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#2588655 3/31 GDT : Senators 2 at Red Wings 1 (SO)

Posted by DSM on 03 April 2015 - 01:38 AM

Plus Florida has a whole bunch of recent high draft picks to build around, and a GM that's always willing to make moves to improve their roster.

I'd bet Gary would pay him under the table to turn the Panthers into a winner so he doesn't end up with another Coyotes situation...

#2587914 Team next season?

Posted by DSM on 02 April 2015 - 10:41 AM

^I don't understand why would have no value. Teams have traded for other dog housed Dmen (Meszaros comes to mind). You also have the Oilers who have to vastly overpay mediocre Dmen (Nikitin and Fayne) on the UFA market. Is Holland expecting some sort of Andrew McDonald kings ransom in return?


If Kindl has no value, but warrants nearly $10M over 4 years after 41 decent games, I'm really going to bite my nails over what Holland might offer Smith this summer...



In other news, John Scott has scored 150% more goals this season than his career total before this year. He's going to be a UFA this summer. :bye:

#2587091 Losing Streak affecting Babcock's Decision?

Posted by DSM on 31 March 2015 - 04:17 PM

At this point, I could take him or leave him.


I have a feeling Babcock wants to use his rare situation as a "Free Agent coach that wasn't fired" to gauge different challenges that will be presented to him. I have a feeling he might want to go somewhere where he gets the kind of control that Bowman got here after Bryan Murray was let go. Seems like Ilitch/Holland want to run the team as a band-aided and safe "Old Boys Club", than make significant changes to make the team better (like Bowman did after Murray).


....which leads me to my next point.....


The positive outlook I have for Babcock leaving, is that atleast SOMETHING about this team changes. Since the last lockout, the Red Wings have become the NHL's definition of insanity. The team has the same two goalies and six Dmen that started in the 2013 playoffs and most of the same forwards. There's also the same GM and head coach, of course. We even went into this current season with nearly the same exact team that barely made the playoffs and couldn't handle the Bruins in the first round, minus Alfredsson. "Oh but we'll be healthier, young guys will get better, Jimmy will bounce back, blah blah".


Wings fans act like Babcock leaving would be equivalent to Al Arbour walking away from the Islanders a day after leading them to a 4th consecutive Cup. In reality, Babcock has lead the Wings to win only three playoff series in the last five seasons, and they haven't made it past the second round in that same span. The way they're playing right now, it doesn't look like that is going to change. I know it's not all Babcocks fault, but when will some accountability fall his way? A new message might be refreshing, especially if the (likely) band-aiding continues.

#2583293 Team next season?

Posted by DSM on 20 March 2015 - 02:01 PM

To me it looks pretty simple. No real big changes, just continued emphasis on developing and improving home grown talent.


Up front:


(In no real order)

1. Datsyuk, 2. Zetterberg, 3. Wiess, 4. Franzen, 5. Tatar, 6. Helm, 7. Abdelkader, 8. Miller, 9. Nyquist, 10. Sheahan, 11. Jurco, 12. Andersson, 13. Glendenning, 14. Pulkkinen


-All RFA's resigned

-Cleary is a goner for sure this time.

-Pulkkinen is no longer waiver exempt next season (but obviously doesn't need to go back...) and gets a spot.

-Franzen will be back

-As will Weiss. He will literally be impossible to ship out without getting another bad contract back. Especially since his salary goes up to $6M in the next two seasons. I can't see Holland doing a buyout either.

-Unless Cole goes on an extreme tear and/or it appears Franzen may not be ready to start the season, he won't be resigned.

-Callahan and Ferraro get re-signed and get to battle over who will be the next Nestrasil.


On D:


1. Kronwall, 2. Ericsson, 3. DeKeyser, 4. Quincey, 5. Smith, 6. Zidlicky/UFA/Marchenko/Ouellet, 7. Lashoff/Kindl/UFA


-Smith re-signed

-Attempt to re-sign Zidlicky for one more year. Then, when Quincey/Zidlicky/Lashoff leave on July 1, 2016, Ouellet, Markchenko and Sproul have open spots when their waiver exemption goes away.

-Or, Marchenko gets #6 spot as sole RH shot.

-(Unlikely) Or they go after another UFA RH shot.

-Attempt and hopefully succeed trading Kindl for pick(s). Having him (expensively) sit out most games will just make him even harder to trade.

-Lashoff slides in at #7 again to sit in the dressing room most games. I don't see Holland putting Ouellet/Marchenko in this spot, since they could play every night in GR. They could also bring in a cheap veteran UFA for this spot as well.


In goal:


1. Howard, 2. Mrazek


-Gustavsson FINALLY leaves as a UFA a year later than he should have

-Mrazek gets the backup job

-McCollum elects for Group VI UFA status to get a change of scenery

-Bring in an experienced #3 (ala LaBarbara, Ellis, JOEY MACDONALD PLZ, etc.) to push Mrazek in camp, give them a serviceable backup if needed, and mentor Paterson and Coreau on the farm.




I don't see Holland getting too aggressive in the market this summer. The UFA class this summer is stupid thin, which will lead to stupid Andrew MacDonald like overpayments in both trades and salaries. The overpayments can also lead to Stephen Weiss 2.0.


Plus, the Red Wings need to be a little conservative for the future. Loading up on big long term contracts will make it harder to retain all of the good young players when they start approaching UFA eligibility. If the team is poised to make a run, they can use any extra cap room for affordable rentals again.

#2555833 Mitchell Callahan

Posted by DSM on 11 December 2014 - 02:45 PM

I think Andersson needs to be shipped out now, and Callahan called up to replace him on the 4th line...

I agree. Callahan has always had the ability and mindset to play a gritty bottom six role, but just needed to add some polish to his game with the puck. At the AHL level, he's performed on par and even exceeded the production of skilled players the Wings have attempted to "mold" into gritty bottom six guys. Guys like Kopecky, Ritola, Mursak, Emmerton, Nestrasil and now Andersson.

I can see Callahan filling a role similar to what Drake and McCarty brought during the run to the 2008 Cup. A role that is pretty much vacant at this point...

#2555797 Mitchell Callahan

Posted by DSM on 11 December 2014 - 11:53 AM

Surprised there isn't any recent discussion in here.

I think Callahan has developed well beyond expectations and deserves to be first in line for an extended call up when the Wings need another forward.

#2555242 Mike McKee

Posted by DSM on 10 December 2014 - 01:26 PM

I'm still excited about this guy.

I think his struggles at the college level should be expected. He's going from being a goon dman in USHL to being a forward in college where you can't be a goon.

I would say he's still a "raw project", but he has useful tools that you can't exactly teach a player to have. With size, skating and the ability to engage physically, he doesn't need to add much to become a useful role player at the NHL level. Some responsibility with the puck and some awareness with out it is about it. Will he ever be a key player in NHL? Probably not, but I think his size pretty much guarantees that he'll get an entry level contract regardless of how he produces at the college level.

Unless he somehow starts lighting up the college ranks, his ceiling is probably a physical 4th line forward who can throw his body around and chip in on the forecheck while also acting as an enforcer when needed, AND/or a physical stay at home third pairing Dman who can also act as an enforcer. He could also end up being a John Scott type for a team that might still want a player like that down the road.

Might be off base, but his development will probably be similar to Ericssons. Ericsson was taken with the last pick in the draft as a "raw project" who had been going through a transition from Forward to Defense. However, the main reason he was taken was because he had NHL size. In the four years before he was signed, Ericsson was never able to stick at Swedens highest level, and had managed only a single goal and assist in 88 games when he did get called to the highest level. However, the Red Wings signed him to an entry level deal, where he quickly progressed in GR and became a regular in the playoffs for the Red Wings before his waiver exemption wore off.

One of the biggest assets the Red Wings have with McKee is time. The deadline to sign him is June 2016, and he'll still get 3 years of waiver exemption at the pro level. Basically the Red Wings have till the end of 2018 on 2019 to try to hone him into an NHL player.

That all being said, I still wouldn't mind if he became a serviceable Derek Boogaard type for the Wings...

Take the sites credibility for what it is, but this "writer" thought he was one of the Wings better dmen at their prospect camp this past summer: http://octopusthrowe...ing-mike-mckee/

#2555126 Theoretical "Expansion Draft" implications - Who to protect?

Posted by DSM on 09 December 2014 - 05:04 PM

I get that we would be fine if it were this season, but I feel like it's going to be pushed back a year or so. I would be absolutely shocked if there was an expansion draft this June. That's where I'm worried, as we won't have a goaltender who has the experience requirements outside of Howard and Mrazek. Though, as you mentioned, they could keep Petr in the minors for another season. Not exactly an ideal situation for the Wings.

Alternatively, they could swing a deal for a vet goalie (like the Ranford situation) before the expansion draft. Giving up assets just to protect your goaltenders isn't exactly ideal either, though. Goaltending really is the only situation I'm worried about at this point. It would suck to lose Helm or Abdelkader, but not as much as losing Howard or Mrazek. I almost envy a team like Toronto - "Here, take Reimer. Go right ahead."


Then again, giving up those assets to protect a better asset is an OK situation when you are going to lose something measureable anyway. Coughing up a middling prospect or a 4th rounder to bring in a McElhinney type before the expansion draft would be way better than having to expose Mrazek or Howard, who would both go claimed without hesitation....


You are right though, no way an expansion happens until atleast June 2016. Nashville built an arena in 1996 and made their presentation the the NHL in 1997. The NHL made their announcement in June of that year, and put the draft in June 1998. That gave teams plenty of time to prepare.


I just made this as a hypothetical "What if", to give "GM's" bored with NHL15 a voice. lol

#2555110 Theoretical "Expansion Draft" implications - Who to protect?

Posted by DSM on 09 December 2014 - 03:38 PM

If we lose Mrazek, Helm, Ericsson, or Abdlekader  because that "Count Von Count meets Gollum" lookalike f****** troll want to put a rink beside a blackjack table, I'm going postal.
That being said, I'd go with
and do exactly what you did except I'd protect either Helm or Abdlekader over Weiss.

That's assuming they can leave Weiss unprotected. I left Abdelkader and Helm unprotected since they are both UFA'S in 2016. I'm assuming that the expansion team would pass over them in favor of something more long term, or take one but then send them back in exchange for something more fruitful (Ala Doug Brown for Petr Sykora after the '98 expansion draft).

#2524623 Detroit re-signs Gustavsson 1 yr $1.85 mill

Posted by DSM on 19 June 2014 - 04:01 PM



Waste of about $750k in cap space in my opinion...


There are going to be much better (and much less injured) backup goalies available on July 1st that would have likely cost much less than Gustavsson's $1.5M cap hit...


I don't get the draw to this guy... In his two years since joining the Red Wings, he's had ONE good stretch of play, which was from October to December this past season. Every other time, he's either injured or play mediocre to not so good.


I would've rather had Greiss or Montoya, who would've been cheap and durable for one year. Both also had way better numbers this past season.

#2520875 Dan Boyle not coming back to the Sharks

Posted by DSM on 16 May 2014 - 04:27 PM


Boyle doesn't fill that need if he did the Sharks wouldn't have let him go simple as that.


Also we need to stop dreaming about another one being able to do what Lidstrom did, it won't happen :( Niskanen will be the best bet in terms of PP QB abilities  and even then I'm not expecting flawless Lidström like play from him either ..


I agree. Boyle really can't be called "elite" anymore.


That being said, I feel like I would rather see the Red Wings grab Dan Boyle or Marek Zidlicky for a year or two, instead of coughing up what Niskanens camp is likely looking for on a long term deal. I'm not sold on Niskanen for the $5.5mil he is likely to get on the open market. This was his "break out" season after being average for a few seasons. I can already envision the coal dragging he'll get here if he regresses to his pre-13/14 form (see Quincey, Weiss, etc.). If that happens, the Wings are stuck with an expensive hard to move dman, which will create a logjam for when Sproul/Ouellet/Marchenko/etc. are ready to be regulars. Grab Boyle or Zidlicky for a year at around $4mil. If they don't work out, you let whoever it is walk as a UFA the next summer and either promote from within or get another short term UFA.

#2514429 Next Seasons Needs/Team Future

Posted by DSM on 23 April 2014 - 05:13 PM


See and that's exactly the point. Such a player wouldn't take away much, a #14 forward doesn't offer anything a hardnosed "goontype" player at least keeps the other team honest. There is a reason why nobody isf****** around with Monahan or Baertschi and even if they try it, McGrattan steps in and the case is closed.


To me our young guns are looking intimidated and somewhat unsure of themselves, it's a good but a very tough learning experience for them. More importantly hopefully an eye-opener for Holland and his anti-enforcer/toughguy stance.




It's not like if some injuries pile up and you come across a situation where you don't need your Role Guy, you can't call up Jurco/Pulkkinen/Mantha/whoever to take a regular shift or dress 7 dmen.


Holland should know full well the benefits. The only time he's carried a player of that ilk on his 23 man roster for an entire season since Joey Kocur retired, his team was still playing in June and he got to hoist this big shiny thing on the Penguins ice and got some nice gold ring that I'm sure he admires once in a blue moon...

#2514393 Next Seasons Needs/Team Future

Posted by DSM on 23 April 2014 - 02:27 PM

I'm on the fence regarding re-signing Legwand. I do firmly believe that without getting him at the deadline, this team wouldn't be playing right now. I know everyone is just incensed over losing Waynlle Jarnkretzky, but I think this team is showing right now that they'll be better off without another smallish forward on the team.


I do have to wonder if he'll test the market. Behind Stasny, the UFA market is extremely thin for top 6 capable centers. Legwand could stand to get a hefty offer from another team looking for a 2nd line center. I also for some reason don't think the whole "playing in his hometown" thing is factoring in much. In his first game here, they interviewed his Dad at the Joe who made it seem like playing here wasn't the biggest deal.


If you subtract the Red Wings UFA's and assume that all notable RFA's get re-signed, the team has 12 forwards and 6 dmen in the fold. If they re-sign Quincey, Legwand and Alfredsson, they go into the season with the same team that is getting out muscled by the Bruins and can't produce on the PP, except for the additions of a healthy Zetterberg, Weiss and Ericsson. Is that enough to make this team any better?

#2514390 Next Seasons Needs/Team Future

Posted by DSM on 23 April 2014 - 01:56 PM

Brian McGrattan, Colton Orr, Steve MacIntyre, Patrick Bordelaux  someone of that pack is hugely needed


then - which is hard to find - defensive help Pittsburgh likely won't have the money to re-sign him so maybe there is a slight chance at Niskanen but I would prefer someone like Luke Schenn (big mean, physical and nasty)


While I'm no longer one of those "WINGS NEED AN ENFORCER" types, I do think Holland/Babcock should consider having someone on the team that can keep the flies off.


It has to say something when EVERY team that has won a Cup in the salary cap era did so while carrying a player or players of that ilk on their roster for the entire season. Included our beloved 2008 Red Wings team.


I know one of the common laments is that the player takes a roster spot from a better player, but a better playing sitting as #14 forward isn't going to play much anyway...

#2514303 Next Seasons Needs/Team Future

Posted by DSM on 23 April 2014 - 11:16 AM

John Scott.