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#2649962 Goalie Battle

Posted by e_prime on 25 January 2016 - 08:14 AM

At the beginning we all were cool with the splitting of games and it was working. 


Yes, most of us were and it was...  I just hope the way that we feel when Jimmy gets in the net is not how he feels when he gets in the net.

I hate over analyzing every single rush, shot, and goal that comes his way, but here I am doing it.

We can speculate all we like about him losing his way, how he's never going to get it back and what his behaviour and attitude are, but for the team's sake, I hope he can pull it together for the remainder of the season.

When called upon, will get in the net and play his heart and guts out to the best of his ability.

Even when the world will watch and over analyze every single play; I believe he will remain the consummate professional that he is and has been throughout his time here. I don't believe that Jimmy Howard is one to "sulk" about his situation.  It is what it is.


...and when the season is over, I hope Howard tells Ken Holland that he would not be upset about being traded and waives or opens up his NTC.

#2649887 Joakim Andesson on Waivers

Posted by e_prime on 24 January 2016 - 11:46 AM

I actually think Holland was right in keeping Kindl at that point in time.

Did he refuse to waive him? Yes. ..but wasn't that the plan all along?

See if you can make a worthwhile trade for him before just tossing him aside?

Later in the year you're looking at the prospect of having a new coach in the coming season; is it better to see if a player like Kindl will pick up his play under that new coach or to waive him without giving him the chance? 

See if he's got more value in a trade then?


...and It's not at the expense of your younger players if the plan is to let them over-ripen in the AHL.

He's kinda been doing it for years, so I don't see why we're at all surprised when it happens. 

(Nyquist, Tatar, Pulks, Jurcs, the list goes on and on)

I'm not saying it's right or that I agree with it, but there are reasons behind it.  It's not Holland being stubborn or not doing anything or really refusing. It's call doing his job in the manner that he sees fit.

Just because we don't happen to like it doesn't mean that it doesn't make sense to the General Manager and his plan.

You're surely welcome to call him out on it, but it's not making and breaking the team.


No GM has any control over being able to get the guys you want to clear waivers to clear and the guys you want to get picked up to get picked up.  Case in point:  Chicago and Bryan Bickell (not claimed) Viktor Tikhonov (claimed)

#2649641 Joakim Andesson on Waivers

Posted by e_prime on 23 January 2016 - 01:28 PM

guess nobody really wants our scrubs then...here is the sad thing, we've been hindering the young players by playing guys in our NHL roster that nobody else in the NHL would even take for free...why have we been mediocre again?

I don't see how another team not wanting to claim some of our players means that we're hindering our younger players. 

I'm unsure I see the correlation.

#2649624 song title game

Posted by e_prime on 23 January 2016 - 11:39 AM


this is so off track we're now in uncharted territories. 




Uncharted - Sara Bareilles


Territories - RUSH

#2649427 Bravo, Smitty

Posted by e_prime on 22 January 2016 - 09:54 AM

You underestimate his powers.

Do not forget his hand shuffling the puck in the playoffs vs Tampa from the bench, leading to a penalty.

Time will tell.

:ok: So... IN THE PLAYOFFS?  How'd we even make it there with Smitty in the lineup?  Gee.   :confused:


I don't want to belabor this point.  He makes mistakes. So does every defenseman in the league before, after, and including TPH - Niklas Lidstrom.  Saying that Smith alone is going to keep us from the playoffs is hyperbole to the Nth degree.


We know Smith ain't that bad if kip is here to defend the guy!

#2649422 Bravo, Smitty

Posted by e_prime on 22 January 2016 - 08:50 AM

If Smith is a later bloomer, which I have no idea if he might be (odds say no), I'll project him becoming our best defenseman.

If he's not a late bloomer, I'm guessing he will play a major part in us breaking our playoff streak.

...because Kindl, a late bloomer, who never blossomed and made serious blunders throughout his time with the big club, was a major obstacle every year for the past however many he played during our current playoff streak? 

The guy has made some mistakes and may continue to do so, but he's been improving, and playing with more confidence, and he's certainly not going to break the team in half with a few bonehead errors.

#2649413 Bravo, Smitty

Posted by e_prime on 21 January 2016 - 09:47 PM

People shat on MDZ in a similar manner and now he's gobbling up 20 minutes a night for Philly. His career had been declared dead and look at that zombie go. In a similar fashion, Smitty gets s*** on, probably rightfully so, but like you said BoS he's not half as bad as people make him out to be. He's under the microscope because so many people think that XO or Sproul or Jensen are going to make less mistakes. Which to date, as far as I'm concerned, is an unknown.

#2649358 Miller Out With Lower Body Injury

Posted by e_prime on 21 January 2016 - 02:25 PM

I'd be okay with that. Either way -- with Miller and/or Helm -- you're looking at some man games lost due to injury. ...so jettison Andersson and give CALLAHAN a shot.

#2649327 Miller Out With Lower Body Injury

Posted by e_prime on 21 January 2016 - 07:18 AM

I wouldn't mind keeping Helm, but I really don't want to pay what I think we're going to have to pay to keep Helm.

I do like his versatility, but I don't think he's worth much more than what he's currently being paid and no offense to the guy, but he's a third and fourth line guy. Not top 6.

#2649161 Miller Out With Lower Body Injury

Posted by e_prime on 20 January 2016 - 05:19 PM

I'm not really pro or anti re-signing Miller, but if it came down to signing one of either Miller or Helm, I pick Helm every time, even taking into account the difference in salaries. I was really hoping that we would groom Ferraro into a Miller type player, but that's obviously not the case. If we decide to have a 4th line of Miller - Glendening - Helm next season I would be okay with that. As long as Andersson is nowhere near the lineup, Helm is primarily used as a 4th line penalty killer and Jurco is a mainstay in the top 9...

Either way, I hope our PK is able to get back on track while Miller is out and hopefully he has a speedy recovery and can get in some games before the playoffs...

Edit: Posted too quickly / Spelling

I want Callahan and Athanasiou on the club next year. Probably rotating in on the fourth.

No Miller. No Helm. No Andersson.
If we're resigning any of them it's Miller, but honestly I think the injuries are starting to pile up.
Helm is trade bait for the deadline.

#2649114 Kronwall out 2-4 Weeks after Knee Scope

Posted by e_prime on 20 January 2016 - 11:56 AM


The time off for Kronwall is something Detroit knew was coming, and coach Jeff Blashill told DetroitRedWings.com’s Bill Roose that Kronwall’s surgery was mapped out to coincide with the all-star break. The Red Wings’ break is seven days, Jan. 26 to Feb. 3.



#2649089 Brian McGrattan

Posted by e_prime on 20 January 2016 - 09:00 AM

Kudos Smite.  I thought all the McGrattan threads had been shuttered...

I really wanted to start a new thread titled "God Emperor Brian McGrattan Gets Knocked the EFF Out" but thought otherwise. 


To go beyond this scary incident:

There have some gnarly deeds in the world of hockey over the last week or so...


Linesman punching kid. Trainer comes out and spears linesman.

Gudbranson fights Hendricks to avenge Ekblad hit.

Arizona and the Blues (?) fight after the final buzzer.


I know we've discussed fighting and the NHL ad naseum around these parts, but instead of discussing it in the Ericsson thread... how about here?

#2649041 Miller Out With Lower Body Injury

Posted by e_prime on 19 January 2016 - 08:39 PM

*sobs uncontrollably*

Under the Bridge is a sad song, you know?

#2648902 Ericsson, our Giant Teddy Bear

Posted by e_prime on 19 January 2016 - 08:03 AM

I agree kliq. ...and for the record I wasn't trying to be contrarian. I just think there's a really really long way to go before we see fighting completely eliminated from the game.

As far as Ericsson goes, I'm going to reiterate that he needs to focus. Use the big body to muck in the corners, clear the crease, and keep his game as simple as possible. He's not a guy I want to see pinching in on the play or getting fancy with the puck. I also don't mind seeing him drop them every so often but I *do* like the fact that he often times just ignores the physical challenges and stares the guy down.

#2648866 song title game

Posted by e_prime on 18 January 2016 - 09:08 PM

Pay to Cum - Bad Brains