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#2332054 [Retired] Official Lockout Thread

Posted by vladdy16 on 18 October 2012 - 10:26 AM

Whatever CBA they come up with this time around, we're just going to be right back here in 5 years. Unless the fans hit them where it hurts, they won't start negotiating until the 11th hour again.
These bastards forced me to check in on BASEBALL. Not sure how long it's going to take me to forgive them for that.

#2329593 [Retired] Official Lockout Thread

Posted by vladdy16 on 21 September 2012 - 12:13 PM

It's time for the women to get involved! Sure can't hurt.....

#2328736 Abdeklader signs 4 year extension, $1.8m cap hit

Posted by vladdy16 on 14 September 2012 - 12:39 PM

Agreed. I think this is a perfect signing. Even if Abby doesn't live up to his original potential, he will be at least an upgraded Draper. Me likey.

#2327452 2012 Lockout Watch

Posted by vladdy16 on 31 August 2012 - 03:32 PM

George Malik has coined my new favorite term - "TaliBettman." LOVE IT! Everything about this offseason has been, well, off. Signings taking forever, CBA talks moving along like a rookie trying to learn how to drive a clutch. Can't take a whole lot more.

#2327231 Fire on the roof of Hockeytown Cafe

Posted by vladdy16 on 29 August 2012 - 12:46 PM

Is anyone else amused that this topic was started by "FireCaptain?"

#2323617 Holland losing his moxie? Is Detroit slipping as UFA destination?

Posted by vladdy16 on 02 August 2012 - 04:26 PM

Oh, that that unnamed team would have presented a sizable offer.

Am I the only one who if I have disdain for a player, the disdain remains even after they sign with the Wings? To me, they're either a good/respectable/desirable player and potential acquisition or they're not, no matter who they play for.

I don't think Holland has lost any "moxie". I think he miscalculated on things like availability and timelines and is guilty of being unprepared, but once he woke up, he did everything he could. That lapse in judgement aside, I'll still keep him. For now. *evil grin*

#2323592 Red Wings Alumni Showdown Roster

Posted by vladdy16 on 02 August 2012 - 02:30 PM

Vladdy will not be playing, he will have an ambassadorial position per the article.

Wings have a highlight video of the Russians posted. Watch it here.
Good times.

#2323429 Your thoughts on Sergei Fedorov

Posted by vladdy16 on 01 August 2012 - 02:01 PM

As someone who disagrees and would retire his number, I can't take issue with a single thing you said, an entirely valid opinion.

That being said, if you are of that mindset, then there is no way Brendan Shanahan or Chris Osgood could possibly have their numbers retired either. As long as the Wings are consistent on that definition of "royalty", I could accept Yzerman and Lidstrom, only, as the Wings' definition of "royalty" for this recent era of success.

Also, if Yzerman and Lidstrom are the only current Wings players equivalent to Delvecchio, Lindsay, etc. up in the rafters, then I think you have a really hard time arguing that Datsyuk and Zetterberg are deserving of that honor, unless they win more Cups.

Part of the reason I struggle with this is you can look at guys like Delvecchio, Lindsay, Sawchuk, and these guys were definitely not the "best", or often even the "2nd best" player on their teams at that time, yet they are in the rafters. And you could argue that the 1950's Red Wings were a great team in an era where it was MUCH easier for one team to sustain success. The Wings ripped off 4 Cups in 12 seasons, and did it amongst 25 to 29 other NHL teams. There's no "right answer" to this, but I don't think you can diminish the value of guys like Fedorov simply because they weren't the "best" guy on a team that obviously needed a lot of really great players to succeed as they did.

Agreed, the others mentioned don't deserve the honor either. Yet.

Yzerman and Lidstrom bled red and white. Not only is Fedorov's work ethic able to be called into question, his loyalty is as well. I don't fault him for signing the Carolina offer sheet - I do fault him for holding the Wings hostage by holding out and making his displeasure known on the ice. He always came across as a prima donna, which is probably why so many are against his number being retired. That's not the Red Wings way.

#2323283 Operation Bobblehead - Alumni style

Posted by vladdy16 on 31 July 2012 - 06:25 PM

The DRW are asking fans to vote on who they would like to see a bobblehead of. They are going to release 6 this season of former Red Wing greats. Take a wild guess as to who I voted for. :)

Vote here.

#2322770 Money On The Board Conundrum

Posted by vladdy16 on 28 July 2012 - 10:54 PM

It can't be the multiple sources as they weren't even aware of the checks. They never processed my credit card. That's one-stop shopping there. I checked their website today; it looks like the gold outing is still happening and they've announced their grant recipients for this year, so the charity is still functioning. I am not of a mind to beg them to "approve" our donation. It's beyond me why they wouldn't just take the money and say thanks.

#2322511 Doan staying in PHX 4 yrs $21.2 mill

Posted by vladdy16 on 27 July 2012 - 02:41 PM

I feel so sorry for those of you who have only known the Wings of the last 20 years, but I'm going to try and talk you all off the ledge. Recent history has spoiled this fanbase beyond belief. no doubt, but just because we've hit a bump in the road doesn't mean we should just blow up JLA and ship our current roster off to the remaining 29 teams. We will be able to sign desirable free agents, we will do well in the draft, we just won't have the usual cakewalk to the playoffs. Now, sit down for this one: we may not even make the playoffs. You can either jump ship or take a Valium and wait for the season to begin and enjoy what you have taken for granted for so long.

#2322280 Tim Thomas.

Posted by vladdy16 on 26 July 2012 - 06:39 PM

Anyone's stance on any political issue is no longer a topic of discussion at LGW. Please keep any discussion limited to the game of hockey and all that entails.

#2321888 Doan staying in PHX 4 yrs $21.2 mill

Posted by vladdy16 on 25 July 2012 - 01:21 PM

See, if we sign Doan, we wouldn't be able to do things like this:

Posted Image

#2321823 Predators match offer sheet to Shea Weber

Posted by vladdy16 on 25 July 2012 - 09:57 AM

Of course he is - after the signing. I would think that if Weber were truly upset by what his agents were saying, he would have given an interview of his own right after the fact, not days later. He needs to mend fences. Whether he actually wants to be there or not, and conventional wisdom and general consensus dictate not, he's in Nashville, for good or ill, for the next year. He can't tank the season because if he wants a trade, who's going to trade for someone who had a crappy season, particularly with his fat contract? This presser is a serious backpedal and an olive branch, nothing more.

#2321541 Predators match offer sheet to Shea Weber

Posted by vladdy16 on 24 July 2012 - 02:48 PM

It will be very, very interesting to see how this plays out. Weber gets his payday, but is stuck in Nashville. If he was just trying to up his salary, then all is well. However, if he really wanted out and a solid chance at winning it all, unless things change drastically down there, he's screwed. Can't wait to see which scenario unfolds.