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#2649644 ROY according to LGW

Posted by luvmnger on 23 January 2016 - 01:39 PM

kyle chupacabra.....hahahaha.

im in new mexico...that makes it extra funny.

the heavy mexican/spanish/hispanic crowd down here doesn't even joke about "the chupacabra"



that harry potter photo is gonna be photoshop fuel come playoffs.

#2643115 musicians that are red wing fans?

Posted by luvmnger on 15 December 2015 - 11:13 AM

Richard Rogers, guitarist for the hardcore band Secrets is a Wings fan as well. The rest of the band are Blackhawk fans. Lol

hey richard....time to find a new band.

#2641496 musicians that are red wing fans?

Posted by luvmnger on 06 December 2015 - 07:30 PM

i hope ozzie jumped all over that when he had the chance.


would be a shame to not make that poor girls dream come true.


hehehehehe.  :dance:  

#2641312 musicians that are red wing fans?

Posted by luvmnger on 05 December 2015 - 01:54 AM

  1. so i just found out that my favorite band lead guitarist is a massive wings nut!
    30 seconds to mars ..tomo milicevic
    also, massive animal lover, gun enthusiast, and addicted to cinemax Banshee.
    does anyone else know who's into the wings? 
    (besides kid rock...we all know that one.)

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#2635282 So who were the Wings scouting ?

Posted by luvmnger on 05 November 2015 - 01:36 PM

i would chop it up to staying on top of players that "may" hit the market.


information is king. if holland gets the sudden call...he just hits his notebook, and replies...ummm...no.


i'll give you...#*%^ for that guy. 


go away, "you pancake eating..........."

#2621804 Jonathan Quick on snipers, including Datsyuk

Posted by luvmnger on 29 July 2015 - 03:06 PM

i like these articles...they feel real to me. not just a fluff piece. 

it comes across as open honest human writing.

#2603085 Predictions: Game 7 vs. TBL

Posted by luvmnger on 29 April 2015 - 01:00 AM







#2596512 Oilers win the Draft Lottery

Posted by luvmnger on 19 April 2015 - 01:19 AM

....and the first draft pick goes to...edmonton!


to me this is the equivalent to your mom getting cancer, your car stolen, and your dog run over by the said car thief, all in the same day.


poor Mcdavid.


Eichel just laughed...


but look at the bright side....colorado didnt get him. pitts/boston/montreal/NYR didnt get him.


im....ok with this.


so...who's gonna be larkin's winger at 19th?

#2585205 3/26 GDT: Sharks 6 at Red Wings 4

Posted by luvmnger on 26 March 2015 - 10:40 AM

looks like "creepy Ricci" is a scratch for the sharks tonight.

#2577025 Red Wings acquire Erik Cole, conditional 3rd from Stars

Posted by luvmnger on 01 March 2015 - 10:13 PM


Just had another thought.  One of those trades was with Yzerman and the other was with Jim Nill.  Maybe it's just a coincidence, but they are Holland's proteges.  

dont jinx us....you know who runs the leafs...dont you?


#2567769 Preds broadcast hit by Tyler Durden

Posted by luvmnger on 02 February 2015 - 06:12 AM

every broadcast is a beautiful snowflake.

#2554198 Brunner on waivers

Posted by luvmnger on 06 December 2014 - 01:52 AM

definitely! i'll second that!

wings got the cash...no alfie option...make up for the nesty loss.

#2541637 Weiss

Posted by luvmnger on 16 October 2014 - 10:57 PM

i blame the jersey #90


its cursed i tell you...CURSED!

#2535546 Lately things have been slow, here is an amazing pass from Zetterberg

Posted by luvmnger on 04 September 2014 - 10:30 AM

i agree. i think tatar is extremely underrated. rumors of him being traded for a defensemen had me a bit worried all summer.

this kid could end up being very big for the wings long term.

#2535286 potential team names for las vegas!

Posted by luvmnger on 31 August 2014 - 08:40 PM

outside the building is the sign..."you'll never find a more retched hive, of scum and villainy"