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In Topic: Wings acquire SJ prospect Dylan Sadowy

26 May 2016 - 07:38 PM

Right. Cause we've NEVER had that type of player on the wings

hahahah Yeah because I said we have NEVER had those types of players. 

In Topic: Wings acquire SJ prospect Dylan Sadowy

26 May 2016 - 05:53 PM

I watched him his entire OHL career here in Saginaw (until he was traded half way through the season last year, which is typical in the OHL), and Wings fans should be excited. I'd argue he's a little tougher version of Abdelkader with a better scoring touch. He was always the first one to jump in & defend his teammates. Was a good captain here. Great pick-up!

That means we will probably never see him in a wings lineup

In Topic: Datsyuk - someone who works for JLA told me he's sold his house

20 May 2016 - 01:42 PM

Report: Datsyuk, Russian team ‘pre-agree’ on 2-year deal



In Topic: All Purpose "Ovechkin is Awesome" Thread

15 October 2015 - 10:40 PM

I love Ovie because he's really good, and he doesn't care about playing hockey the Canadian way.  Which drives people NUTS.  Take the hatred that most people felt for Subban (prior to his big money donation) and multiply that by 100 and you'll only just approach the amount of shade cast on Alex Ovechkin from the Canadian faithful.  Love it. 

I agree. He is definitely not the typical Canadian star. He has a lot of attitude. 

In Topic: I think this might be finally it for the Mule, Sadly

15 October 2015 - 05:35 PM

Don't see how he was doing anything but giving his opinion. Calling someone like a 5 year old is the only thing off in this discussion. It's unfortunate that Franzen discussions always go this way. We even did better with the rape discussion, haha. 


Anyway, we don't know what this means besides the fact that he's only on IR not LTIR. We'll see if it's just a precautionary short term thing on the path of him coming back or maybe he was concussed again or whatever. 

Oh you would have to know the history.