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ESPN hockey

25 May 2008 - 03:21 PM

I was reading a hockey article on espn.com (mistake #1) and came across some quotes by Scott Burnside with Melrose and Hradek sprinkled in that were just too good to pass up. Not saying I respected them before, but I think this is the last time I report to espn for any thing hockey.


My Personal favorite:

Which team has the better overall team defense, Detroit or Pittsburgh?

Burnside: OK, the Wings have better defensemen, but that's not the same as team defense. And I think the Penguins' ability to roll four lines for long periods of time makes them, overall, a better defensive club. Plus, they have a slight edge in goaltending, which goes to team defense, too.

Red Wings Playoff MVP

20 May 2008 - 11:05 AM

Franzen was clearly the MVP of this run before he got sidelined, but after missing most of our meaningful games, it's really up in the air. You can make a good case for Hank, Datsyuk, Nick, and Ozzie.

I'm interested to see everyones thoughts on our current playoff MVP

Igor Grigorenko

14 May 2008 - 11:37 AM

I know that he was tearing it up way back when in Russia, and seemed liek a surefire star. I haven't heard anything about him since he messed up his leg. Does anyone know what became of him?

Wings sign Leino

11 May 2008 - 04:33 PM

Seems like he could possibly or scouting staff's newest gem.