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In Topic: Red Wings sign D Mike Green (3-years, $18-million)

Yesterday, 03:13 PM

Maybe Quincey gets moved during the season? There is always a team that's completely decimated by injury early on in the season. Don't think he gets resigned anyways


I just see Quincey not being re-signed at the end of the year. His $4.25M being invested into our younger players that are out of options (waiver exempt).

In Topic: Free agents this off season

Yesterday, 10:30 AM

NHL.com is showing live coverage this afternoon.


Anyone else getting a lot of lag on NHL.com?

In Topic: Free agents this off season

Yesterday, 10:17 AM

I really hope Nyquist doesn't get an offer sheet. Holland needs to sing him now before some GM thinks he can take him away from us.

In Topic: Saad traded to Columbus

30 June 2015 - 06:13 PM

TSN report: Saad, a restricted free agent, was reportedly asking for a deal in the $6.5 million per year range after helping the Blackhawks to their second Stanley Cup in his third NHL season.



After this quote from Bowman:

"We'll work that out. I have a lot of confidence that Brandon will be a big part of our group for many years to come," Bowman said. "We'll make it work. Those things aren't of a concern to me."




I guess this is the bad part of having a young winning team. They want their big contract faster instead of a "bridge" deal.

In Topic: Weiss bought out (confirmed)

30 June 2015 - 05:48 PM

Dumb move. We're not hurting for cap space next season and now Weiss is on the books for 6 seasons. If Weiss still didn't improve under Blashill, we could have done the same thing next year for a more reasonable penalty over 4 seasons rather than 6.



If the Wings didn't buyout Weiss this year, the Wings really have Weiss for 5 years in the books. This year for the full $4.9M plus the additional four years at the buyout price.

So now the Wings have more cap space and a roster spot now.



If Holland give Nyquist $5-$6.5M a year, then this team is doomed.  Tell us Mrazekfanboy, if you think Gus is worth that, then what the heck is Mrazek going to get next year? Nothing because after giving NYquist $6M and then having to pay the other FA's similar money because if Nyquist earned it, so did they, there will be no money to even ice a complete team.  I indeed, Gus is asking or this kind of money, trade his rights to someone who will overpay or him.  Please lets not let Nyquist be Hudler 2.0, money hungry and puts himself in front of the team. For Christ's sake, Z's cap hit is just barely over $6M, you honestly think Nyquist earned that much?

Well, they did have to make room for Franzen and Cleary...this was the obvious thing to do!


That is due to having that extra long contract that is not allowed now in the NHL. Z's cap would be in the ~$7.5M a year range without those extra throw away years added.



Nyquist will get a contract similar to Tatar



No way. Tatar signed his current contact while only scoring 19G and putting up 39 points the year before. Guss has back to back 25G+ seasons and is older than when Tatar signed his deal. Guss will be 26 years old, this is his prime time money making years.







When Tatar signed he'd played one season and scored 19g, 39p. Nyquist has played 2 seasons, scoring 28g, 48p and 27g, 54p. He should and almost certainly will get more than Tatar. ~$4.5 range I would guess, around 5 years. I would much rather have that than a 2 yr cheap deal (when we don't need to be cheap) after which he'd be unrestricted.