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In Topic: Nice Mike Babcock interview

19 May 2009 - 06:05 PM

Awesome. Babs is a class act!

In Topic: The goalie interference Carolina got away with last night: diabolical

19 May 2009 - 05:49 PM

Whoa, why is a Pen fan starting a reffing whine fest on LGW.com? All they do is whine on their forums about refs, now they wish to bring it over here? Them poor Pens, they are so beat up and given the raw deal all the time by the big bad refs. Boo-Hoo! puke.gif

In Topic: 1381 Posts for a Game 2 Victory!

19 May 2009 - 01:58 PM

I'm in this one thread too. So far, whenever I post in these rally threads, we are undefeated. Lets keep the trend alive!

Go Wings!

In Topic: How Much Does Lidstrom Have Left

19 May 2009 - 06:41 AM

Indeed, the thought of Lids not on the team is scary. How do we replace someone like him? You can't. When he goes, Wings become more average. Lids is simply amazing, I consider him the "Gretzky" of Defensemen with superior character and honor.

In Topic: Are the Ducks becoming the new Avalanche?

19 May 2009 - 06:30 AM

I'm with NC WING FAN, Anaheim doesn't even deserve a hockey club. They don't get much fan support and why do they need 3 teams in California? I think Kings and San Jose get more fan support, so Anaheim should be dismantled and destroyed. Oh, and I never like Emilio Estevez in Mighty Ducks. There, I said it!