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Denis rumors making their rounds.

23 June 2006 - 06:20 PM

The local paper here in C-Bus -- The Columbus Dispatch -- ran an article on this rumor as of this morning, touching on the two rumors making the rounds about Marc Denis and his seemingly inevitable date with a trade elsewhere, or at least no renewal of a contract with the Blue Jackets.


The first scenario goes like this ...

-Marc Denis

Tampa Bay
-John Grahame
-Ruslan Fedotenko
-2nd round pick

Comments: First off, the deal is impossible. Tampa Bay's 2nd round pick is long gone, and Phoenix has control of it. But if for the sake of argument it was still available, the deal isn't bad ... in the sense that Grahame would make a passable backup to a now blooming Pascal Leclair. Fedotenko would add a punch to either the first or second lines (most likely the second line). But relying on Grahame as a backup is extremely risky, and there's still questions about Leclair's constitution and health at times.

The second scenario ...

-Marc Denis
-1st round draft pick (#6)

Tampa Bay
-Frederik Modin
-1st round draft pick (#15)

Comments: Yeah ... what!? I'll give this scenario the benefit of the doubt when it comes to Denis for Modin. I have my misgivings about the age discrepency (Denis' 28 to Modin's near-32), but Modin would also make a good winger for the Jackets, and add some depth. What bothers me about this deal is the draft pick exchange. Honestly? Tampa Bay is getting quite the steal if they come away with both Denis and a top 10 pick. This draft lacks a Crosby, Phaneuf, or Ovechkin in the top 10, but there's still some good picks to come out of it. Also, at the 6th spot, there's the possibility of a steal if someone's stock suddenly dives or they go unnoticed due to a surprise pick in the top five. This is too risky, and dropping down to the 15th spot would be tantamount to poison, since Syracuse (the AHL affiliate) is losing quite a few players coming up this next season.

Anyway, that's my thoughts. Sorry if CBJ rumors aren't welcome here. scared.gif