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In Topic: Howard = Average

04 March 2013 - 01:26 AM

This guy is worse than Cujo when he was here. Hopefully Kenny can make a big trade.

In Topic: What do you guys have to say about Filpulla now?

10 March 2012 - 01:30 AM

I stopped posting here awhile back, probably a couple years ago or so. Just wanted to stop in and let anyone who wanted to trade Filpulla a couple years ago know how stupid they are. I can't even describe how many topics/posts on hating Filpulla there was and how many intense arguments I engaged in regarding him. That kid has always shown such great potential but was just one little step off from making alot of great plays we would have remembered for along time. He use to never get the power play time or chance to play with the skill players he needed to complete him. Now look at him.. Who knows how good this kid could be for us for years to come. Yeah I'm sure Joe average all you guys wanted to dump him for would have paid off real good today hey?

I also wanted to chip in on some other garbage I noticed in my 5 minutes of browsing the forums.. You guys are seriously dogging Franzen? Do you guys even watch other games besides the Wings? You do know unless you sacrifice all your depth, defense, goal-tending you just can't have four 80 point players now days? Look how good that has worked out for teams. Franzen is our 3rd/4th forward, and he is a very good one. Bottom line, enough said, that's a fact. Look it up. What do you expect Crosby and Ovechkin to fill out 3rd and 4th forward position? Get real you none appreciative clowns.

Oh our team this year isn't Stanly Cup caliber?? How so? Because we lost a few games past couple weeks? You do realize we are one of the top teams in the league and have been all season right? We don't have as much talent you say?? Hmm weird, we have pretty much the same players as we had last Stanley cup final appearance.. Except for all of our depth is even better today than it was now. All of our bottom forwards, Kronwall is playing like a top defensemen in the entire league. Get real guys and appreciate this great team we have. Not good enough for ya I'm sure ya can go find a better franchise than Detroit to follow. Wait, there isn't one.

Now is the time to trade him while his value is good.I'd trade him even up for Chris Neil or Parros and it would be the easiest decision I'd make all year.