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#2663848 4/1 GDT : Minnesota Wild at Red Wings, 7:30 ET

Posted by hak on 01 April 2016 - 09:06 PM

A required win... mission accomplished :)



#2544231 10/23 GDT : Penguins 3 at Red Wings 4 (OT)

Posted by hak on 24 October 2014 - 01:08 PM

wow. just watched the game !! i was so frustrated and annoyed up until the last five minutes when captain Z stepped up and scored the beauty. Wow. Z's goal was the type only a captain, a game winner and a goal scorer do. Such determination. Wonderful to see. And then he added two more assists and the wings win it in overtime.


three stars selection was crazy not to include zetterberg. my three stars: #1 Z and #2-3 kron/abdel


One thing that I HATE about this team is how they are unable to enter the zone in powerplay. WTF? we saw it last year in the playoffs against boston and the exact same problem is still hurting this team. Wings is one of the worst teams in the league in PP.... Come on!  At least dats is back now. He will only get better and better as he finds his stride and form again. 




edit: Z 9 points in last 4 games. ... suck on that everyone... 




edit2: i wish helm had a bit more of a goal scoring touch. he would be soooo dirty if he had....

#2251226 Henrik Lundqvist

Posted by hak on 02 February 2012 - 03:56 AM

I love Howard and what he has done this season but... I think this is the year Lundqvist finally wins the vezina and rightfully so. After watching the Buffalo - Rangers game tonight I'm still in ave of his performance. His second shutout in two games and his sixth shutout this season.

Lundqvist currently rank:
#2 in GAA 1.82 (Elliot #1)
#1 in SV% .939
#1 (tied with Quick) in shutouts with 6.

He is having an amazing season, his best of his career i think. I love to watch him play and I would like to see him win this season.

From tonights game;

Who do you think will win vezina trophy this year?
Would you like to see Lundqvist win it?
Is it possible for Howard to take home the trophy?

Vezina candidates: Lundqvist, Howard, Quick, Rinne (Thomas?) (Eliott?)

I know the season is not over yet but lets hear your thoughts!

#2239474 12/27 GDT : Blues 2 at Red Wings 3

Posted by hak on 28 December 2011 - 04:56 AM

Zetterberg now has 18p in his last 18g. Not bad..

#2186057 No, No, NO! Jagr interested in Detroit.

Posted by hak on 16 June 2011 - 08:02 AM


Loving this. Did you guys see Jagr in the WHC? He was one of the best forwards in the whole tournament. He proved that he can still be a superstar player. Some of the plays he made there was absolutely dirty. It was only a couple of months ago. If he has motivation for another cup and works his ass of this offseason, i believe it would be wonderful news for the wings.

I understand those of you who dont like this to happen but I believe in Jagr if he would come here. I believe he would make a great impact, especially in the playoffs. He will draw alot of attention, both from media and from opposing players which gives some extra breathing room for our other star players.

I expect som inconsistency for him but his hot streaks would be well worth it IMO. He showed in the WHC that his roof is still very high. I also believe in Babcock and that he will make sure that lazy play is not accepted here and consistency and hard work means everything.

#2104523 Forsberg back ?

Posted by hak on 24 January 2011 - 07:07 PM

This has been a recurring soap opera...will he, won't he, can he, can't he...enough already. One way or the other, make up your damned mind what you're gonna do...either play or go away. Preferably the latter, but whatever.

Forsberg has never retired, he wants to play. He goes through alot with surgeries and rehab every year just to be able to play hockey again. What exactly is wrong with? The guy loves to play hockey and believes that he still have what it takes to play in the big league. Why wouldnt he follow his love and passion to make it happen? Who are you to tell him to stop pursuing his dream of playing in the nhl again?

It's not his fault that media makes a circus of it.

#2092393 Crosby Out with Mild Concussion

Posted by hak on 07 January 2011 - 01:12 PM

But I didn't give David Steckel lessons...


eva unit zero's joke count is now at 3 (i keep track of it since 2006)

#1992519 Lidstrom Signs 1-Year Contract Extension

Posted by hak on 01 June 2010 - 02:20 PM

This thread is disappointing. I can't believe people are questioning Lidstrom's character? Insuating that he is greedy? Doesent make sacrifises?

You are so spoiled wow.


I'm happy that he is back for another year and with another discount. It's Nicklas Lidstrom.

#1988261 WC in Pitt. pretty much a done deal for 2011

Posted by hak on 22 May 2010 - 02:50 PM

Television ratings

One reason that the NHL does the outdoor game is to promote the league on television. The television ratings will partially determine if the outdoor game events will continue. On January 3, 2009 NHL reported that the overnight television ratings had increased 12% over the 2008 game. Nationally, the game had 2.9 overnight rating and a 6 share. In Chicago, Thursday's game drew a national high of an 11.8 rating and 21 share, with Detroit second at 10.5 and 21 (this despite that yet again, a Michigan-based team was playing in the Capital One Bowl opposite the Winter Classic—this time the Michigan State Spartans). Other above-average markets included Buffalo (whose 10.1 rating/20 share was comparable to Detroit's), St. Louis (5.3/10), Pittsburgh (4.4/8), Denver (4.2/10), Providence (3.5/7), Indianapolis (3.4/6), West Palm Beach (3.3/6), and Orlando (3.2/5).[12] Each overnight ratings point equals about 735,000 TV homes.[13] On January 12, the final ratings figure was announced. There was an average of 4.4 million viewers of the game on NBC, and this was the largest since the February 23, 1975 match between the Philadelphia Flyers and the New York Rangers.


Seems like people are watching it to me

#1939325 Top 20 Plays with Datsyuk & Zetterberg

Posted by hak on 13 April 2010 - 01:38 AM

That was awesome, well done :clap:

Their chemistry was amazing and I'm happy I got to see them play together. Kinda makes me sad that we might not see them play together like that in the future. I knew what the #1 play would be, that was just :yowza: .

Btw, number eight and number three didn't work for me, no video loaded, it was just a blank screen.

#1938460 2010 Round 1 Photoshop War: Phoenix Coyotes

Posted by hak on 12 April 2010 - 09:29 AM

This is going to be so boring because the Yotes have no fans to come in and show us their pictures.

Still, this thread delivers! I had loads of fun browsing through this thread.

And I think it's safe to say that in time, yotes fans will come here and they will not just come here, they will put up a great battle. The fans who have stayed with the phoenix coyotes through all their fiascos and suckiness got more dignity than to let one of the biggest wings fan site to walk all over them and humiliate them in a photoshop war when they after all these years finally got a well respected team.

Posted Image

They should be here soon!

#1929085 The Blackhawks are Done

Posted by hak on 31 March 2010 - 06:49 AM

oh dear GOD

what were they thinking putting this up? is it for real? O.O

why did they make his nose and mouth look like that?



#1924984 Fan Fight in the Stands

Posted by hak on 26 March 2010 - 02:04 AM

arent there kids and families in the audience? why didnt anyone break up the fight? am i a "*****" for asking that?