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#2304817 Nice Khan article previewing the off-season

Posted by ltgator333 on 02 June 2012 - 12:50 PM

If no Parise, give me Semin, Prust, Suter, and Doan.

Why not Olli Jokinen

Agreed. I'd like to see Quincey at his 5% raise which is close to $3.3M. Then I'd prefer to see Helm at $1.5 and Abdelkader at $1.2. That would be $6 total. but I could see each being slightly higher.

I wouldn't give Quincey that much,he's not worth that much.I rather have another rookie that him.

#2304581 Max Nicastro

Posted by ltgator333 on 01 June 2012 - 12:01 PM

Charges against Nicastro were dropped today.


I heard Curt Freaser talking about him being in G.R. next year.I can not see ruining his live over something the law says he's not guilty of.And he can't go back to B.U. so sign him.

#2304550 Charges against Max Nicastro have been dropped

Posted by ltgator333 on 01 June 2012 - 10:52 AM

I wonder what this will mean for his future.




Well I heard Kurt(GR)coach talk about him last season like he know he would be in GR next year.So I don't believe in ruining his live over something the law says he didn't do.So sign him cause he can not go back to B.U.

#2303682 Red Wings make offer to Damien Brunner

Posted by ltgator333 on 29 May 2012 - 11:41 PM

Commodore, Quincey, White, Brunnstrom.....though I agree that we are undersized in the bottom 6, and under gritty

Doesn't matter that theyre in the finals, their cash situation will most likely not permit them to resign him to the big contract he'll command.

They'll come up with the cash,they have too(you go to the finals and let your "C" get signed away).If you had cash problem with him, think what it will be like without him.Would you want to go see them play,not me.

#2303602 Red Wings make offer to Damien Brunner

Posted by ltgator333 on 29 May 2012 - 12:07 PM

This has gotta be the third or fourth time I've seen you knock Parise for his size (assuming it's Parise you're referring to). The Wings do need to get bigger - but this isn't some soft, smallish Euro we're talking about. Parise's 5'11 and a little under 200 pounds. He's like a cross between Helm and Datsyuk - and he scores in the playoffs.

Brunner, on the other hand...I could do without this organization's collective hard-on for his type. But maybe that's unfair to him. I certainly hope so. And besides, as others have said, it's a zero-risk proposition.

Well here I go again,but I don't think any of us need talk about Parise anymore.He's not leaving NJ now that they're in the finals.As for Brunner if they sign him he'll go to Grand Rapids.GR had 5 or6 rookies last year and will have 4 or 5 this year.I don't believe Detroit should set pat either.That's why Holland get paid the big bucks!

#2302340 LA Kings as a model?

Posted by ltgator333 on 20 May 2012 - 06:53 PM

I would say that the Kings having 5 top 15 and 3 top 5 draft picks in the last 5 years (and this with no 2011 1st round pick because they included it in the Penner trade) makes it kind of hard to compare their model to the Wings model who haven't had a pick higher than 19 since 1991. The Wings can't model themselves after the Wings without losing a lot more in the future. Additionally, the Kings have some good players but are kind of having a Cinderella playoffs I don't think they are going to be perennial contenders for the WCF.

Before you can go modeling after anybody you must start with a goaltender as good as Quick.Howard is not that.

#2298055 Where does Bertuzzi fit?

Posted by ltgator333 on 29 April 2012 - 08:16 PM

Dude, get a clue - I am so sick of ppl chirping Bertuzzi. Is he going to put up 60-70 points next year? No, probably not. *But he was tied for 1st on the Wings amd tied for 9th in the NHL this year with a +23 - and that was against the oppositions top lines as he played the majority of the season on the top unit with Franzen and Datsyuk.*

So yeah - I am actually very happy with a guy putting up 40-45 points a year, is incredibly defensibly reliable, is a shootout wizard (tied for 2nd overall in the league with 4 shootout game winners) and is one of the very, very few physical, gritty guys on an obnoxiously soft roster sticking around for another couple years. Especially when his price tag is only 1.8 million a year.

Point your finger at someone besides Bertuzzi. The guy is incredibly valuable anywhere you put him.

You must be watching a difference team than I was last year because when he was on the ice and not in the box he was the worst forward when it came to defense.He got lucky his line scored alot of even goals.I wish they had not resigned him,he can't skate.

#2047380 Wings need a goalie

Posted by ltgator333 on 15 October 2010 - 12:07 PM

Oh you just read Rob Otto's latest article too eh?

#2011003 Meech Files for Arbitration

Posted by ltgator333 on 06 July 2010 - 08:14 AM

I am officially tired of this garbage- for starters the dude was making absolute peanuts up until this point and was likely offered much the same again and filed for an arbitration so he could likely get closer to the 1m mark, darn him that greedy punk (/sarcasm).

Secondly, the guy is 26 years old and has played a whole whopping 126 NHL games in the last four seasons, majority of those NOT at his given position. And yet when he's actually playing his given position he's not bad. But he's horrible, never going to be anything, and we should get every washed-up, 30-something year old defensemen that's possibly better than Meech, that doesn't understand how business is conducted in Detroit, and possibly can't skate worth crap but oh, he's 6'+ and has a "mean streak" ...that leads straight to the penalty box. Excellent.

I say good for Derek Meech, and he'll be playing some quality minutes for someone this year. And if it's not Detroit, well then you can just add him to the list of guys Detroit HAD that maybe they should've kept.

#1953872 Moscow Dynamo Folds

Posted by ltgator333 on 22 April 2010 - 11:21 AM

wow, just wow... as I have said in prior threads, I think the KHL will cease to be within the next couple years, they're not spending within their means and cannot compete with the NHL for talent and this will be a most likely fatal blow...

It's a good indicator of that when they feel the need to pay a player nearly twice what NHL arbitration says he's worth. I have to wonder how much those big money contracts contributed to this, but on the other hand if they were irresponsible enough to do things like that what else was going on?

Another indicator of a league where something is just not right- in NA (and most likely western Europe) you're paid in the currency of the location. In the KHL, at least in some cases, you're not. To me it indicates an economy that almost certainly can't support the league.

Don't get me wrong though, I would like to see the Russians have a viable league of they're own. I just don't think they're doing a good job of it, and I also do not think they're idea of trying to directly compete with the major NA leagues is a good idea either- obviously they have to on a certain level but they don't have to make more of it than what it is.

#1913064 Questioning the Wings Leadership

Posted by ltgator333 on 10 March 2010 - 10:38 AM

I'm not so sure it's a leadership issue, it may very well be, but I also think it could be an issue of the players that need the leadership are getting it and are unable to respond. I think that Lidstrom played well enough last night, as did the top line, arguably the second.

Guys that I noticed were the likes of Cleary, Flip, Willy, and Miller. They were either near non-factors in the game and/or got shut down the same way repeatedly (Flip). These are all skilled-enough players that didn't do jack last night. Then there's Z- I don't think there's anything wrong with the guy other than he needs a winger who can go in the corners/boards and get him the puck. He's good at it himself considering his size, but considering his size he shouldn't have to be the only guy on his line that can do it. As for Cleary and Williams, they're two skill guys who just don't seem to have another gear. Cleary has been flat out disappointing this year imo. Miller- his flashes of brilliance appear to be over, and I really see no reason for him to be anywhere outside the bottom two lines. If he can play better than he is, let him prove it like anyone else has to.

I do get tired of Babcock doing what appears to be playing favorites- and speaking of which anyone notice how Howard's starting to burn out? I am TOTALLY NOT knocking the guy- the fact he's playing as well as he is makes me want him around Detroit for a long time, but he's not as sharp as he's been in the past and you can't help but wonder if it's due to the superstar goalie level of games he's played. The problem with the situation is obvious- Babcock has painted himself into a corner where the only escape is for Howard to hold up or Osgood to pull something out of his arse, again .

Oh and, I am finally liking the bottom defensive pairing. It's the top two pairings I am absolutely sick and tired of. Not the players themselves, but the way they're used. You've got two defensemen that can't/won't hit together, with two wrecking machines together. Get a clue and spread it out already!

#1795267 IIHF vs. NHL.

Posted by ltgator333 on 14 October 2009 - 05:48 PM

Why is Bettman still the commissioner? I can understand the ppl writing the checks for these players have a gripe in the short term if a player is injured but I'm sure something could be worked out to cover that. You just have to get the little troll's opinions out of the way first in order to get something fair for everyone put in place. Obviously, there are players that are going to the olympic tournament barring them being physically stopped or financially coerced one way or another, so something needs to be done because it's a dead serious issue.

I also like the part where the troll plays obvious favorites with the fact that he considers the olympics held in N.A. better as opposed to anywhere else- travel is just an excuse for his real problem of where a good percentage of talent that plays in his league has been coming from lately. He's trying to put the game out there in the US (failing@that) and get more kids out to the ice rinks, apparently he feels that the olympic tourney being held outside N.A. doesn't help get north american kids out to the rinks, so the international community must pay for his agenda (trying to downplay the internationalization of the game) and it makes him and his league look bad, again.

I just wonder when the almighty board of governors is going to realize this and be done with him, finally.