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Yesterday, 06:36 PM

I didn't see anybody talking about "quality of life" when Yzerman could barely skate (or walk).  I'd imagine that affected his ability to play with his kids, or hell, even get out of bed.  Yet he was gutsy, team first, leader for hanging on long past his prime, even as his contract, production, and presence became increasingly prohibitive.  His best seasons in the latter years were only as good as what Franzen is doing now, mostly for more money. 

I seen a lot of people back then that said that he should hang them up for that very reason so im not sure what you were looking at or not looking at.


I had considered that regarding Yzerman and other players willingly sacrificing their body but to me it's different when it's your brain. 


With your knee there's so much more that's known about what your quality of life will be and what the treatment options will be, like a knee replacement.  With CTE and post concussion syndrome it's literally your entire world that could be affected.  


I'd take chronic knee pain any day over potentially years of migraines, memory loss, noise and light sensitivity, depression, nausea, and personality changes. 


I can't speak for others but for me it's truly not about wanting Franzen off the team.  It's more about me remembering these guys are people with lives and not just hockey players I root for and/or criticize.  In the craziness that comes with fandom, it's easy for me to forget that sometimes.

Well to some it's not about you caring that the man could screw up his brain. you are just being a big meany who only wants him off the team.








I'm not trying to save Franzen from himself.  Obviously it's Mule's decision. It's between him and the Red Wings organization.  I don't think anyone has argued otherwise.  


As for speculating on his health, we're talking about a guy who's had at least 5 concussions and will have taken half a year to come back from the last one.   No one is saying he'll be a vegetable after another hit.  He could play out his career and be fine or he could take a puck to the head in practice and suffer post concussion syndrome for the rest of his life without ever playing another game.  No one knows. That's kinda the point.


But he is clearly at higher risk than most NHL players.   To me it's not exactly a bold stance to be concerned about the future of his career after his concussion history.


Which is why I don't get why people expressing concern is so upsetting.  People shouldn't criticize Franzen as a player, and now when they express concern for him that's not okay either?  What exactly is ok to say about Mule?


You joke about people thinking they know better than Franzen how his health is, but is that any more ridiculous than thinking you can tell people's true motives for expressing concern, and that they're faking it?


Honestly it's more that I botched the Python reference than anything.   I should've had Franzen saying the lines I didn't put in quotes.  But my (hopefully) clearer thoughts are above.

In Topic: Franzen back on ice

26 August 2015 - 08:36 AM

I understand the concern for his health, but I just don't understand why there's this level of concern this time when it hasn't been around before. In his other numerous times away did we have this debate? I don't think so. Why would other players just target him now? His history of cuncussions has been around for a while and he hasn't been especially targeted imo.


He's said that he thinks he would have played if we made it to the 2nd round. That makes it sound less career threatening to me. I think that soundbite about his kids just caught people, but we don't really know the severity of the injury and how long the worst effects lasted. 

Yeah but I think it was this time that he has been off when he said that he has had more then what we fans and most people knew about. So when you have that many it is time to start thinking about hanging them up. Because of the violent nature of the sport you never know. Getting hit in the head with a puck or just cracking your skull on the ice. With him having a wife and kids you would be stupid not to think about walking away while you can still walk on your own.

In Topic: Franzen back on ice

25 August 2015 - 10:21 PM

Technically he's not cleared to play yet. Probably will get clearance from the sound of things, but we'll see.


No doubt that much of the "hang-'em-up" talk comes from people who just want him gone, but also some seem to have an overblown sense of the risks. Like they think he's one good hit away from being a vegetable. 

So having 5+ concussions doesn't justify hanging them up talk in a sport where getting hit in the head is pretty common? I think that the people trying to defend him against the mean ol LGW posters who want him gone are having their better judgments clouded.

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13 August 2015 - 05:47 PM


Truly.  Anything was possible then.  Clothes, style, cars.  

Yeah I remember when you posted a pic of yourself in the members section....let em see if I can find it....



In Topic: Mullets - post pics

13 August 2015 - 05:41 PM

I will neither confirm nor deny that I had a haircut exactly like this when I was little.......and no this is not me=)




Nor will I confirm or deny the rat tail......