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a holmstrom encounter wuss out

09 December 2008 - 10:54 PM

tonite i took the girlfriend out to the movies, me and her were sitting in line, for tickets at amc 20 in livonia, when i heard some english being demolished. And it clicked in my head instantly with a certain swedish red wing in my head. i swung my head back to see no other but tomas holmstrom, with what must of been his 3 children in line directly behind me. he was wearing what looked to be a winter hat with the zorro zetterburg z on the front..(hmmm) but anyway, most fans i would assume would react with a hey homer! mr.holmstrom! or anything! but not me. i was speechless. i grabbed my girlfriend pacing back and forth whispered, its homer its homer!! she just laughed and said so do something about it. and while awkwardly looking at him even to the point where he must of known exactly what was going on, i still didnt say a word. minutes later i got in to the theatre and homer and his children went to the concession stand. i found a pen and paper to get ready to ask for his autograph and waited till he was checked out. half way towards him i froze again, looking like a fool, and chickened out for the second time. although this left my girlfriend rolliing on the grown laughing, i felt some what mixed on how to feel about not bothering him. although 70% of me was just plain to chicken to say a word, the other 30 felt like a dick to bother him trying to take his kids out for fun with the little time he gets. no one else when up to him, so i believe me leaving him alone prevented a chain reaction of tons of people.

so what i was wondering is....

as fans, does anyone else freeze up like i do??

and also.....

do you feel there are situations where when you spot a player in public it is better to let the player be and enjoy him self with out being mobbed by fans??

Downey or McCarty?

18 May 2008 - 12:04 AM

Once playoffs started and they had d mac in the line up i was thrilled. i couldn't wait to see mccarty on the ice with the team, protecting our skill players, standing up for the team. Well its about game 6 in the western conference finals now... I'm still waiting. Now i know mccarty as we all know ain't what he used to be, but come on... he cant even skate out there. I dont care how much drugs a guy does but how does a professional hockey player for get how to skate.. which leads me to thinking, what drug is babcock on to keep playing him???? now i love d mac, i always will for what he's done in the past but i think hes proven to us all he's not gonna cut it. So many cheapshots, so many oppurtunities for mccarty to stand up for the rest of team, and he has gotten in to ONE fight. And it was at a time i don't even think was very necessary. if downey was playing im SURE ott would have a fat lip or black eye by now. All season downey stuck up for The wings, he even made a new turtle on the avalanche. Why is he riding the pine for a player just signed on the team for enforcing purpose who can't even fulfill the role close to how downey has all season?? Just give downey a game, for cripes sake. i just think it is ridiculous, and i just wanted to know how others think about this.