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In Topic: 2014 draft thoughts.

Today, 01:30 AM

Obviously we need to draft:


1) a new #1 goalie because Howard Sucks

2) a new coach because Babcock sucks

3) a new GM because Holland sucks

4) and all new players for next year because everyone sucks

5) and also, whoever Boston drafts. Because Boston are awesome.


Sound about right? 


You forgot the new training staff.

In Topic: Howard = Average

Today, 01:12 AM

The thing I don't like about him trying to play the puck more in these past two games is that, by his own admission, it's because he saw Mrazek do it and he thought it was great. Which is fine. I'm all for trying to improve your game and become a more complete player. Just save it for later, i.e. after the playoffs. Don't experiment against the frickin' Bruins. He was probably in their heads a bit, and now he's not, largely because of that stupid mistake.


As for him being average, I'd say he's probably above average. Name 12 goalies who would tear s*** up behind our defense.

In Topic: How about some love for Howard!

Yesterday, 06:33 PM

I was just thinking. When was the last time the wings went 160 minutes without being scored on? 8 consecutive shutout periods started in the second period of the Carolina game. Good sign of things to come I hope.


eye h8 u

In Topic: Unsporting Trend

Yesterday, 06:22 PM

I've never had a problem with huge celebrations in the playoffs. This season, I feel like every team has a great reason to be jacked up, from the upstart Avs (man oh man was the Pepsi Center ever rocking last night) to the Cup-or-bust Blues taking on the defending champs in the very first friggin' round. Storylines galore. Teeth bared. Knives out. Knobs to 11. PLAYOFFS!

In Topic: ECQF Game 2 GDT : Red Wings 1 at Bruins 4 - Series tied 1-1

Yesterday, 05:48 PM

It really does suck that we drew the Bruins. We had a really rough game today, but I feel like we've been good enough to rock any Eastern playoff team not named the Bruins. Then again, we seem to struggle at the slightest whiff of comfort, complacency.