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In Topic: Would You Trade For Matt Greene's Rights?

18 April 2014 - 06:05 PM

^While I'm sure Sproul, Ouellet or Marchenko would probably be able to fill able to fill a 3rd pairing role for the big club, I can't see Ken Holland doing this.


With cap space to burn, history tells me that Kenny will likely either re-sign Quincey or bring in a UFA Dman that he thinks will help the team.


Almquist is another story. If you simply delete Quincey and add Amquist, the Wings "defensive" struggles from this season don't get any better. They lose a player who as of late has been one of their better "defensive" Dmen, and add one who won't add the same dimension.


I think the real question should be, when does Lashoff becomes expendable? His ceiling is pretty much a #6/7 guy. It's probably a safe assumption that in a more perfect season (less injuries, Kindl plays the way he did to justify a $2.4M cap hit, and Smith has less growing pains), Lashoff would've spent a large chunk of 13/14 as a healthy scratch.


Which brings me to Almquist... If the Red Wings go into training camp with an established top-6 (likely Kronwall, Ericsson, DeKeyser, Quincey/UFA, Smith and Kindl) and Amquist adds some strength in the offseason, would a strong camp and preseason make the team consider giving him the #7 spot instead over Lashoff? I have to think that if Almquist shows that he can still develop into a puck moving top-4 guy, it wouldn't be worth losing him over a guy that is pretty much Derek Meech v2.0.


With an impressive AHL resume, I can't see how Almquist would clear waivers next season. However, his lack of an NHL resume likely means he won't net more than a late round pick if they try to trade him.


Logic tells me that with three Dmen that are likely to be NHL regulars within the next couple seasons able to go up and down from GR, his easily buried cap hit and low upside, Lashoff has to have the same kind of expendability that Cory Emmerton has had the past three seasons.


I guess time will tell.

In Topic: Would You Trade For Matt Greene's Rights?

18 April 2014 - 03:48 PM


This is true.  I think Niskanen will get paid though, and if it's not by the Pens he's going to get BIG money on the market, far more than he's probably worth, and more than the Wings need to pay any D-man.


I agree. I think if he continues on the level he's been on this season, he'd be a great fit with the Wings. However, I don't think he'd deserve to make more than Kronwall on this team considering it's probably going to take a long term deal at over $5mil/year to get him.


On the other side of the coin, I do think there might also be a slight risk factor with signing him long term for big money. Up until this season he was pretty mediocre for the Penguins, and fell of the wagon after a couple of decent seasons in Dallas.


Question is... How much of his "break out" this season had to do with the multiple long term absences of Martin, Letang and Scuderi? Might Quincey or Kindl put up similar point and +/- totals if they are skating in front of a couple of .91+ SV% goalies, and are one of the teams only qualified options to skate behind and feed pucks to Crosbalkin and Co.?

In Topic: Would You Trade For Matt Greene's Rights?

18 April 2014 - 03:22 PM

Break it down by pairs. Kronwall and E and 1 pair. No issues here. Smith is an offensive Dman and a LHed shot. He needs a good stay at home RHed shot to pair with. This is where Greene fits so nicely. He is 30 6-3/230 RHed and from Michigan. getting him for say a 3 year 9 million contract would be great. Dekeyser is a developing LHed all around Dman. he needs a solid RHed partner. Keep Lashoff as the 7th. That leaves Kindl and Almqvist without a home and can be used as trade bait. That is where things get harder. Kindl and Almqvist are not enough for a top pair. We would have to add 1 or 2 more pieces to make it work. The who and how are the key. 


I have to kindly disagree with this... Holland would have to be completely inebriated to give that contract to a guy that has been severely limited by injuries recently, a healthy scratch for 20 games and pretty much his teams Bryan Lashoff (on the depth chart) when healthy this season. Matt Greene of 2012? Absolutely. All I would offer Matt Greene of 2014 is a prorated version of Mike Commodores last NHL contract. Somewhere in the neighborhood of $1M for a year. If he can stay healthy and/or stay in the line-up, then we can discuss a raise/extension.


In reality, Brooks Orpik could probably be had for close to that contract. He's a better, faster and MUCH more durable version of Matt Greene, while only three years older.

In Topic: Would You Trade For Matt Greene's Rights?

18 April 2014 - 02:54 PM

Look at the list of UFA d-men.  It's bad.  Like, waking up between Rosie O'Donnell and a 65 year old hooker bad.  There are 14 pending UFAs who average more than 20 minutes a night, so play a top 4 role.  7 of them are 35 or older.  Hainsey, Quincey, Orpik, Gilbert, Niskanen, Butler, and Benoit are the younger guys.  I doubt Niskanen will hit the market.  I don't think Orpik would either.  Gilbert would be a fit if he's willing to sign short term, but I'd imagine he's going to be looking for 4 or 5 years and will get it.  Of the older guys, I wouldn't be surprised if Markov went back to the KHL for a couple years before retirement.  Boyle is slipping.  Zidlicky doesn't impress me at all.  Timmonen is 39 and doesn't really bring the dimensions the Wings lack.  Mitchell is probably better suited as a 3rd pairing guy.  The Wings could have signed Robidas last year and had no interest.  I don't think an injury plagued season is going to change that.


If they go outside to upgrade the D, it will likely be through a trade.


I wouldn't be so sure about that for atleast two reasons:

-#1. Niskanen is arguably the most valuable Dman destined for UFA status. MacDonald was a close 2nd or possibly 1B. After MacDonald signed his extension with Philly, I'm sure Niskanens agent has made him well aware what could be thrown at him on the open market.

-#2. Already tight at the cap and with Letangs raise kicking in, the Pens have just shy of $16M in cap space to fill seven roster spots. That includes Niskanen and Orpik's spots on the blueline as well as atleast one top-6 forward. They may have to choose between one of them to fill their needs.

In Topic: Would You Trade For Matt Greene's Rights?

18 April 2014 - 02:32 PM


Dan Boyle

Marek Zidlicky


Kimmo Timonen


Derek Morris


I wouldn't mind if Holland added one of those four this summer. Rather than overpay longterm for someone like Niskanen, they could get one of those guys for 1-2 years which will leave some flexibility for Ouellet/Sproul/Marchenko as they get closer to loser waiver exemption. Zidlicky and Boyle would give them a proven RH PP quarterback and give the team a Dman that could post 35+ points not named Niklas Kronwall.




As for getting Matt Greene's rights, I don't see the need. Obviously it would only cost a conditional late round pick that LA would get if he signs here, but if Holland really wanted him it probably wouldn't be difficult to swing after July 1st.


However, while Greene Michigan native physical RH Dman, he isn't exactly what the Red Wings need. The Red Wings need a RH shot that can quarterback a powerplay, which Greene doesn't do. He's also slow, and has struggled with injuries playing in only 43 regular season games over the last two seasons. He was also a healthy scratch for 16 of LA's 23 games after the Olympic break and wasn't in LA's opening lineup for the playoffs.


If/when he's healthy, he'd be a #5-7 guy for the Wings. That still leaves the #4 spot as a revolving door if Smith and/or Kindl struggle next season.