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#2100011 1/18 GDT: Red Wings 1 at Penguins 4

Posted by dragonballgtz on 19 January 2011 - 12:36 AM

Despite all the injuries, if Wings had (at the very least) a 2nd string goalie, they easily win this game. Easily!

Considering that they got a goal off a turn over then crashing the net to get it, I doubt it. They capitalized on our mistakes.

Also I think the 2nd line looked invisible for the most part. Again not a full 60 minute game along with very very bad passing.

I started to notice this more and more even when we were healthy. Passes are not on the stick on the break out. They are a foot in front, in the feet, slow/half ass, or behind. Even on the PP when they do a drop pass it's not even right in the lane of the forward receiving it. Detroit for the majority does not have great foot speed but what makes us look fast is that the passes are usually on the stick while the forwards are in full flight and that hasn't been happening for awhile.

16th or 17th game now with 4 goals against

I count 19

#2099386 THN: Zetterberg should be disciplined for skipping ASG

Posted by dragonballgtz on 18 January 2011 - 02:55 PM

Wonder if Campbell is going to call for Crybaby to be disciplined now.


Whine, Sid, whine. Once again, he's showing his inferiority complex to Zata.

I think you hate Crosby so much you are starting to become obsessed with him.

#2097302 1/14 GDT: Red Wings 2 at Blue Jackets 3 (SO)

Posted by dragonballgtz on 14 January 2011 - 07:42 PM

Where's mindfly when you need him? :hehe: :lol:

#2094455 1/8 GDT: Red Wings 2 at Canucks 1 (SO)

Posted by dragonballgtz on 09 January 2011 - 02:03 AM

#2093521 Stuart out 6-8 weeks with broken jaw

Posted by dragonballgtz on 08 January 2011 - 01:22 PM

watch the last part of this video. he's so angry. i feel so bad for him. :(


and he scares the bejesus out of that girl in white.

After looking at it again look how he lines up Stuart about 3 or 4 strides before he hits him and pumps his elbow. He wasn't going for the chest or going to try to take the stick, he 100% knew what he was doing when he went for the head.

#2091930 Viva México: Winter Classic This Sunday

Posted by dragonballgtz on 06 January 2011 - 12:49 PM

Don't drink the water :ph34r:

#2091188 1/4 GDT: Red Wings 5 at Oilers 3

Posted by dragonballgtz on 04 January 2011 - 11:54 PM

Ozzie let in one soft goal. Howard lets in three a game, that was my point. THen there are additional goals that aren't their fault.

Therefore we have a 5-3 win with Ozzie instead of a 5-3 loss with Howard.

You mean the goals that are deflected or the ones that his own teammates put in are bad goals?

#2091180 1/4 GDT: Red Wings 5 at Oilers 3

Posted by dragonballgtz on 04 January 2011 - 11:45 PM

Unfair. The first two goals weren't anything he could do about. At least give him credit for staying up whereas Howard would be crawling on the ice as low as he could possibly get as soon as he saw the puck. Ozzie stays big in net. The third goal I'll grant you was crappy, but I'd rather deal with 1 crappy goal a game over Howard's 3 a game.

How many did Ozzie let in today?

Nearly every goalie gives up a bad goal a game. I don't hold 1 bad goal against a goalie. I always give them that one soft one before I get upset over it. Everybody on the ice is going to make bigger mistakes from time to time, including the goalie. Their mistakes are just a bit more obvious unless they get lucky and another player helps them out.

And if we lost the game it would be because Ozzie let in a weak one. I fail to see what puts Ozzie over Howard right now when they both are letting in 3 goals against in their own way.

#2090871 1/4 GDT: Red Wings 5 at Oilers 3

Posted by dragonballgtz on 04 January 2011 - 10:23 PM

Draper has been playing well imo

miller is so sitting once we get healthy (at least Danny and Dats wise)

#2090471 First 6 All-Stars Named

Posted by dragonballgtz on 04 January 2011 - 01:29 PM

Why don't we stack the ballot? Conspiracy indeed.

I would rather they skip it and get some rest. If a player did say to the fans he really wanted to go then I would vote.

#2090450 Howard, Stuart, Eaves possible Tuesday against the Oil

Posted by dragonballgtz on 04 January 2011 - 01:08 PM

While Howard has been shaky for the past month or so, those 3 goals against Philly were not as bad as many are making them out to be. The difference between an awesome goal from a sniper and a bad goal that the goalie should have stopped is the Winged wheel. That's the way it goes on LGW. Praise your own, s*** on the rest.

The #1 most overlooked fact on LGW for the past week.

The past week? This s***ty play has been going on for the pass month. It's just more evident now because the two players that showed up every night are out.

#2089790 1/2 GDT: Flyers 3 at Red Wings 2

Posted by dragonballgtz on 02 January 2011 - 10:53 PM

Tough loss.

Unlucky goals against Howie. Not really his fault. Ozzie came up big in relief.

We need to be less Jessica Alba and more Rosie O'Donnell out there.

If I was the opposition I would let Jessica Alba do whatever she wanted. I would crush Rosie since she bats for the same team.

#2083532 NJ fires head coach

Posted by dragonballgtz on 23 December 2010 - 02:48 PM

It's Lou that should be fired. He is the one that has hurt this team the most with his piss poor cap management.

Oops got names confused. :blush:

#2081887 12/19 GDT: Stars 4 at Red Wings 3 (OT)

Posted by dragonballgtz on 20 December 2010 - 05:21 AM

You know, the Wings actually played a pretty good game today. They got their fair share of chances, finished decently.. I mean, sure, Helm missed an open net, but we know he has hands of stone anyhow, and the play was started solely by him... it shifted momentum as a bonus. Ozzie played a good game. Overall, the Wings looked fairly good.

However, I would particularly like to thank Rafalski for singlehandedly costing Ozzie career win #400 by a stupid giveaway, a penalty in overtime (wtf are you doing with your stick that close to the legs of one of the biggest divers in the league?) and poor timing on joining the rush in OT.

Thanks, Raffi.

After his give away and the penalty I am surprised Babs let Raf play any more during the last minutes of OT.

#2080820 swallow the whistle night

Posted by dragonballgtz on 18 December 2010 - 04:56 AM

The only thing I really had a problem with (and not much of one) was the Ericsson penalty. It was exceptionally weak compared to everything that was let go (Helm getting mauled from behind, Zetterberg sitting on someone behind the net, etc), and it led directly to the first Chicago goal.

It's not huge, and the Wings should have played better instead of looking like crap, but I'd rather refs swallow their whistles for the whole game and not call ticky-tacky crap, or call it at least 50% of the time.

I'm guessing a lot of people had the CSN feed tonight via the NHL Network (as I did), so they wouldn't have even heard it.

Flames Fans Blame Refs Sounds like LGW during the playoffs. They bitched because of too many penalties we ***** because we didn't get calls our way.

During the 3rd period I thought Detroit was going to get a diving call because players started to go down to easily. The seemed to care more about trying to get a call in the corner rather than crash the net and score a goal.