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In Topic: al montoya a wing ? Eklund

05 July 2006 - 11:31 AM

QUOTE(wingsfan27 @ July 4, 2006 - 03:27PM) View Post

f*ck belfour , at this point id rather have hasek .....let ozzie play like 50 games and then when playoffs come kick ozzie's ass to the curve and let the dominator do his thing .........thats our best option right now lol unless they go for biron or abeischer
i still say biron is available cause he asked to be traded , and if buffalo has any respect for all the crap they put him through theyd give him his trade demand and put him in a team where he can be a number 1 ...........only 2 options for that , detroit and florida, florida's in the east ......so i dont know what there waiting for , 2nd rounder for biron done deal and put the goalie situation to rest

what crap did he go through? they had three starting goalies at the start of the season. they delt one to vancouver and he lost his job to ryan miller. thats life, time to get over it. but anyways he doesnt want to be a backup goalie hence being asked to be traded.