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#2435607 Flames goalie Miikka Kiprusoff makes it official: He's retiring.

Posted by Detroit # 1 Fan on 09 September 2013 - 08:49 PM

He, Iginla and Martin Gelinas were the only reason that horrible Flames team made it past us in 04 and eventually to Game 7. I lived in Calgary from 06-12, I got the chance to see him play quite a bit, great goalie. Fans loved him too, Calgary will be in the basement of the Western conference for years to come.

#2379337 Official NHL Trade Deadline thread

Posted by Nyquistfan14 on 03 April 2013 - 12:41 PM

Well since we're not gonna do anything Kenny better play the right f****** players in the right spot. Sick and tired of see dusters in the top6. Get Tatar, nyquist, and Danny d in the lineup now!

#2379322 Official NHL Trade Deadline thread

Posted by edicius on 03 April 2013 - 12:29 PM

At some point Shero is going to run out of picks, right?

Nah, Mario just gives Bettman a ringy-dingy and asks for a few more.

#2248364 Ovechkin hits Michalek

Posted by edicius on 23 January 2012 - 06:52 PM

I guess Bettman had a talk with Shanny.

"Brendan, you won't be suspending Michalek."
"Why not? I thought that one was pretty cut and dry - an elbow with the principal point of contact being the head."
"No, you're not going to suspend him."
"But why-?"
"The Penguins have too many injuries right now to deal with a suspension. Michalek will not be suspended. Not if you value your job."
"Well, Ovechkin has a hearing later today and his hit wasn't even close to Michalek's. So if I can't suspend Michalek, reason would stand that-"
"No, f*** Ovechkin. He gets suspended."
"Do yourf****** job, Brendan. The way I tell you to."

If what Ovechkin did warrants three games (even as a "repeat offender"), neglecting to give Michalek anything for a much more egregious hit stinks of tampering on Bettman and Campbell's part. I refuse to believe that Shanahan is thatf****** blind.

#2248366 Weekend Picks: Week 16 Reminder

Posted by edicius on 23 January 2012 - 06:58 PM

...oh, f*** this.

Posted Image

#2231144 Best Goal Ever

Posted by GMRwings1983 on 30 November 2011 - 03:24 PM

As much as my jaw dropped when I saw that goal at the time, the final replay they show from behind the goalie shows just how sick that shot was.

Anyone that plays hockey knows how impossible that shot is.

Nothing is impossible in hockey.

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#2227435 11/19 GDT : Red Wings 4 at Kings 1

Posted by Z and D for the C on 19 November 2011 - 04:17 PM

Z & D, please deliver.

I do my best. <3

#2226919 11/17 GDT: Red Wings 2 at Sharks 5

Posted by DRW Dominance on 18 November 2011 - 12:44 AM

cleary!!! stanley cup baby.

#2226892 What's up with Zetterberg?

Posted by GMRwings1983 on 18 November 2011 - 12:35 AM

Our "future" captain isn't looking too promising right now.

Don't know what to do with him. If he was hurt, they'd have rested him by now instead of letting him continue to embarrass himself.

#2226870 11/17 GDT: Red Wings 2 at Sharks 5

Posted by Aussie_Wing on 18 November 2011 - 12:26 AM

I have never been so disappointed with Henrik Zetterberg.

Without overreacting, he is honestly playing like a 4th line journeyman.

#2226805 11/17 GDT: Red Wings 2 at Sharks 5

Posted by Hockeytown0001 on 18 November 2011 - 12:03 AM

Such bulls*** that began with Zetterberg not shooting the puck.

#2226472 Abel to Yzerman

Posted by Guest on 17 November 2011 - 04:58 PM

terrible blog on a terrible site.

neg away if you must, but that's the truth.

#2222216 11/3 GDT: Flames 4 at Red Wings 1

Posted by edicius on 03 November 2011 - 07:56 PM

White power!

Oh, wait...

#2221303 11/1 GDT: Wild 2 at Red Wings 1 (OT)

Posted by edicius on 01 November 2011 - 09:14 PM

The officiating was indeed pathetic.

Also, these new line combos didn't look too hot when they were out there. Maybe some of that has to do with constantly having to kill penalties.

In any case, Bertuzzi and Franzen are too lazy and too stupid to be playing on the same line right now.

Bert's too lazy and stupid to be playing at all. I'm tired of his multiple bonehead penalties game after game. Bench him.

#2220776 11/1 GDT: Wild 2 at Red Wings 1 (OT)

Posted by Electrophile on 01 November 2011 - 11:13 AM

Well, since before the last four games I've said we'd win, and we ended up NOT winning, I'm doing some reverse mojo for this game.

We're going to lose. Horribly. 5-0 at least. Pavs, Hank, Nick, and Kronner will be injured.