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#2617896 Free agents this off season

Posted by e_prime on 01 July 2015 - 11:19 AM

Too lazy to look can someone tell me how much cap space the Wings have?




Renaud Lavoie @renlavoietva 2m2 minutes ago


François Beauchemin 3 ans / 4,5M$ moyenne par saison.

#2617880 Free agents this off season

Posted by e_prime on 01 July 2015 - 11:04 AM

Tom McCollum re-signed as well:  http://redwings.nhl....s.htm?id=773202

Minnesota Wild @mnwild 49s50 seconds ago

BREAKING: #mnwild has re-signed Mikael Granlund to a two-year contract → http://ow.ly/P2U63  #NHLfi


EDIT w/ contract details:


Pierre LeBrun @Real_ESPNLeBrun 3m3 minutes ago

Granlund deal with Wild: $6 million total over two years: $2.8 million in Year 1 and $3.2 million in Year 2

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#2617865 Free agents this off season

Posted by e_prime on 01 July 2015 - 10:34 AM

Craig Custance @CraigCustance 28s29 seconds ago

Craig Custance retweeted Frank Seravalli

Blashill really liked him in GR. Good for him to get 1-way.

Craig Custance added,

Frank Seravalli @frank_seravalli
#RedWings agree to terms w Andy Miele. 1-yr, 1-way $575K. He was 2d in AHL w 70 pts in GR. #Leafs were in on him, Babcock saw him lots. #TSN
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#2617839 Weiss bought out (confirmed)

Posted by e_prime on 01 July 2015 - 09:14 AM

I recall Weiss, Alfie, and Clarkson as the big three that year.


Here's the 2013 Free Agent Signing List.

Horton was a pretty big deal at that time, no?




EDIT: You gotta scroll down to the bottom to see the first signings on July 5

#2617040 Pronger (contract) and Grossman to for Sam Gagner and conditional pick

Posted by e_prime on 27 June 2015 - 04:35 PM

I have no expectations that this will become precedent. 

I'd just like an explanation from the league how they wrapped their heads around approving this trade.


Also, I dunno what happened to the thread title (probably too long) but it said "...to ARI for..."

#2616659 Dougie hamilton to calgary

Posted by e_prime on 26 June 2015 - 04:02 PM

So theyre just gutting the roster.
What the hells going on in Boston?

An' gettin' S-A-W-F-T!

#2616625 Dougie hamilton to calgary

Posted by e_prime on 26 June 2015 - 03:11 PM

I'm surprised there aren't more people crying,"Why didn't Ken Holland make the trade for Hamilton?!" Or "We could have offered more!!"
As if the Bruins would have any interest in sending one of their guys to a division rival.

#2615791 Wings open to trading Mantha and/or their 1st Round Pick

Posted by e_prime on 23 June 2015 - 05:15 PM

Ha I never said I wanted that to happen.


I understand.  I think we're all a little eager to get this off-season started.

#2615714 Will Wings Revisit Signing Phaneuf?

Posted by e_prime on 23 June 2015 - 08:56 AM

I'm certain he'll sign on July 1st for $6 million (as is the case with many UFA's - overpaid)...Me thinks there's a good chance that he'll stay in Nashville, but hopefully Holland will be in touch with his agent.


I don't think Franson fits in Nashville's plan.  With the depth they have at D:  Weber, Josi, Ellis, Elkholm, Jones, etc.  -- they don't need Franson.

#2615711 Wings open to trading Mantha and/or their 1st Round Pick

Posted by e_prime on 23 June 2015 - 08:35 AM

That's the only way I see us getting rid of Weiss, honestly.

Swapping Weiss with semin at the tdl doesn't seem like a horrible option, assuming were still competing(I expect us to be) then maybe moving to a competitive team could spark semin to put in more of an effort.
They both have 3 years left, and If we sent them something appealing along with Weiss, I'd imagine they'd be fine with retaining enough salary to where the buyout would be similar if he still sucks at years end.

I appreciate the fact that you want to bring someone to the team that fans would hate more than Franzen... it's so nice of you to want to deflect the hate away from the Mule.  Semin is the current model of inconsistency in player performance.


Honestly, I'd rather keep or buyout Weiss at 4.9 than be agonizing over buying out Semin at 7 million next year... and I don't wanna hear anything about how awesome it would be for him to be on Datsyuk's wing.  No. No. No.

#2615652 Wings open to trading Mantha and/or their 1st Round Pick

Posted by e_prime on 22 June 2015 - 06:14 PM


Possible Trade destinations for Stephen Weiss.

Edit: be forewarned, they're pretty farfetched.

Wow.  They will let anyone write for that site, huh?

#2615520 Will Wings Revisit Signing Phaneuf?

Posted by e_prime on 20 June 2015 - 05:55 PM

e_prime, being a non fighter doesn't necessarily mean that player is also non physical. A player can hit everything in sight and never drop the gloves, there is no direct correlation between the two. For me, I don't want a top 4 defenseman that fights and leaves his team short benched for 5+ minutes. I do however want some physical defenseman, that aren't afraid to lay the body when the opportunity presents itself. That is Cody Franson.
You stated that Franson was big but doesn't use his size to be physical. That's just not right at all.

Did you read my previous responses to your initial response? 

I don't even believe that what I typed in my initial response.

Also, do you really think that I want a top four guy that fights?  I'm in favor of signing Green for chrissakes.

I do not disagree with your assessment of Franson AT ALL.

I would take Franson in a heartbeat.  The guy is totally the physical presence we need.  I understand.


Franson seems like one of those guys that is big, but not one to use his size to be "physical."


So for Frank, Phaneuf is the best option...


I'm not disagreeing with you.  I just don't think you can find Cody Franson on hockeyfights.com.  I'm just trying to round out Frank's argument for Phaneuf for him.


Personally, I don't think Phaneuf gets moved now that Babs is coach.

I would very much like to have Franson on this team and if not, the very non-physical,  Mike Green would be okay with me.

If both of those guys get signed by other teams and we're looking to make a trade for an upgrade, I'd say Wisniewski would be a cheaper option than Phaneuf.


...have you not noticed that I'm a complete smartass around here?  Veiled shots at Frank, dude.  Not you. 

#2615057 Things you would like to see for 2015-16 Season

Posted by e_prime on 18 June 2015 - 09:54 AM

Yandle's so affordable I don't know why you wouldn't let him play out his contract.  Assuming, of course, you think you'll still be in the hunt later on.  Hang on to him, and trade him at the deadline for a fortune if you don't want him later, but throw the baby out with the bathwater?  You're not going to get a more talented defenseman for 2.75 million dollars. 

Because Sather is still the GM.  Other than that... who knows why?!?!?

#2613974 2015 SCF : Chicago Blackhawks vs. Tampa Bay Lightning

Posted by e_prime on 11 June 2015 - 10:22 AM

Discussion boards are for... pandering to each others opinions?

#2613959 Time for an offer sheet?

Posted by e_prime on 11 June 2015 - 09:19 AM


Thank god.  I don't think I could seriously cheer for something called "Dougie". 

Is that a dance that the kids were doing a few years back?  I think someone tried to teach me... I didn't get it.