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#2455891 Nyquist Getting the call

Posted by heretic69 on 20 November 2013 - 08:47 PM

What you guys have to understand is that this means he is being showcased for a trade.


For Peter Forsberg.

#2360108 Red Wings to be in an Eastern conference in latest NHL/NHLPA proposal

Posted by heretic69 on 23 February 2013 - 10:48 PM

Playing in Florida multiple times a year would be f***in amazing!

#2338472 Now What Can the NHL Do For You, the Fans

Posted by heretic69 on 08 January 2013 - 11:32 AM

I know it won't happen but free CI is what it would take to retain my full engagement. I'll watch Dats highlights on YouTube, and I will still come here because it's just habit when I'm online. But other than that it isn't happening for me. I'll spend that money to watch the Tigers this year.


I was so upset when we lost the season last time, but now I'm just bitter.

#2259806 Canucks Vs Detroit in Motor City

Posted by heretic69 on 21 February 2012 - 04:20 PM

I did not mention opinions, I said unsolicited shots. Much in the same way Steve Yzerman and Joe Sakic did not take unsolicited shot at their foes after victory and after retirement (hello Mark Recchi), I would expect fans of opposing teams to do the same. Opinions, certainly. But unsubstantiated insults and vitriol are oftentimes pointless and simply rude.

I see you are speaking using the pronoun "we" as if you represent all Wings fans. I'm sure I've been guilty of the same many times. But this Canuck fan can only speak for himself. And I see the game as a big regular season game. There is nothing wrong with viewing a marquee matchup as important. I'm not sure if you recall but when Karl Malone and Michael Jordan were in the NBA oftentimes NBC would feature those games on the Sunday for a national television audience signifying the relative importance of the game. If you think those games were just the same as Jordan rolling into Vancouver to play the Grizzlies on a Tuesday night then yes, this game on Thursday is just two points.

Good matchup, sure, I don't think anyone is denying that. But I really don't see how your analogy using the greatest basketball player of all time fits. Does MJ's hockey equal play for either of the teams? No? Ok then.

Further, if you look at the objective reality of the tie-breaking system (i.e. ROW and season series) you will know that in addition to "just two points" being on the line there is playoff positions and perhaps home ice advantage at stake on Thursday night. So with respect to your comment about the importance of season series, I just say you are objectively incorrect. I'm not sure why a Red Wings fan would downplay the importance of this game, but make no mistake, from an objective point of view this is a reasonably important game.

Maybe because many of us have been watching hockey long enough to know that one regular season game means f*** all? In 2008 we lost TEN games in February, including a 5-1 to the BJ's. And I know that you know how that turned out for us because you were done watching the 'Nucks after the first week of April.

I hate to break it to you but home ice won't be determined on Thursday. There is still a quarter of the season left to play. You can't even point at this game if in the end we lose home ice by one point. It's but one small piece of the bigger picture.

From a subjective point of view, I see a matchup with Detroit as fun and exciting, because it is a good hockey game. I would rather watch Vancouver vs. Detroit than almost any other matchup because its good skilled hockey. Anyhow, I was at Rogers Arena on December 21st and that was one heck of game. The atmosphere, the intensity and the hockey were just at a higher level than Vancouver vs. Columbus or Minnesota.

Again, we know it will (probably) be a good game. The win streak might even be snapped. Still doesn't make it any more important than any of the other 82 games in a season.

As for your comments with respect to Jesus and success, I'll leave you to your superstitions without comment. The fact of the matter is you are either a Red Wings fans by default (meaning you've been lucky for a long time) or you choose to cheer for the because of their success (meaning you are bandwagon jumper). The success of the team, does of course have nothing to do with luck. But the smugness of the fans directly correlates with luck. The true measure of fan therefore is if you stay with a team when they are terrible. Sounds like you are clearly a hardcore Wings fan, but that does not change the fact that an entire generation of Wings fans have not experienced a losing season.

Most of us would consider years like 94, 95, and 06 to be "losing seasons". Success breeds high expectations in anything. What's the excuse for Nucks fans being so insufferable?

I'm looking forward to a great game. And I know it means a little more to many of you Wings fans than Columbus or Edmonton. Lets be real about it. It is only 2pts, but they are a big 2pts. Viewing SJ or Chi as bigger rivals is natural, but it does not make those games of more importance. OF course, I view Chi and Bos as bigger rivals than Detroit too, but objectively speaking a game against Boston is quite literally just about the 2pts and against the Wings it is not.

We get it, it is important to you because it is the Wings. And you want to be more important to us than the Shats or Hawks. It's just that things are complicated right now...maybe in the future but I think we should just be friends.

Considering you can lose on any given night to any team in the league why should it be more important?

I'm sure many/all of you will disagree. Which is fine. But it does not change the fact that I've tried to provide objective analysis and facts to support my points. And I continue to enjoy reading (and sometimes posting) at this website.

Facts? Where? What you've provided is a text block of TL;DR worthy opinions.

2 = 2 is an example of a fact.

#2230946 11/30 GDT : Lightning 2 at Red Wings 4

Posted by heretic69 on 29 November 2011 - 07:42 PM

Early GDT is early.

Way to get me excited...

#2225523 GMs to discuss the 1-3-1 forecheck

Posted by heretic69 on 15 November 2011 - 01:14 PM

Nothing in sports pisses me off more than seeing a trap or full court press. Anyone who runs one for a full game should be punched in the nuts.

I promise I'll be national news if I ever see Billy Donovan around town.

#2214257 How Do You Feel About The Southeast?

Posted by heretic69 on 11 October 2011 - 10:40 PM

If the Wings move to the Southeast I will touch my no-no spot.


#2141610 If there was one F/D/G you could add to the team, who would it be?

Posted by heretic69 on 03 April 2011 - 10:49 PM





If I heard wings fans doing that Looooooooooou retardation every game I would go on a killing spree.