is, at present, the only thing we have going for us) and figure out what our new core is going to look like and if we can win Cups with it. Anything short of that is a dying team on life support fighting to...stay on life support a little longer. I do think we should be looking for someone who can be an adequate 1C for a couple years while Larkin and/or Athanasiou grow into the role. I'm thinking someone like Martin Hanzal or Jordan Staal, maybe David Backes. And, of course, we have to consider multiple options re: our D group. But we have to be thinking long-term. We have to build something new.


Now, if we want to accelerate that process by trying to land a Madison Bowey or a Julius Honka or an Anthony DeAngelo, I'm all for that.

In Topic: Fixing this mess....

24 May 2016 - 01:30 PM

EDIT: Whoops!

In Topic: Fixing this mess....

08 May 2016 - 09:11 PM

That being said I know bickell is over paid but does someone know if that's the main reason he's not in the nhl now? For cap relieve? Can he skate enough to play? I know he had a big post season a few hears back and he's a big body that we could use , but I'd be more than content to get him and send him to the ahl if we could land a couple of 3rd rounders


Multiple concussions and the natural consequences thereof. (Not unlike Franzen's situation.)

In Topic: Fixing this mess....

12 April 2016 - 01:43 AM

We have been transitioning.


Nowhere in my post do I claim that we haven't been transitioning.


Playing Mantha or giving AA more minutes isn't going to make a difference in anything.




Whatever the kids become will be determined by their physical abilities, their talent, the years of dedication, training, and hard work they've done and will continue to do going forward. Not by a few minutes with Datsyuk.


Cool straw man, bro!




(I'm beginning to remember why I'd taken a break from posting here...)