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In Topic: Petr Mrazek is the #1

Today, 05:08 PM

I miss Joey MacDonald. :confused:

In Topic: Who should sit?

Today, 04:52 PM

^Maybe that's why he hasn't signed an extension yet. Wants to go somewhere where he has a bit more control over his roster.

In Topic: Losing Streak affecting Babcock's Decision?

Today, 04:17 PM

At this point, I could take him or leave him.


I have a feeling Babcock wants to use his rare situation as a "Free Agent coach that wasn't fired" to gauge different challenges that will be presented to him. I have a feeling he might want to go somewhere where he gets the kind of control that Bowman got here after Bryan Murray was let go. Seems like Ilitch/Holland want to run the team as a band-aided and safe "Old Boys Club", than make significant changes to make the team better (like Bowman did after Murray).


....which leads me to my next point.....


The positive outlook I have for Babcock leaving, is that atleast SOMETHING about this team changes. Since the last lockout, the Red Wings have become the NHL's definition of insanity. The team has the same two goalies and six Dmen that started in the 2013 playoffs and most of the same forwards. There's also the same GM and head coach, of course. We even went into this current season with nearly the same exact team that barely made the playoffs and couldn't handle the Bruins in the first round, minus Alfredsson. "Oh but we'll be healthier, young guys will get better, Jimmy will bounce back, blah blah".


Wings fans act like Babcock leaving would be equivalent to Al Arbour walking away from the Islanders a day after leading them to a 4th consecutive Cup. In reality, Babcock has lead the Wings to win only three playoff series in the last five seasons, and they haven't made it past the second round in that same span. The way they're playing right now, it doesn't look like that is going to change. I know it's not all Babcocks fault, but when will some accountability fall his way? A new message might be refreshing, especially if the (likely) band-aiding continues.

In Topic: Petr Mrazek is the #1

Today, 03:25 PM

Hindsight's 20/20, but the Wings should have grabbed one of Buffalo's goalies at the deadline as a rental insurance policy.


Here's why:


-Howard had been back for almost a month, but he clearly wasn't playing like he was before the injury. (2.81GAA/.901SV after injury vs. 2.11/.92 before)

-Gustavsson simply can't be trusted to stay healthy. (and got hurt in his first appearance after the deadline...)

-Mrazek clearly struggled handling the starters workload. Getting yanked in three of his last eight starts before Howard returned, and allowing four or more goals in four of those same eight games.


I'm certainly not saying that Jhonas Enroth or Michal Neuvirth would be an upgrade. However if Howard continued to struggle (and obviously has), both have starting experience and would've have given the Wings a better option than a goalie that can't stay healthy for a month to save his life, or a 22 year old that is playing like he's 22. Plus, both of those goalies are playing for a new home and salary raise this summer as UFA's and might have been motivated to play lights out if given an opportunity to fill in for a badly struggling Howard.


Both goalies were had for a struggling placeholder (Lindback and Johnson) and a conditional 3rd rounder. The Wings could've tossed in Gustavsson or maybe even McCollum to really help the McDavid tank.


If we want to go back even further, I called re-signing Gustavsson a horrible idea last spring. Looks like I was right... Thomas Greiss signed with the Penguins for a year with a cap hit just a tad more than Gustavssons, after having a way better year than Gus in 13/14. He's been healthy all season, and has numbers better than all three of the Wings goalies...


Just my thoughts.

In Topic: Team next season?

20 March 2015 - 02:01 PM

To me it looks pretty simple. No real big changes, just continued emphasis on developing and improving home grown talent.


Up front:


(In no real order)

1. Datsyuk, 2. Zetterberg, 3. Wiess, 4. Franzen, 5. Tatar, 6. Helm, 7. Abdelkader, 8. Miller, 9. Nyquist, 10. Sheahan, 11. Jurco, 12. Andersson, 13. Glendenning, 14. Pulkkinen


-All RFA's resigned

-Cleary is a goner for sure this time.

-Pulkkinen is no longer waiver exempt next season (but obviously doesn't need to go back...) and gets a spot.

-Franzen will be back

-As will Weiss. He will literally be impossible to ship out without getting another bad contract back. Especially since his salary goes up to $6M in the next two seasons. I can't see Holland doing a buyout either.

-Unless Cole goes on an extreme tear and/or it appears Franzen may not be ready to start the season, he won't be resigned.

-Callahan and Ferraro get re-signed and get to battle over who will be the next Nestrasil.


On D:


1. Kronwall, 2. Ericsson, 3. DeKeyser, 4. Quincey, 5. Smith, 6. Zidlicky/UFA/Marchenko/Ouellet, 7. Lashoff/Kindl/UFA


-Smith re-signed

-Attempt to re-sign Zidlicky for one more year. Then, when Quincey/Zidlicky/Lashoff leave on July 1, 2016, Ouellet, Markchenko and Sproul have open spots when their waiver exemption goes away.

-Or, Marchenko gets #6 spot as sole RH shot.

-(Unlikely) Or they go after another UFA RH shot.

-Attempt and hopefully succeed trading Kindl for pick(s). Having him (expensively) sit out most games will just make him even harder to trade.

-Lashoff slides in at #7 again to sit in the dressing room most games. I don't see Holland putting Ouellet/Marchenko in this spot, since they could play every night in GR. They could also bring in a cheap veteran UFA for this spot as well.


In goal:


1. Howard, 2. Mrazek


-Gustavsson FINALLY leaves as a UFA a year later than he should have

-Mrazek gets the backup job

-McCollum elects for Group VI UFA status to get a change of scenery

-Bring in an experienced #3 (ala LaBarbara, Ellis, JOEY MACDONALD PLZ, etc.) to push Mrazek in camp, give them a serviceable backup if needed, and mentor Paterson and Coreau on the farm.




I don't see Holland getting too aggressive in the market this summer. The UFA class this summer is stupid thin, which will lead to stupid Andrew MacDonald like overpayments in both trades and salaries. The overpayments can also lead to Stephen Weiss 2.0.


Plus, the Red Wings need to be a little conservative for the future. Loading up on big long term contracts will make it harder to retain all of the good young players when they start approaching UFA eligibility. If the team is poised to make a run, they can use any extra cap room for affordable rentals again.