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#2191498 No, No, NO! Jagr interested in Detroit.

Posted by martyrme19 on 29 June 2011 - 10:32 AM

I understand what your saying but its the fact he left the best league in the world for easy money. It doesn't make the NHL look so good when some of your star players leave for a smaller league. Thinking about how long it would take me to spend one million dollars. It would take quite a few years spending how I normally would. 11 million per, not including his contract before that is ALOT of money. Depending on how much you make it could take 20 years to save just one million. That's crazy! All I am saying is that he is set for life and then went to Europe, that I understand.But he is coming back at the same time his euro team is having money issues. How greedy can you get?

You're obviously right in the points you are making - it's just that you and I live in a different world than the rest of these guys. Sure those million dollars look mind boggling to us, but the truth is, we have a bit of a bias, ya know? I mean, day in and day out you see athletes go for more money. Are they flawed? Well, as flawed as the next guy. Its easy for us to be critics on the sideline - no one is asking us to decide between 7 million or 9 million. But SO MANY atheletes go for the bigger pay check. In Detroit, we see the exception FAR MORE than the rest of the world and I think that makes us jaded. But guys like Yzerman, Lidstrom and Rafalski are special cases. They have certain ties that they can trade off in place of a little extra money. The same for Tom Izzo. The only reason why he didn't leave East Lansing was because he valued where his roots were and the ties he's made there.
Jagr doesn't have those ties. He was born in the Czech Republic, drafted by Pitt and then played for Washington and NY. Who does he owe? Sure the NHL is the best league in the world - but he's one of the best players in the world. He doesn't owe you, nor I any favors - and who are we to blame him for something that we might (read: probably) do given the same situation?

#2191135 RFA/UFA Signings

Posted by martyrme19 on 28 June 2011 - 03:43 PM

He's lazy, inconsistent, and possessed of a bad attitude. No thanks.

That sounds like a plan that would work great in NHL 11, but horribly in real life.

You are consistently against every player ever brought up in every discussion. I think you have a complex where you must think that you know everything that everybody else doesn't so you go against the grain just to prove to yourself that you are a hockey genius. As well, the chances of Ken Holland aquiring any of the mentioned players (due to the odds of sheer statistics)you can justify your negative thoughts about each player by saying, "See! Holland didn't sign him or trade for him! That proves he is as terrible as I told all of you!"

I know we probably wont be friends after saying this - but I suspect this kind of attitude may branch out in other segments of your life. You might want to secretly look into for your own good.

#2190612 Lets think COMPLETELY outside of the box for one minute...

Posted by martyrme19 on 27 June 2011 - 09:56 PM

I know people are quick to shoot you down - because thats what this board likes to do, but I've actually heard this being discussed as a real possibility.

Here are a couple of reasons why:

1, No one is saying that Yzerman will just GIVE us Stamkos. But, you can't deny that if Yzerman was forced to deal a hand - Detroit would probably be the first one he would call. Just look at Tallon in Florida and tell me that GM's don't enjoy the luxury of dealing with who they know the best. People are saying that Stamkos might be unsignable just because of the other contracts Tampa Bay has, or will need to have in the near future. As well, signing Stamkos may make the rest of the cupboard bare, and I don't believe Yzerman is willing to do that. So - getting something in return as oppose to losing him in Free Agency is a real option.

2, Everyone knows that Detroit will be a player in the FA pool this offseason. The thing is, I'm not convinced it will be for Dmen. Even though Holland said he wasn't even close to pulling a deal during the draft, he isn't stupid. He will only pay so much for Wisniewski. The Red Wings NEVER sell the barn for anyone, especially someone who could just be this seasons flavor of the week. Markov and Bieska are arleady gone, the weaker FA pool is getting even weaker now. What I think might be more of a possibility is getting a top 4 Dman through trade and then signing Ed Jovanoski (very Red Wing type FA and you all know it).
I think any forward not named Pavel or Henrik is on the trading block at this point. Even if we deal Filpulla, or Franzen, or Cleary - those guys are much easier to replace at this point.
I think we deal a forward for a Dman, and then replace that lost firepower with someone like Richards or (SHOCK!) Jagr. I think if Jagr signs its almost a certainty we are trading away a forward. IF...the opportunity comes that Stamkos is attainable, we might very well go that route instead of this FA pool to replace that lost firepower.

I think we need to revamp our "big 3". Franzen (who I love, mind you) is kind of like a poor man's goal scorer. Datsyuk and Zetterberg are very complete players, but as great as they are they don't have it in them to win a scoring title. The Red Wings have been missing that kind of player for some time now.

Now, the odds of this happening are slim - but so is any scenario (no one wouldve thought Carter and Richards would have happened). But I think that in the board room, there has been or at least will be a mention of it. If you guys don't think our Execs are exploring every avenue right now, then you don't know Red Wings hockey. You're talking about a team that traded for Chris Chelios for crying out loud! If you aren't old enough to know, that is the equivalent of signing Claude Lemieux.

#2188942 Atlanta Thrashers move to Winnipeg

Posted by martyrme19 on 24 June 2011 - 03:36 PM

Stopped reading right here.

I bet you're lying! I bet you did read the rest of it! But then, you thought you would be witty! Ohhh internet deception :hehe:

#2188901 Atlanta Thrashers move to Winnipeg

Posted by martyrme19 on 24 June 2011 - 02:28 PM

But the Jets are in Phoenix now... This makes zero sense to call the new Winnipeg team the Jets. So do the franchise records that Teemu put up magically shift back to the new Jets team or does it stay with the Coyotes? What about retired numbers, are the two teams going to split the retired numbers? Fail on the NHL and new owner of the Jets.

That's stupid. Ok, Shane Doan is in Phoenix now. But Selanne is in Anaheim (for now) and Khahabibulin is in Edmonton (for now). Everyone else is retired. So they were never going to get "their team" back.

When Phx decided to go with a different brand, the NHL obtained the Jets BRAND. The BRAND includes the name, logo, colors, etc. Now, the history is still owned by the Coyotes. It's not part of the brand. So as of right now, they still own the record books.

As for new logo, I like this :thumbup:
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#2185965 Babcock Interview + Jagr to Detroit Rumor

Posted by martyrme19 on 16 June 2011 - 12:04 AM

Oh and another thing this board suffers from is flip flopping. Like America does when they vote for dems long enough to get pissed off to vote for reps again and vice versa.

Year of Dallas Drake:
Ya! Aging vets are great! We won one for Drake, we gotta win one for the next guy!

Year of Mike Modano:
God, I am so sick of Holland signing aging vets that take up precious roster spots for our young emerging talent that already has a bust made for the Hall of Fame. Hall of fame talent like Kyle Quincey, Mattias Ritola, Tomas Fleischman, Tomas Kopecky, Garret Stafford, Mark Cullen, Carl Corazzini, Boyd Devereaux and Jamie Pushor.

Fact is, Holland and the brass have a winning formula that incorporates veteran players. The Red Wings have always won with a solid mix of vets in the lineup. Hence why all other teams' fans ridicule the Red Wings for being "too old". Yet, we've been the most successful team since employing this strategy.

I'm not saying that Holland will for sure be signing Jagr. What I am saying, however, if Holland choses to sign him - I won't doubt the decision for one second. And until then, I won't bother speculating if Holland would be stupid or not to do so based on Jagr's age.

#2178656 Brian Rafalski announces retirement after 11 NHL seasons

Posted by martyrme19 on 23 May 2011 - 06:24 PM

Honestly guys, I don't think this is the off season to reinvest the cap space. I see Holland signing a couple D-men to 1, maybe 2 year deals just to tie us over.

There is just simply no one out there that you want to latch yourself onto right now. If we throw big money at the FA pool this year, we are only hurting ourself next year when real decisions need to be made.

I don't think its practical next year to plan for a stanley cup - it may just be a season to coast.


Since everyone else is talking about unrealistic ideas (Weber), I'll take a crack at it:

We trade Hudler for a D-man to a team looking to unload a burden. Hell, hows about Souray? I believe he is an UFA the next season so we can unload him if we want.
Then, we sign Richards.
Then we sign Bryzgalov at a discount cus he wants to win the cup and he is friends with Pav. Then we also trade Howard to colorado for JML. yay! :hehe:

#2176088 Homer needs to be a 4th liner/PP specialist next season..

Posted by martyrme19 on 15 May 2011 - 11:39 PM

I honestly feel that Homer gets the label as a guy who can't skate just because of the reputation he has as an immovable object infront of the net. In any case, he was the reason why we won game 6. Check out the two goals, including the game winner where he was clearly a main factor in front of the net.
He's only a year removed from a 25 goal season in 68 games....though, admittidly, my argument doesn't bode well for his injury risk.

but 7pts in 11 games this post season and a +7. +3 against the sharks. Hard to argue with that. 7pts in 12 games last year too.

In any case, you'd be suprised on how many NHLers are bums for skaters. Really.

#2176038 Jaromir Jagr

Posted by martyrme19 on 15 May 2011 - 09:31 PM

people are so silly. I mean, i'm no Jagr fan (its hard to like anyone with an association to a Jofa helmet and a crazy mullet to boot) but to answer the simple question, "would Jaromir Jagr help the Wings?" the simple answer is yes. The detailed answer comes in when you are taking into account his salary, and who else was available with that salary.

Jagr's last 3 seasons in the NHL:
71 pts.

25 goals.

Now sure, his numbers declined each year - but how can you ever justify a pure goal scorer capable of putting up 70+ points can not *help* the wings. Of course, this is all relative. Who did we pass up for him? Who did we not sign because we didn't have cap space left? Most people assume that if Holland were to sign Jagr for 1 year 3 mil, it was a huge f*** up because Richards was ready to sign on the dotted line for 3.2 mil/4 years.

But - if the premise of the question is would our current lineup be better if Jagr was in it, then you can't say anything but a resounding YES. How can you argue with a little more Jagr, and a little less Abdelkader or Hudler?

I get sad sometimes when I hear Wings fans fall victim to the rest of the goats who preach that the last thing the Red Wings need is an aging vet. "The Red Wings are too old" is THE ONLY THING I HAVE KNOWN MY ENTIRE LIFE SPAN AS A RED WINGS FAN. Seriously....shouldn't you guys know better 20 straight playoff appearances later?
If Jagr ended up on our roster, that means Holland and Co. did their due diligence and the sick/nasty Jagr that has torn up the NHL would probably continue to do so in the Winged Wheel.

For the curious, I looked up his KHL stats real quick.
55/56gp 25g 28a 53pts
51/56gp 22g 20a 42pts
49/56gp 19g 32a 51pts
Last year he was his team leader in all categories (didnt check other years).

Someone will probably argue how much of a joke the KHL is and that their grandma could score 20 goals in the league. And for them, well they just dont have a grasp on hockey is all. Some players games translate to other leagues, others dont. (p.s. thats exactly what scouts are hired for - to figure that out!) Jagr's game obviously translates.

#2159005 (2) San Jose Sharks vs. (3) Detroit Red Wings

Posted by martyrme19 on 27 April 2011 - 12:27 AM

Thinking big picture - If SJ played the hawks I think SJ could easily sweep them and be well rested after we have a grueling rough series with nashville.

Akthough, now we dont get home ice

#2049522 Rypien suspended 6 games

Posted by martyrme19 on 20 October 2010 - 09:06 AM

I can pretty much guarantee with absolute certainty that if this really happened to you or your teenage son, you'd be singing a different tune.

I disagree - if my teenage son would be anything like me, he would either really enjoy it, or really deserve it. Either way, the story you would have to tell from then on would be worth it. SIGN ME UP FOR ONE OF THOSE!

#2049251 New Overtime Format Coming?

Posted by martyrme19 on 19 October 2010 - 11:45 AM

Nope, you don't get it. Shootouts ARE stupid. Nuff said.

I'll resist taking the bait and add this -

As the only OT round, yes....shootouts are stupid. But supplying it after a formal OT round = not stupid. Because at that point, nothing is lost....or in lamens terms, who really gives a s***?

The one problem we'd see (and I know we used to see it in the past) is that teams will take fewer risks in OT, knowing they could lose the tie point. Fewer risks mean a lessened chance of that tie being broken.

Of course, we have a similar problem with the shootouts now - teams that are highly skilled in the shootout will play for the tie in OT, simply waiting for the almost-guaranteed win in the shootout.

Given the choice between the two, however, I'd prefer to go back to the former. At least that doesn't award loser points.

disagree with your point. I do not think that a coach has ever said, "hey boys, lets rest on our laurels for the next five minutes and guarantee us this point."

Why? Because its a cardinal rule when coaching hockey that if you "play not to lose" - then you always end up getting scored on.
You'll probably come back and say that a coach will change their strategy to be more defensive....like the left wing lock. A team doesn't do that unless its already a main part of their overall game plan. You would NEVER gamble by switching to a new scheme at the end of a game. That would do the opposite of what you are trying to do - like guarantee that OT point.

No team practices any strategy that they may or may not use for 5 minutes in a game.

#2020834 ran into abdelkader last night

Posted by martyrme19 on 30 July 2010 - 03:06 PM

If you do post it and something does happen to O'Halloran or his family, I wouldn't be surprised if they take legal action against the people involved who posted their address/personal info. And I'm sure LGW.com would obliged to authorities if they want to track down the person's IP, email, name and any other info needed to track them down.

I wouldn't post his address or any other personal info you know on the internet, period.

Fortunately for me (hypothetically of course) Addresses are public record. There would be absolutely no legal recourse for them to take on me.

Knowing the law is your friend :)

#2020832 ran into abdelkader last night

Posted by martyrme19 on 30 July 2010 - 03:01 PM

I had a pretty witty response to your last post and tho I felt like it was pretty PG rated - someone decided to get all FCC on it.

In any case....you obviously haven't seen me post his address, so no reason to get all Dad about it.

#2020818 ran into abdelkader last night

Posted by martyrme19 on 30 July 2010 - 02:04 PM

In all honesty...If there was someone out there who would go through the lengths to do something drastic to him or his family, they wouldn't need my help. It would already be done.
With that being said, if the worst that happened was he got some hate mail out of it, his yard teepeed, his porch shat on, or even his car keyed....i wouldn't lose sleep over it. just sayin.