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#2628560 Dylan Larkin on opening night roster

Posted by e_prime on 06 October 2015 - 10:31 AM

Here's my bold prediction:  Dylan Larkin will be sent down to Grand Rapids once Datsyuk and/or Helm are healthy whether he is tearing it up or not.  Holland is not going to make roster moves to keep Larkin in the lineup.  He may have to do so to keep the plethora of other forwards we have, but it won't be for Larkin.

#2628558 Roster Moves by the Wings

Posted by e_prime on 06 October 2015 - 10:29 AM

I'd rather Jurco or Pulkkinen be in the lineup in Detroit and Larkin continue to develop in Grand Rapids for a season. Then when Richards is gone next season, that would be the perfect opportunity for Larkin to come in and take over as the 2nd line center...


I too would like to see Pulkkinen and Jurco in the line up as much as possible so that we can get a true understanding of just what we have with them as players. I understand that completely.


On the other hand, I really like that Larkin made the team. The reason why I like this so much is just the simple fact that a 19 year old hasn't made the team out of training camp since Steve Yzerman. If nothing else, it signifies a glimmer of change in the way this team handles prospects. I don't forsee the team making hard choices to keep Larkin in the lineup.  When Helm and/or Datsyuk are ready to come back and we need to send someone down, it's a non-issue because Larkin has waiver eligibility.  I do want him to tear it up in the AHL, but a couple weeks up with the Wings isn't going to hurt his development nor is it shelving Pulkkinen and/or Jurco for an obscene amount of time.

#2628549 Roster Moves by the Wings

Posted by e_prime on 06 October 2015 - 08:43 AM

Again, for the umpteenth time... Cleary Is NOT Taking A Roster Spot From Any Of The Kids... He is simply holding down that 13th/14th/15th forward spot until Helm and / or Datsyuk is healthy. Would you prefer Mantha be up with the big club sitting every game? Cleary will be waived before Ferraro or even Andersson. Again, he is not harming this team in any way whatsoever...

The funny thing is that we already have enough forwards to fill all the lines and then some.  It's going to be a challenge just to slot all those guys into the right spaces.Even then, barring a trade, we'll still have talented forwards that are going to have to sit EVEN BEFORE Dats and Helm get back  ...and STILL people are worried about Cleary sitting in the pressbox.  Sitting.  Not playing.  Sitting. 

Hell, he's not even taking a roster spot from the youngsters in GR right now.  So just give it af****** rest.

#2628450 Roster Moves by the Wings

Posted by e_prime on 05 October 2015 - 02:41 PM

Kindl to IR -- So there's your 23-man opening day roster:  15 Forwards, 6 Defensemen, and our Goalie Tandem.




22  Andy Miele  C  L  5-7  169  Grosse Pointe Woods, Michigan  4/15/88  Signed, 7/2/14
23  Brian Lashoff  D  L  6-3  221  Albany, New York  7/16/90  Signed, 10/1/08
57  Mitch Callahan  RW  R  6-0  196  Whittier, California  8/17/91  2009 Draft (6/180)


4  Jakub Kindl  D  L  6-3  199  Sumperk, Czech Republic  2/10/87  2005 Draft (1/19)


8  Justin Abdelkader  LW  L  6-2  218  Muskegon, Michigan  2/25/87  2005 Draft (2/42)
11  Daniel Cleary  RW  L  6-1  205  Carbonear, Newfoundland  12/18/78  Signed, 10/4/05
14  Gustav Nyquist  RW  L  5-11  183  Halmstad, Sweden  9/1/89  2008 Draft (4/121)
15  Riley Sheahan  C  L  6-3  222  St. Catharines, Ontario  12/7/91  2010 Draft (1/21)
17  Brad Richards  C  L  6-0  199  Murray Harbour, P.E.I.  5/2/80  Signed, 7/1/15
18  Joakim Andersson  C  L  6-2  211  Munkedal, Sweden  2/5/89  2007 Draft (3/88)
20  Drew Miller  LW  L  6-2  180  Dover, New Jersey  2/17/84  Waivers, 11/11/09
21  Tomas Tatar  LW  L  5-10  185  Ilava, Slovakia  12/1/90  2009 Draft (2/60)
26  Tomas Jurco  RW  L  6-1  203  Kosice, Slovakia  12/28/92  2011 Draft (2/35)
29  Landon Ferraro  C  L  6-0  186  Trail, British Columbia  8/8/91  2009 Draft (2/32)
40  Henrik Zetterberg  C  L  6-0  195  Njurunda, Sweden  10/9/80  1999 Draft (7/210)
41  Luke Glendening  C  R  5-11  194  Grand Rapids, Michigan  4/28/89  Signed, 7/5/13
56  Teemu Pulkkinen  RW  R  5-11  183  Vantaa, Finland  1/2/92  2010 Draft (4/111)
71  Dylan Larkin  C  L  6-1  190  Waterford, Michigan  7/30/96  2014 Draft (1/15)
93  Johan Franzen  RW  L  6-4  232  Vetlanda, Sweden  12/23/79  2004 Draft (3/97)

2  Brendan Smith  D  L  6-2  211  Mimico, Ontario  2/8/89  2007 Draft (1/27)
25  Mike Green  D  R  6-1  207  Calgary, Alberta  10/12/85  Signed, 7/1/15
27  Kyle Quincey  D  L  6-2  216  Kitchener, Ontario  8/12/85  Trade, 2/21/12
52  Jonathan Ericsson  D  L  6-4  220  Karlskrona, Sweden  3/2/84  2002 Draft (9/291)
55  Niklas Kronwall  D  L  6-0  194  Stockholm, Sweden  1/12/81  2000 Draft (1/29)
61  Xavier Ouellet  D  L  6-1  200  Bayonne, France  7/29/93  2011 Draft (2/48)

34  Petr Mrazek  G  L  6-2  183  Ostrava, Czech Republic  2/14/92  2010 Draft (5/141)
35  Jimmy Howard  G  L  6-1  218  Syracuse, New York  3/26/84  2003 Draft (2/64)

#  Injured Reserve (5)

4  Jakub Kindl D  L  6-3  199  Sumperk, Czech Republic  2/10/87  2005 Draft (1/19)
13  Pavel Datsyuk  C  L  5-11  194  Sverdlovsk, Russia 7/20/78  1998 Draft (6/171)

43  Darren Helm  C  L  6-0  196  St. Andrews, Manitoba 1/21/87  2005 Draft (5/132)
47  Alexey Marchenko  D  R  6-3  210  Moscow, Russia 1/2/92  2011 Draft (7/205)
65  Danny DeKeyser  D  L  6-3  191  Detroit, Michigan 3/7/90  Signed, 3/29/15

#2628428 Roster Moves by the Wings

Posted by e_prime on 05 October 2015 - 01:12 PM

Because the better players need to play. They will get minutes down in Grand Rapids that they wouldn't get in Detroit. Cleary is NOT taking a spot from any of the kids.

For Cleary, the Pressbox is probably worse than getting sent down. 


Say what you will about his play... I mean, what else is left to say... but the guy wants to play.

#2628384 Roster Moves by the Wings

Posted by e_prime on 05 October 2015 - 11:02 AM

Ansar Khan @AnsarKhanMLive 56s57 seconds ago

Callahan, Miele and Lashoff have all cleared waivers.

#2628370 Roster Moves by the Wings

Posted by e_prime on 05 October 2015 - 10:39 AM

Ansar Khan @AnsarKhanMLive 47m47 minutes ago

Larkin made the roster Blashill said


Ansar Khan @AnsarKhanMLive 42m42 minutes ago

Blashill said Larkin will start on line with Zetterberg and Abdelkader in all likelihood.


Ansar Khan @AnsarKhanMLive 6m6 minutes ago

Whoever starts in goal Fri. vs. Toronto (I'm guessing it will be Howard), the other guy will start the next night in Carolina, Blashill said

So either your wrong about Jensen, or the Red Wings are making dumb moves. The Red Wings don't make a lot of dumb moves..

I think the ceiling is much higher for Ouellet

...or they want to get him more NHL games to showcase him for a trade.

#2628284 Roster Moves by the Wings

Posted by e_prime on 04 October 2015 - 06:27 PM

@Krsmith -- I know Cleary hasn't been that terrible, but I think we're at a point where this team is going to have to make really tough decisions about the roster and specifically at forward. Cleary v Andersson really shouldn't be that difficult of a decision.

Andersson is ten years younger than Cleary and $135,000 cheaper.  As the 14th forward and barring serious team injury issues, a healthy scratch. I don't need to be wowed, impressed, or even think that one is better than the other.  I need servicable.  Andersson is that.


Keeping Larkin up makes sense because he's waiver exempt, can slot into the top nine, and can easily be sent down when Helm or Datsyuk come back.  You've already got Miller, Glendening, and Ferraro that can handle fourth line duties.  When both Helm and Datsyuk are healthy, whomever was kept (Andersson or Cleary) is likely to be exposed to waivers anyway.  


...and then we're back to a fully healthy roster situation.  Who sits?

#2627580 Chicago re-signs Seabrook; 8 years, $6.875 AAV

Posted by e_prime on 28 September 2015 - 10:20 AM

I don't think it's a horrible signing, but it certainly continues in the (now) long-standing tradition of "questionable" cap management in Chicago.

I say "questionable" only because while they're pressing their luck in a lot of ways, up to this point it really hasn't bitten them in the ass as much as people thought it would.  


As far as who the next to the block to fix any cap woes:

Bickell is an obvious choice, as he was rumored to be a movable piece this off-season. 

You could always move Hossa.  He's aging, but it's not as if he's in decline and he could net you some really good pieces.

Maybe Shaw goes the way of Saad, in that move that most people don't think is going to happen but surprisingly does.

#2627415 9/24 Exhibition GDT : at Red Wings 6, Pittsburgh Penguins 1

Posted by e_prime on 25 September 2015 - 05:32 PM


Pulkkinen is artillery, we need more field officers.

If we're going with this analogy... Our waiver eligible kids are barely junior officers, not field generals or something...

and cannons are... well... explody!  We need explody!!

#2627409 9/24 Exhibition GDT : at Red Wings 6, Pittsburgh Penguins 1

Posted by e_prime on 25 September 2015 - 04:02 PM



This guy thinks we are a contender. And he's saying EXACTLY the same thing Kip is saying. top 4 D man needed. 


Kevin Allen knows his s***, but KipWinger is my go to guy.

#2627356 9/24 Exhibition GDT : at Red Wings 6, Pittsburgh Penguins 1

Posted by e_prime on 25 September 2015 - 09:43 AM

Eh? Why would both get waived?

Detroit only needs to waive one of them, unless you think Cleary or Callahan will be the 14th forward? Unless you're thinking they'll run 13 forwards to get under the cap once Pavel returns?


Oh jeezus.  Math.  14+7+2 = 23.  Lol.   

I'm a maroon!


EDIT:  Although I guess getting under the cap is going to be a concern, huh?  According to General Fanager with 15 forwards we're over the cap:

+1,314,543 - 950,000 (Cleary) = +364,543


There's a 215K difference between Andersson and Ferraro. Still putting us at just under 150k over carrying Ferraro instead of Andy. 

There's gotta be a trade and I see it on the defensive side.  There's huge difference in our salary cap situation between carrying our current 7 d-men (Green, Kronner, Quincey, Ericsson, Smith, Kindl, Deke) and six of those guys plus ANY of our d-prospects sitting in Grand Rapids.

#2627351 9/24 Exhibition GDT : at Red Wings 6, Pittsburgh Penguins 1

Posted by e_prime on 25 September 2015 - 09:16 AM


That lineup is deep, the thing that scares me is what happens when Datsyuk comes back. I just hope Jurco or Pulks aren't on the 4th line but I don't see how they aren't. Kind of disappointing with all the depth.

Can't be disappointed with this depth.  When injuries start happening we'll be happy to have it. 


Andersson and Ferraro are ultimately getting waived.  No big loss if either are claimed.

Helm can be an asset moving up and down the roster in any spot.  Would rather see him on the fourth line with Glenny and Miller.

If Jurco and Pulks are pulling their weight, and unless Franzen is tearing it up, I don't see why it wouldn't be Franzen sitting in the press-box. 

Wouldn't be bad to have him rotate in and out as necessary... give him and his noggin a rest every so often.

#2625764 Leafs acquire Grabner

Posted by e_prime on 17 September 2015 - 01:42 PM

Injuries.  Tumbled down the depth chart.  Healthy scratch as other players stepped up while he was out.


Here's good analysis of both Grabs and the prospects the Isles just nabbed up.


#2625758 Leafs acquire Grabner

Posted by e_prime on 17 September 2015 - 01:26 PM

Sung to the melody of that Door's ditty:


...5 for 1 baby,

1 for 5,

No one here* gets out alive...





5 prospects for Grabs.  FIVE.  They must really have faith in their previous drafting capabilities.