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#2041974 Bertuzzi will play tonight

Posted by Booster313 on 08 October 2010 - 11:40 AM

Im still baffled as to why Ericsson is on the 1st pairing...I know we wanted to split of Lids and Rafs to strengthen the D, but putting an ineffective E with Lids doesnt make alot of sense to me. Kronwall should be with Lids and Big E with Salei

If you look historically at Lids defense partners all all tend to have career numbers in both points and +\- sure he has been paired with some good players but a lot of that is Lids himself, that's just the thing to inspire confidence in a young E with budding potential.

#2041208 Opening night vs. Ducks

Posted by Booster313 on 06 October 2010 - 02:31 PM

I already have tickets to a concert Friday, and then I have to work during Saturdays game. Hopefully they banner ceremony will cause the game to start later Saturday.

Priorities man, I wouldn't go see Elvis Friday, even if he rose from the dead.

#2041184 New Captains

Posted by Booster313 on 06 October 2010 - 01:27 PM

top 15 sounds good. horcoff as a captain in the NHL is embarrasing though. he's a 2nd/3rd line player on a good team. guess that's why the oil finished dead last in the league last year.

You don't have to be the best player on the team to be a captain, you just have to work hard every shift, and be a leader on and off the ice. Draper for instance was never one of the Wings better players but would make an excellent captain.

#2040435 Could Eaves be put on waivers?

Posted by Booster313 on 04 October 2010 - 04:01 PM

If Eaves is waived instead of Maltby I will not be buying my 19 game season ticket package. To be honest i think we should have waived draper before Ritola.

In that case I hope they do waive Eaves, I wouldn't want some fair weather fan sitting next near me at the Joe. You'd have everyright to be pissed but come on we're talking about which 4th liner you might see 7min a game from, hardly a reason to boycot the Wings, besides aren't you a little late getting your package since it includes 2 preseason games?

#2039836 Ritola will be traded or waived

Posted by Booster313 on 03 October 2010 - 11:43 AM

I hope not because he has really stood out throughout the preseason.

He stood out for being a no-show. He only played in 4 games due to an ear ache. When he did play he was limited to under 10min and under 5 on one occasion. He had 1 assist and was -1. Ritola has shown nothing that the Wings can't get from someone else. Will he play well somewhere else? Maybe but these are the tough decisions that we have to make now with the CBA. The fact is this years Red Wings are better without him and than with him. The Draper argument may be a valid one but Draper embodies the Red Wings philosophy of taking care of your veteran players, it's the reason FA's want to take a discount to come here, and the reason our own players don't leave for larger paychecks.

#2038704 Wings To Dress Top 9 Friday

Posted by Booster313 on 30 September 2010 - 10:17 PM

When I read the title I was like yes Im sick of loosing to the leafs in preseason dosnt matter if its preseason or not the leaf fans around here seem to think if they beat detroit they will win something special, all i got for you is a round of golf with an early tee time.

BUT THEN.... The goaltenders????????? ack! why why why. Better win dammit I wanna put flags up on my car on Saturday

Are you ashamed of your team if they lose? Why not put the flags on your car either way.

#2035350 The Tomas Tatar Fan Club (and nickname) is born

Posted by Booster313 on 22 September 2010 - 04:27 PM

I like it, Ken Kal was broadcasting the Red and White game on the radio and mentioned we needed a linemate for him named Fish, so we could have Fish and Tartar on a line together. Just think if we could actually sign guys with the last names Fish and Sauce,

Tartar skates up the wing, floats a pass to Sauce, Sauce dishes it in front of the net to Fish, who reels in a defender before passing back to Tartar, he shoots, he scores!

Detroit goal scored by number 27 Tartar assisted by number 21 Fish and number 57 Sauce.

On a more serious note Darren McCarty would probably be better suited for "The Sauce" since it sounds like a nick name for an Alky.

#2035212 New Blank Red Wings Jersey

Posted by Booster313 on 22 September 2010 - 09:56 AM

i would say since 97 then, when i went to my first wings game as a kid. yes he used to be a great roll player, but i think spending the money to put his name on a jersey is kind of ridiculous when there are so many others you could do. if you like the way maltby plays, then why dont you put helm on your jersey. he is 1) young, 2) gonna be on this team for a long time (hopefully), 3) a very likable player with good work ethic.

so yeah, i will speak my mind and say DRAPER AND MALTBY NEED to retire. its time, when you presence in the line-up hurts the teams talent quality, your time has come. and please DO NOT say "well they have a good locker room presence for the young kids"..... cause so does every other veteran on this team... i.e. lidstrom, zetterberg, cleary, osgood, rafalski, holmstrom, kronwall, stuart, datyuk...

This is the problem with the new generation, no respect for adults. Yes Draper and Maltby are falling fast, but what you fail to realize is the thing that makes this team what it is, is loyalty to veteran players, you take care of them as long as you can and they take care of you, it's why we don't have contract hold outs, it's why our players defer salary. I have several jerseys with retired or aging players, I also have several with new players or prime players. The point is, to say Maltby is in the twilight of his career, and that he won't be around much longer if at all is one thing, to laugh at a person for suggesting they wear his jersey, and saying "he needs" to retire is something entirely different. Have some respect for the players that helped mold the Red Wings into what they are today, because Draper and Maltby were both a big part of that.

#2033107 Devils fined and have 2 draft picks taken

Posted by Booster313 on 13 September 2010 - 07:09 PM

I think this is bulls***, why would they "approve" the contract then fine the team afterwards!

Talk about a mixed message.

#2031688 First Call Up Guess?

Posted by Booster313 on 08 September 2010 - 12:38 AM

Ritola because he'll probably get demoted and hopefully pass through waivers.

Then why would they bring him back up, just to pass though waivers again... It will be Maltby for sure.

To the OP, they can see what he has in GR they aren't stupid. If he brings it in GR then he will be up here (due to injuries or for the playoffs when the cap doesn't count) or signed to an extension. They know when a player has NHL type skills and when they don't. He doesn't need to play a game up here for them do decide that.

#2031322 Please help.

Posted by Booster313 on 06 September 2010 - 01:25 PM

Hmmmm I hate to be cynical, and I am sure that the good folks here at LGW would pool together the 120 bucks or so for a year of center ice for a worthy cause, but someone signing up on here and asking for something the same day. Seems a bit fishy for me.

#2031220 Howard Worthy of Mcfarlane Figure?

Posted by Booster313 on 05 September 2010 - 09:16 PM

Already have an Osgood figure (yes, it's in an Isles uni...):


I know, I think Ozzie at least deserves a repaint.

#2031209 Howard Worthy of Mcfarlane Figure?

Posted by Booster313 on 05 September 2010 - 08:27 PM

Red Wings figures sell better than any other, hence Howard. However I agree Franzen, Osgood, Rafalski, Kronwall, Bertuzzi, hell probably even Modano should have gotten them first.

#2029712 Power Forwards

Posted by Booster313 on 27 August 2010 - 11:46 AM

Franzen? Bert was at one point, still sorta plays that game.

#2028990 Red Wings iPhone app!

Posted by Booster313 on 24 August 2010 - 07:48 PM

love it... wings create iphone app the same day as Android is now top-selling OS in American smartphones

Windows out sells Apple computers too... that doesn't make them better, iOS is on one phone, the OS and the phone are made by the same company which allows them to ensure it works seemlessly. Android is on at least 10-15 different phones currently and on 4 major carries in the US. The iPhone is on one.

I know it's a matter of opinion but I have yet to use an Android phone that compares to the iPhone favorably. They have gotten ALOT better since the G1 and I am sure a few more revisions and they will be right there. They are still lacking a music distribution source as widley supported as iTunes and the App Store leaves something to be desired. Until they fix those two things it won't matter to a lot of people how great the Android OS has gotten.