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#2488774 Trade deadline fast approaching - who should we target?

Posted by e_prime on 03 March 2014 - 01:00 PM

@AnsarKhanMLive:  Holland said Weiss had setback today and is going for tests. Not a good day for him, Holland said.

#2488689 Trade deadline fast approaching - who should we target?

Posted by e_prime on 02 March 2014 - 09:43 PM

As a few others have mentioned, it takes time for prospects to turn into regulars or stars. Very rarely do guys come into the NHL and put up 80 points. The far more common route is a guy come up, plays 60ish games and has 30ish point. Next year more games and more points. 3rd year the same. That was the route with most of our stars now. It took them 3-5 years to hit their potential. So, are we a really good team in 3 or 4 years by standing pat? Maybe. First not all of our prospects will work out. Second Datsyuk is then gone. Third, will Z's back hold up? Fourth, will Franzen still be around or will concussions have ended his career by then?

Four years from now, Kronwall may also be done. same with Howard. E will be in his mid 30's. Most if not all of those guys will playing fewer games and putting up fewer points as they travel through their mid and late 30's. In other words, we will be treading water.

Yes.  This is how typical hockey players develop and age as they grow older. ...and they all do.

#2488575 Trade deadline fast approaching - who should we target?

Posted by e_prime on 02 March 2014 - 01:46 PM


I agree with this. Would love Ehrhoff, but Buffalo trading within the same division it's going to cost quite a bit.


Murray is smart.  If the Wings make the best offer, he'll take it.  He knows his team is a long way from contending so I think at this point being in the same division is not all that big of a deal.


...or maybe we swing a three-way deal. 

#2488457 Edler-Kesler Vs. Ehrhoff-Stewart

Posted by e_prime on 01 March 2014 - 10:55 PM

Can I pick Kesler and Erhoff?


I'm not clamoring for Kesler, but if the price was right.  I wouldn't scoff at his acquisition.


Ehrhoff is definitely my top pick for defensive pick-up for the playoffs.  Wanted him when he was a free agent.  Still want him now. 

His cap-hit is good for the type of player and potential that he has when playing for a good team.  ...and I'm not a'scarred of his contract length.


Keep this in mind his cap hit is a meager $250,000 more than Kyle Quincey.  He has 6 goals and 23 assists on a s***ty Buffalo team.

Kyle Quincey has 3 goals and 6 assists.   Who wants to re-sign Quincey?  Who wouldn't mind having Ehrhoff around for a few years?


...and I'm not that high on Edler.  So, if I'm staying on topic:  Stewart/Ehrhoff. 

#2488240 Trade deadline fast approaching - who should we target?

Posted by e_prime on 01 March 2014 - 08:37 AM

I can't believe I just read all that bickering about what an offensive/defensive d-man is... and the Myers rants... but I'll throw in.


Meyers *might* have more upside, but Danny DeKeyser is further along in his NHL development than Tyler Meyers.


As we have a pipeline of our own defensive prospects/projects...

we don't need the big bodied question mark of potential that is Tyler Myers for our playoff run.

#2487747 Trade deadline fast approaching - who should we target?

Posted by e_prime on 28 February 2014 - 07:49 AM

If Buffalo is selling everyone. Wings should be talking Christian Ehrhoff.



I want Stafford.



Myers is available via TSN apparently. 




We could try to buy lowish on him considering he has regressed. 


Was listening to the Marek v Wysh podcast.  Marek was talking to (can't remember his name) a beat writer for the Buffalo News.

He said that EVERYONE not named Girgensons is on the block.


Although the same beat writer said that Buffalo is looking for younger forward prospects not picks...

...so it would depend on what Buffalo was asking for but, I've always liked Ehrhoff and wouldn't have a problem with grabbing him up if possible.

Buffalo doesn't seem to be a good fit for him and playing for a bad team isn't making it any better


Ehrhoff actually has strung together a couple good games since the Olympic Break.  2 G 1A +1 TOI: over 20:00/game

Yeah, he's got that super-long contract, but 18 of the 40 million has already been paid out. 

$4 million cap hit. Current salary at $4 million w/ salary going tp $3 million in 17-18 and $1 million through the final 3.


He's gotta be better than Q and K, no?

#2483913 If we become sellers...

Posted by e_prime on 14 February 2014 - 03:24 PM

I don't think Alfie came here to win a Cup. He packed up his family and moved to Detroit. He bought a house. He went all in on a long term life change to come here. He's not going to want to be traded. I think he just wanted to play for a solid team with good management where all the pressure isn't on him. I don't think he's retiring this year, either. He still wants to play but recognizes he's not the number one guy anymore.

I don't think he wants to be a floating mercenary like Jagr and Iginla.

Agreed.  Also, if he wants to re-sign here for another year... I think it's a no-brainer.

#2476278 Blessing in disguise?

Posted by e_prime on 23 January 2014 - 10:32 AM

Weiss is going nowhere.

#2473074 I'd like to talk about this off-season/next season

Posted by e_prime on 15 January 2014 - 08:01 AM

no. No. NO. NO! NO! NO! to Gaborik.  He is the most injuriously injury prone forward in the history of injuries.

#2473044 Seasons half way, thoughts?

Posted by e_prime on 14 January 2014 - 10:25 PM

Currently sitting in 9th place in the East.


This is absolutely no surprise.  Have been watching other games hoping that certain teams will beat other teams... and that we can get our s*** together and control our own destiny.  Really hoping that the later comes to fruition real quick-like and I can stop the former.

#2472798 Winnipeg Jets relieve coach Claude Noel and assistant Perry Pearn

Posted by e_prime on 13 January 2014 - 04:58 PM

What happens with Weiss in this scenario?

Sent back to Florida for Kulikov?  lol.

#2472789 Would you trade Jimmy for a top pairing dman?

Posted by e_prime on 13 January 2014 - 04:45 PM

It's pretty easy to avoid topics you're not interested in, let alone comment on them.

#2472134 Filppula

Posted by e_prime on 11 January 2014 - 10:45 PM

Coulda ... Woulda... Shoulda... Filpullla.

#2472131 Pissed off: JJ speaking out

Posted by e_prime on 11 January 2014 - 10:42 PM


I never heard anything about an attitude problem when he was with LA, but there was definitely a lot of buzz about trading him for the whole year before they pulled the trigger.  He's got a lot of skills but had terrible decision making.


Trading one of their more offensive D-men when the Kings were already having trouble scoring seemed like a crazy move, but their defense definitely improved in his absence. 


I was surprised when some GM in the article mentioned taking a d-man with  more defensive upside like J Johnson if they passed on Yandle.  Admittedly I haven't seen much of Johnson this season but I wouldn't consider him having a ton more defensive ability than Yandle.


You add a natural center/capable winger in Carter... and Voynov, who's still an offensive-defenseman but better decision maker, gets better/more minutes... team play/defense is going to get better.


Attitude issues, current Team USA issues aside, seem overblown.  Lombardi did do himself a disservice by criticizing JJ's time at U of M and had to do some damage control/re-assertion that Johnson was a player of note. Hell, he drafted the guy after college... so he must have seen something in the guy even though he went to U of M.  ...and still, to this day, he went out of his way to amend the situation.  My snotty "big-boy pants" comments are maybe a little childish, but Johnson seems to be a bit sensitive and maybe he does need his hand held a bit when it comes to his feelings, pride in country, alma mater, etc. 

...but Johnson didn't get traded from the Kings because of his attitude issues. 

He got traded because the Kings had better offensive defensemen and they could get Carter for him. NO-BRAINER!! 


Nice guy or not, no one would blink twice if offensive-minded Kindl (also snubbed by his national team) got traded for a top-six winger and our defense and all around play got better.

So who gives a hoot about Jack friggin'Johnson?

#2472000 Pissed off: JJ speaking out

Posted by e_prime on 11 January 2014 - 07:58 AM

I guess I missed the part where Johnson was entitled to be on the Olympic team because he meets the only two qualifications necessary A) be American, and B) be Jack Johnson.  Is it his birthright?


He's an offensive d-man who isn't scoring, and who's never been good EVER defensively.  Johnson isn't even a competent defenseman in the NHL and in the Olympics he'd be up against All-Star teams.  No Dan Cleary's or Patrick Eaves' in Sochi. 


Finally, it's not like he's the only offensive d-man that didn't make the cut.  Yandle, Bfuglien, and Erik Johnson are all having better seasons than JJ, and none of them made it.  But you don't see them complaining in the news, Jack's the only one that didn't make it and made a big deal about it.




That's the important part of the whole story. JJ is not so pissed about not being nominated, he's pissed because:


1. his OWN coach didn't go to bat for him - seriously, I'd expect that from my coach he expects me to go to bat for him so he should do the same for me...it's a two way street right ?

2. the way JJ found it out via TV that's just totally unprofessional, give the guy a freaking phonecall and some kind words.


Somebody hold JJ's hand while he puts his big boy pants on.  *sheesh*  Even Bobby Ryan didn't cry this much when he was snubbed.