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Player from KHL we should look at

31 July 2009 - 02:41 PM

Since a lot of people are tossing out names and most of them are somehow related to Europe or the European leagues, I found a player from the KHL that looks really intriguing. He has good size, put up good points last year, he must have good playmaking skills because he led his team in assists last year (could replace Hudler) oh yeah and he could s***pump 99% of NHL players

Steve Begin to Boston, 1 year/850k

01 July 2009 - 05:15 PM

Probably noteworthy considering we might be looking for "4th line grinders"

Begin is a guy who will give you his all every night, can't go wrong there

08-09 is done, and here we are, still...

14 June 2009 - 12:51 AM

...cupless without an enforcer in the line up! OK that was partially a joke but not entirely. In the offseason we added a world class player in Marian Hossa and lost Dallas Drake.

Our biggest hurdle this year in the finals was fatigue and just being beaten up and not having the energy to go 7 games against a young Pittsburgh squad, can we agree on that?

Last year we had guys like Dallas Drake, Darren McCarty, and Andreas Lilja on our squad, physical guys who can take the body and stick up for their teammates. This year we didn't have any of those 3, we had Ericsson who was a nice addition I can admit that much.

Could the fact that our players were beaten up and exhausted have anything to do with the fact that our star players were all literally beaten up? I'd imagine playing every other night for a month+ is hard enough on the body, I don't think another man pounding away at your body would help the cause.

What kind of incidents were there in last year's playoff run? McCarty answered the bell to McCormick when the Avs tried to get something going, that's as far as that went. There was that nice scrum in the finals where we had Lilja go after Sykora(?) for knocking over Ozzy, we stood our ground there.

This year? From the top of my head:

-Beachaumin wrecking Kopecky's face (big body outta playoffs...not complaining, just saying)
-Niedermayer 360 elbow to Datsyuk's head then feeding him uppercuts
-Perry filling in Rafalski and leaving plenty of visible damage to our 6 million dollar D man
-Malkin throwing a couple of punches at Z, but admittidly that wasn't all that much except a message
-Kunitz teeing off on Helm with a few uppercuts in a blow out game (may have gone unnoticed to some)

this isf****** HOCKEY show some backbone, well, first we have to acquire some backbone which I'm hoping can be done in the offseason this year, there are certainly enough tough quality players available

there was a big change in our team from last year to this year, maybe not skillwise but the attitude and how the team carried themselves, at least that's how I saw it, I'd have said the same thing if we won too (believe it or not)

Chris Neil... Ian Laperriere... '09

UFC 2009 undisputed demo released

24 April 2009 - 12:13 AM

it's out for xbox 360 and ps3 don't know about wii... go download it, great game

you can only use chuck and shogun in the demo