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#2367917 Goalie Salaries. How much is Howard worth?

Posted by DSM on 12 March 2013 - 09:49 AM

I hate to burst some peoples bubbles, but Jimmy probably commands at least 5 million per. IMO he could get 6 per on the open market.

That being said though, Jimmy is a Wing and very much a team guy. I could easily see him signing for 4 million per just because, despite his own knowledge of his value, he loves this team.


That's been my thinking, and I'm sure Jimmy's agent is very aware. Howard, Backstrom and Mike Smith are the only real quality starting goalies that will potentially be hitting the market. Hiller and maybe Miller may also be available via an expensive trade. Teams like Toronto, Washington, Florida, Tampa Bay, The Islanders and maybe others will probably be looking for an upgrade in net after this season and will overpay if they have to. The Wings are going to have to compete with this.


I say he gets 4.5-5 per season for 3/4 years.


You also can't use Mrazek's potential as a factor for the contract length. I'm sure Mrazek is in the teams future plans, but I doubt the plan is to throw him in the fire when they think he is ready for the NHL and Howards contract is up. He'll start by working in tandem with a starting capable netminder, and you can bet that will be Howard. Much like Howard did with Osgood.

#2363177 Bruins looking for forwards.....

Posted by DSM on 01 March 2013 - 10:29 AM

No one's going to take Sammy and his glass jaw for anything useful. We can't afford to just ship out players. We are not sellers. We don't just auction off pieces for nothing.


If the Wings were indeed sellers, I could see teams making a pitch for Samuelsson. Although, more so if he was scheduled to be a UFA. Even though he's missed significant time in recent seasons, he's still posted good numbers and has an impressive resume that includes 3 SCF appearances.

#2363165 Kings trade Gagne to PHI

Posted by DSM on 01 March 2013 - 10:16 AM

You know wrong.

I will never convince any of you, but your bloodlust blinds you to the danger he puts the team in. I hate him as a person and a player.  Though He isn't one of the three forwards that need to go for the young bodies to stay.  He is the next on my list to can though.   




Tootoo hate is funny. You hate him as a person? So you know him personally?


Must've been awful for you when the Wings won the cup in '08 with 3 tough guys on the team...



#2362632 2013 Free Agency Thread

Posted by DSM on 28 February 2013 - 10:31 AM

 Not true.  All 3 guys signed before the age of 35 so when they retire, their cap hit disappears from the books.  Not like Pronger in Philly :lol: .  I just hope that the guys we have contracts expiring on this year, we let go and try to get good depth guys like Scuderi.  Not sure there's any spots open on forward or D, but hey, there's always GR for guys who don't measure up.  Sproul and Ouellet will likely be the top unit there next season and hopefully only there for 1 year.


Should be interesting to see what Holland does if he wants to open up spots.


Lets consider:

-If you leave out UFA's (Filppula, Cleary, White, Howard, Brunner, Huskins and Miller)

-It's a good bet that all RFA's minus Mursak have a pretty much 100% chance of being re-signed (Andersson, Kindl and Smith)

-Factor in that Tatar, Andersson and Lashoff can no longer go to GR without hitting waivers


You end up with 20 players on the roster (12 Forwards, 7 Dmen, and 1 Goalie). That leaves 3 spots open. Obviously, the Wings priority at this time is to re-sign Howard, Brunner and Filppula. Which takes up the 3 open spots.


The Red Wings will have to make some moves if they want to make upgrades. However, I doubt they will go the buyout route.

#2362004 2014 Salary Cap and overpayment projections

Posted by DSM on 27 February 2013 - 03:54 PM

I completely DISagree with you, ZWD.


I think the days of STUPID GM'ing where you hand out multi-year/multi-million dollar contracts to OLD players is over.  Perry will get 8 million.  You can count on that.  Not every GM is going to look to spread their cap money out equally.  That's why the Wings are in a big mess right now.  They have too many average players making average NHL money.  Holland is looking to give guys golden parachutes instead of letting them spend their non-useful years in the minors or elsewhere.  We need to look at things like this:


End of this year:


Buy out Bertuzzi.

Buy out Samuelsson.

Let Cleary Go.

Let White Go.

Let Howard Go.

Let Miller Go.

Sign Huskins (1 year, 1 mil).

Sign Tatar (3 years, 1 mil per).

Sign Mrazek (3 years, 1.5 mil per).

Sign Kindl (3 years, 1.5 mil per).

Sign Smith (3 years, 1.5 mil per).

Sing Brunner (3 years, 2 mil per).

Sign Filppula (7 years, 4 mil per).

Sign Datsyuk extension/restructure (7 years, 6 mil per).

Sign Perry (7 years, 8 mil per).


2013 roster:


Franzen (4) - Zetterberg (6) - Brunner (2)

Perry (8) - Datsyuk (6) - Tatar (1)

Filppula (4) - Helm (2) - Andersson (1)

Abdlekader (2) - Emmerton (1) - Tootoo (2)


Eaves (1)


Kronwall (5) - Ericsson (3)

Quincey (4) - Smith (1.5)

Kindl (1.5) - Lashoff (1)


Colo (2.5) - Huskins (1)


Mrazek (1.5)

Gustavsson (1.5)


Payroll - 62.5 mil.



End of Next Year:


Let Eaves Go.

Let Colo Go.

Let Huskins Go.

Let Gustavson Go.

Sign Sproul (3 years, .75 mil per).

Sign Ouelette (3 years, .75 mil per).

Sign McCollum (3 years, .75 mil per).

Sign Nyquist (3 years, 1 mil per).

Sign Emmerton (3 years, 1 mil per).


2014 Roster:


Franzen (4) - Zetterberg (6) - Brunner (2)

Perry (8) - Datsyuk (6) - Tatar (1)

Filppula (4) - Helm (2) - Andersson (1)

Abdelkader (2) - Emmerton (1) - Tootoo (2)


Nyquist (1)


Kronwall (5) - Ericsson (3)

Quincey (4) - Smith (1.5)

Kindl (1.5) - Lashoff (1)


Sproul (.75) - Ouelette (.75)


Mrazek (1.5)

McCollum (.75)


Payroll = 59.75 mil.



I should be the GM.  Ken Holland is a bozo.


Funny joke..... right?


Your 2014 team is worse than the current team. I don't even think NHL13 would let you ice that team....


Do you even know anything about Thomas McCollum?


What happened to the dislike button?

#2361865 Ed Olczyk, professional broadcaster, professional idiot

Posted by DSM on 27 February 2013 - 10:34 AM

mike "drive" emrick lmao. god that is annoying when he hollers that.


ya eddie is a rock, makes me never want to watch nbcsn. at least they have dave strater though.


I think next game Drive Emrick calls for the Wings, I'm going to count how many times he yells "drive".


NBC's NHL coverage is an absolute embarassment. Guys like Pierre McGuire and Mike Milbury have no business being on TV or anywhere near the NHL.

#2361852 Ed Olczyk, professional broadcaster, professional idiot

Posted by DSM on 27 February 2013 - 10:11 AM

God I really miss when ESPN had the NHL broadcasting rights.


I HATE Mike "DRIVE" Emrick and Ed Olczyk with a passion. I want Gary Thorne and Bill Clemente back. :cry:

#2361619 Potential Trade Deadline Sellers

Posted by DSM on 26 February 2013 - 03:42 PM

Right now, the trade front is pretty quiet, but it's been speculated that talks are probably going to heat up come mid March. By that team, there will be more teams willing to sell because they are either way out of the playoff race. There's also been speculation that there won't be a lot of players moving that are under contract for next season, due to the cap going down.


I figured we could use this thread to talk about the impending UFA's for teams that are heading in the direction of "deadline seller" that may be attractive to the Red Wings. Assuming of course, that the Red Wings will be "deadline buyers"...




In the West, it's looking like Columbus, Colorado and Calgary are heading towards being sellers. Edmonton, Minnesota, Phoenix and San Jose are all currently out of a playoff spot, but are all within two points of the 8th spot team.


Columbus' UFA's: F Vinny Prospal (38), F Mark Letestu (28) and D Adrian Aucoin (39)


Although Prospal probably wouldn't be at the top of their list, he may not be a bad playoff rental. He can still produce and would be on pace to pot 25-26 goals in an 82 game season this year. The only knocks are his age, the fact that he has missed significant time the past few seasons with knee problems and is more of a playmaker than a scorer that Holland would be looking for. Obviously he'd have to want to come to the Wings, since he has a No Movement Clause.


Letestu is smallish and doesn't really offer anything the Red Wings need, although he would be on pace to score 24-25 goals in an 82 game season this year. Aucoin is a veteran dman with some size, but he's old and I doubt he would be an upgrade over any of the Wings Dmen.


Colorado's UFA's: F Milan Hejduk (37), F Chuck Kobasew (30), F Patrick Bordeleau (26) and Ryan O'Byrne (28)


The only guy I can see Holland having any interest in would be O'Byrne. He's a big Dman that can play a shutdown game, but there will also be better options available.


I'm sure Hejduk won't want to leave Colorado. Kobasew, a 3rd line winger, and Bordeleau, an enforcer aren't what Holland will be looking for.


Calgary's UFA's: F Jarome Iginla (35), F Roman Cervenka (27), F Blake Comeau (27), F Steve Begin (34) and D Anton Babchuk (28)


Obviously Iginla is going to be on every playoff teams wishlist, but would he want come to the Wings and what would it cost? Most are speculating that if he waives his NTC, he'll want to go to a team with a good shot at going deep like Boston, Pittsburgh, Chicago or Anaheim. I can see Holland going after Babchuck. He wouldn't be my first choice, but he is the kind of dman that Holland likes to get. Has some offensive skills and a good shot from the point. However, just like Iginla, he has a NTC.


I doubt the Wings would have interest in: Comeau, who hasn't been able to produce since leaving the Islanders; Begin, who is a veteran agitator; or Cervenka, who is unproven at the NHL level and has already been a healthy scratch a couple of times this season.


Edmonton's UFA's: F Ryan Jones (28), F Lennart Petrell (28), D Ryan Whitney (30), D Ladislav Smid (27), D Andy Sutton (37), D Mark Fistric (26), G Nikolai Khabibulin (40)


I can see Holland having interest in Smid and Fistric. Both are relatively young and big shutdown type dman that could slot in on the Wings blue line. Maybe a very small interest in Sutton too. Sutton is even bigger and more physical, but is obviously much older and has net yet played this season due to knee surgery. If the Red Wings continue having issues with Gustavssons groin, I could see Holland kicking the tires on Khabibulin as a veteran insurance policy. He may be old, but he has been putting up stellar numbers for the less than stellar Oilers this season. He did get put on IR today (2/27), but no reports yet on why.


It's already been reported that Holland has no interest in Whitney, who because of injuries has become a shadow of the good dman the Wings faced in the 2008 SCF. Also, probably no interest in Jones or Petrell, who are 3rd/4th line guys for the Oilers.




It looks like in the East that Buffalo, Washington and Florida are heading towards being sellers. The Islanders, Jets, Rangers and Flyers are all out of a playoff spot but are within two points of the 8th spot.


Buffalo's UFA's: F Jochen Hecht (35), F John Scott (30), D Robyn Regehr (32), D Jordan Leopold (32) and D Alexander Sulzer (28)


I can see Holland going after Regehr and Leopold. Regehr plays a more physical shutdown game, and Leopold is more of a puck mover. Both would make the Wings D better. Regehr however, has a NMC and would have to want to come to the Wings.


Doubt Holland would have interest in: Hecht, an injury prone forward who has lost his offensive game; Scott, a giant enforcer; or Sulzer, a dman who has never cracked any of his teams top 6.


Washington's UFA's: F Mike Ribeiro (33), F Joey Crabb (29), F Matt Hendricks (31), F Wojtek Wolski (27), F Eric Fehr (27), D Roman Hamrlik (39), D Tom Poti (35) and D Jack Hillen (27)


I can see Holland having interest in Ribeiro if Washington shops him, but he isn't really the scorer that the team wants. Even though he has been absolutely riddled with injuries, I can see Holland inquiring about Poti as well. When healthy the guy is a decent top 4 dman. He may have interest if Fehr too, who can score goals and has some size.


I doubt there will be interest in: Crabb and Hendricks, who are both 3rd/4th line energy guys; Wolski, a soft skilled player who can't produce and is probably KHL bound; Hamrlik, who has been a healthy scratch for all but 4 games this season and is most likely playing his last NHL season; and Hillen, who was a top 4 guy with the Islanders, but hasn't been able to produce since leaving the Island.


Florida's UFA's: F Stephen Weiss (29), F Alexei Kovalev (40), F Jerred Smithson (34), D Tyson Strachan (28) and G Jose Theodore (36)


Obviously Holland will be interested in Weiss, but much like Iginla, would he waive his NTC to come to the Wings? I have a strange feeling Holland would kick the tires on Kovalev.... On the bright side, he would probably come very cheap and still has some skill. But, he's 40... I can also see Holland kicking the tires on Theodore as a veteran insurance policy if Gustavsson is still struggling with his groin. Theodore whould have to want to move though, as he has a NTC as well.


I doubt Holland would have interest in: Smithson, a 3rd/4th line forward; or Strachan, a physical #6/7 dman.


NY Islanders UFA's: F Marty Reasoner (36), F Brad Boyes (30), F Colin McDonald (28), F Keith Aucoin (34), F Eric Boulton (36), D Mark Streit (35), D Lubomir Visnosvsky (36), D Radek Martinek (36), G Evgeni Nabokov (37)


I'm sure Holland will have interest in Streit, as he is one of the best Dmen heading for UFA status this summer. He is a top pairing guy on a lot of teams. However, there's been speculation that he wants to stay on the Island and that they have been negotiating an extension. Visnovsky on the other hand, will most likely be available and would also be on Hollands shopping list. They guy is a top 4 dman. Holland could also have interest in Boyes, who is coming off an underwhelming season in Buffalo, but has been producing for the Islanders. Adding Boyes would give the Wings another forward with some finishing ability. Much like Khabibulin and Theodore, there could be interest from Holland in Nabokov if they feel that they need a veteran insurance policy in goal for some reason.


Doubt there would be interest in: Reasoner, an aging 4th line guy; McDonald & Aucoin, who before this season were AHL journeymen; Boulton, a veteran enforcer; or Martinek, a soft oft-injured veteran dman.




Any thoughts?

#2361451 Gus Nyquist...

Posted by DSM on 26 February 2013 - 11:55 AM

Exactly..I would rather have Tatar and Andersson up right now, they have played their roles..Nyquist has not fit into any of the roles they have tried to put him in so far.


I agree.


I'm not dogging Gusteve Nyzerman, I think he has a future with the team, but right now there is no place where he would fit in and help the team. He needs all the AHL he can get, so he can add a little edge to that 5-11 185lb game.

#2361438 Gus Nyquist...

Posted by DSM on 26 February 2013 - 11:31 AM

We are over-ripening him instead of letting him rip it up with Datsyuk. Good strategy.


He's not "over ripening". It's only his second season in GR, if the Red Wings thought he would be "ripping it up with Datsyuk" he would be on the team right now.

#2361426 Trade Deadline buyers or sellers?

Posted by DSM on 26 February 2013 - 11:08 AM

Tradable assets: Filppula, Franzine, Quincey, Kindl, Cleary, Nyquist.... may not get much, but they are tradable.  Right about now, I just want as many draft picks this year as possible...


Honestly though, I don't expect Holland to do anything, and he damn well better not trade out 1st round pick for a hunk of s*** lower level player...what a dumb ass f****** move that was Holland! I won't forgive you for that one! (That is three things now...)


So if I catch your logic... Make the team way worse for draft picks, which have no guarantee of giving the Red Wings any impact players... Smart.


On paper, Quincey was a top 4 dman. That was the going rate for a top 4 guy. Look what Nashville paid for Gaustad, who is a 3rd/4th line forward.

#2361262 Stars Michael Ryder Available

Posted by DSM on 25 February 2013 - 06:07 PM

We don't need to get older. We need to get younger. yes Ryder has a nice rebound last year and is playing well to date. but for 2-3 years before that he was in the 18-22 goal per year range IIRC. he is also 32, not that big 6-0/195, and not overly tough. Why trade for him now? Is he the type of guy that is going to win us a cup? nope. Can he produce? yes. if you really want a aging sniper, just sign him this summer.


You still don't get it.


The reason Ryder's name is being thrown around in rumors is because he is UFA at years end. He's going to be valuable to teams that are playoff bound that want to add an extra piece to their offense. He will be a RENTAL PLAYER for the rest of the season and the playoffs, then he will become a UFA unless the team decides resign him.


If the Wings are in playoff position come deadline time and Dallas is not, Dallas will probably put Ryder on the market. If that's the case you can bet your boots Holland WILL inquire. He won't carry a team to the Stanley Cup, but adding a guy that has a Stanley Cup on his resume, potted 35 goals last season, and would be on pace to put up 27-28 in 82 games this season can only make the team better.


Now say it slow... P-L-A-Y-O-F-F R-E-N-T-A-L.


Is that not allowed in NHL13?

#2361227 Wings sign (D) Brian Lashoff to 3-year, $2.175m extension

Posted by DSM on 25 February 2013 - 04:45 PM

Or when someone gets hurt because well, let's just be honest...



Lol, exactly.

Kindl + 2nd round pick for Lebda

Kenny: "Lebda's a guy that's been here before and has shown he has chemistry with our other guys. I like where we stand."


Lol. Kenny aint that cheap. He'd probably throw in Tatar as well. :tounge2:

#2361174 Wings sign (D) Brian Lashoff to 3-year, $2.175m extension

Posted by DSM on 25 February 2013 - 03:11 PM

Good news!


If it's a one way deal (which I'm sure it is), I wonder what that means for Kindl's future with the team?

#2361068 Mursak on waivers

Posted by DSM on 25 February 2013 - 11:23 AM

I have said this all along, Mursak is done as a Red Wing.  Too much young talent ready for the NHL, no room for him. 


He will, when he signs somewhere else as a RFA this off season...I will take whatever draft pick compensation we receive for him. Good luck in your career...


Him being an RFA is assuming that the Red Wings make a qualifying offer. With Nyquist, Tatar and Andersson all ahead of him on the depth chart, and Sheahan and Ferraro knocking on the door, he doesn't seem to be in the Red Wings future plans. That being said, it's possible the Red Wings may just let him become a UFA this summer.


I think you need to do a little more research on RFA's. Like I said before, in order for Mursak to become an RFA, he needs to be tendered a qualifying offer, otherwise he becomes a UFA. If he doesn't accept that offer, he becomes an RFA. In order for another team to sign him as an RFA, they would need to send him an offer sheet. Now let's be realistic here, no team has EVER sent an offer sheet to a player that hasn't proved they belong in the NHL. However, let's say he does get sent an offer sheet. In order for the Red Wings to get compensation, the offer sheet would have to be a deal for more than $1,110,250 a season. If a GM were to send Jan Mursak an offer sheet for more than $1,110,250 a season, they would probably not have a job as a GM for much longer or even ever again.


Let's face it, Jan Mursak may have some skill and may be a good guy, but it's looking like he is NOT an NHL caliber player. The 29 other teams in the NHL had a chance to put him on their team for no cost at all, and they all passed.


Good luck to you Jan.

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