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In Topic: Still no decision from Suter. Speculation abounds.

01 July 2012 - 04:24 PM

I read on Twitter as well (via a link on Bleacher Report) that Parisse is a Pen!!

https://twitter.com/#!/search/%23nhl -- It is down the page a little bit

In Topic: The Phantom and The Seed

07 April 2012 - 10:46 PM

sounds good to me...this version sucks right now.

also...the NHL needs to ditch the last place/ first pick situation.

take the last 4 teams to just miss the playoffs, and start the lottery for first pick.

this will prevent tanking for first..."fail for nail" sound familiar?

The league does have a lottery for the #1 pick in the draft similar to the NBA!

Would Detroit make the playoffs this season if not for shootout wins?

Yes they would because of the teams below them having SOW as well!


I actually like the SO personally, I would like your idea of 4-4, 3-3 THEN SO. Shoot out would be last resort.

As far as how weird the points would look, Who gives two s***s? The league is maintaining a 2 point max to keep it comparable to past seasons for statistical reasons. I know I love cheering for the guy that breaks a new scoring record or a goalie that has the most stops but in reality is it really comparable between now and 1930,40,50 or even 1990?

Even a simple rule change like two line pass changes the full dynamic of the game and how players stats will be affected.

For example; How many scorers today would make Gretzky look down right average if they still had the same sized goal? How bout Broddy and how big his pads used to be? There is very little correlation although people like to think so. Thats why from time to time you will hear a stat that include AFTER THE LOCKOUT. Points would be no different.

So what if we have the dominate teams hitting 130 points instead of 110?

I could only imagine the excitement in seeing a team in the gutter put a 30 point L10 together and get right back in the tick of things.


Also to comment about those that want a 2-1-none score, who do you want to reward? If you take a point from a winner then lesser teams have a bettter opportunity of catching up. I am of the opinion that you always reward winning and just reward it less if you dont win as good.

Regardless of how points are distributed, there should be an equal amount of points at the end of the season that there was available at the start. If a season consisted of winners and losers with 2 going to the winner and none to the loser we should have 4920 points available. Todays system actually allows for 7380 points to be distributed by the end of the season if every game went to OT. On the flip side a 2-1-0 would potentially leave the league with 2460 for the season. Im not a fan of that either. You end up with the Phantom point again, and thats no better for play.

More or less points shouldnt appear or disappear, just be moved around accordingly.

Not sure if I am reading too much into your post but the goals are the same size as when Gretzky played. The goalies might look larger due to equipment though!