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I'm sick of all the pessimism

20 May 2007 - 11:02 PM

What's with all the negative attitudes around here? I can't believe how many of you are throwing in the towel and the series isn't even over yet!

True, this isn't 2002 and we're not playing Colorado. But if history has taught us anything, its that anything is possible. This Wings team may not have as many all stars as it did in 06 but they do have more heart then that team and much more character.

I really just hate all the negative comments being made here, it pisses me off. True Wings fans will stick by their team until the end. And seriously, if they win game 6, we come back here on home ice and as all of you know, anything goes in game 7.

I just wish everyone would show a little bit more support. Go ahead and feel bad and blame the refs all you want but we need to support this team to the very end. Not keep saying how were done and out.

Ahh sweet revenge for 1994

08 May 2007 - 06:46 AM

1994 Wings/Sharks Video

OK, now before this series I had absolutely no thoughts about how in 1994 the Sharks upset the Wings. Heck, I wasn't even 10 years old so I barely remember it. But I'd seen videos before and obviously the image of a young Chris Osgood sitting at his locker in tears always comes to mind, but I had never seen the infamous giveaway goal.

So I youtube'd it (new word haha) and not only did I find the video but whoever made this thing had an obsession with the goal. Idk, personally I found this video almost humorous and since we've already won I can do this tongue.gif

But just thought I'd share.