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#2620978 Pronger (contract) and Grossman to for Sam Gagner and conditional pick

Posted by toby91_ca on 20 July 2015 - 08:26 AM

Due to the bump, I read some of the earlier comments in this thread, specifically with the issues around Pronger being eligible for the HHOF even though he isn't "technically" retired.


To be clear, retirement is not part of the eligibility criteria.  The actual requirement is as follows:  "Must not have played a game in a professional or international hockey game during any of the three (3) playing seasons prior to his or her election."

#2619439 Tarasenko re-signs with the Blues (60 mill/8 years)

Posted by toby91_ca on 07 July 2015 - 12:49 PM

I guess I'm in the minority, but I'd prefer to see consistent performance before handing out a huge contract like this.  Very good chance the contract ends up being a bargain for the Blues, but I still scratch my head a bit.

#2618584 Phil Kessel Traded to Penguins

Posted by toby91_ca on 01 July 2015 - 09:11 PM

Kipwinger...you're wrong about Crosby's impact on Kunitz.  If you check the numbers, his goal scoring is 33% higher with Crosby than it is without.  If that isn't significant, I'm not sure what is.  Anything over 10% i'd consider significant.  Dupuis is 28% better with Crosby than without (points wise it's 45%)

#2612862 Tampa Bay Lightning dress code for fans

Posted by toby91_ca on 02 June 2015 - 01:50 PM

Did the same thing in round 1....see lengthy thread on the topic

#2593160 43-25-14......3rd seed in Division. Success or Failure?

Posted by toby91_ca on 14 April 2015 - 10:50 AM

Personally I don't think it makes sense to look at the regular season and judge whether it was a success or a failure.  If it makes sense to do so, it probably means the team isn't very good at all (one that would be very happy just to make the playoffs = success).


Here's how I'd judge the season after it is finished:


Success - make it past 1st round


Neither - lose in 1st round


Failure - miss playoffs


So far though, they look to be exceeding expectations and well positioned to have a successful season.  We'll see if the regular season results are indicative of how good the team really is.

#2593159 S'matter Yzerman, afraid of the jersey you wore for so long?

Posted by toby91_ca on 14 April 2015 - 10:44 AM

I have absolutely no problem with any of it.  Restricting ticket sales to local area is nothing new and it makes total sense.  If you can sell all your tickets to locals, more power to you, why would you want it open to anyone.


In terms of the logo issue, it's not like they are banning other logos from the building, only an exclusive club within the building....again, that just makes sense and if you don't like it, it really is the proprietor's decision, there would be no grounds to call discrimination, etc.  In fact, I'm pretty sure a corner store owner can choose not to sell to someone for any reason they want (not that this is the same scenario)

#2589968 % chance of making the playoffs

Posted by toby91_ca on 07 April 2015 - 09:20 AM

Rooting for the Pens tonight is not mandatory.  While it may be the best course of action in terms of securing the playoffs for the Wings....there's a chance that the Pens could be on the outside looking in if they get overtaken by Ottawa.  So....interesting dilemma in cheering decisions.

#2585073 3/22 GDT : Blues 1 at Red Wings 2 (OT)

Posted by toby91_ca on 25 March 2015 - 10:44 AM

Goalie's being able to use a broken stick makes "some sense", but it is still dangerous, so I'm not sure why they are allowed until stoppage in play.  I guess the rationale is as follows:


  • They aren't allowed to go to the bench to get a new stick like other players (this doesn't address the safety concern though + why not let them go to the bench....if they want to take the risk and leave their net....their problem)
  • There is much less risk with the goalie using a broken stick than other players, this is clearly true, but still, there is a risk so why not have the same rule for everyone?

#2583581 3/20 GDT : Red Wings 1 Tampa Bay Lightning 3

Posted by toby91_ca on 20 March 2015 - 09:10 PM

Penalty on Fil????  Referring to the play on Gus?  Disgusting dive.

#2580563 Franzen on IR

Posted by toby91_ca on 10 March 2015 - 09:45 AM

Well, one thing is for sure....he hasn't been clutch in the playoffs in 5 years.  For me, he's just easy to complain about.  It's very frustrating that he's been out of the line up a lot and a lot of players take heat for that too, but I just don't like the way he plays, dives, etc.  Because of that, I'd start complaining about him for something I wouldn't complain about Datsyuk or Zetterberg for.  Yes, it's a double-standard, but simple human nature.

#2578307 LeBrun: Babcock for COY and Holland for GMOY

Posted by toby91_ca on 04 March 2015 - 05:45 PM

Pierre LeBrun is a Canadian and TSN guy who happens to contribute articles to ESPN....he's legit...wouldn't write it off just because it's from ESPN.



#2577612 Is East just as good or better than West this year?

Posted by toby91_ca on 02 March 2015 - 01:58 PM

Wings are 16-3-3 against the West, Rangers are 13-3-5 and Pens are 12-4-2.

#2577431 Is East just as good or better than West this year?

Posted by toby91_ca on 02 March 2015 - 12:40 PM

Since trades are at a bit of a lull right now...


The top 6 teams in the East are all over 80 points and only 3 teams in the West are at that level.  Is this mostly due to more high end and low end teams in East vs. more parity in the West?


For what it's worth, East vs. West games have been almost a dead heat....with the West having a very slightly better win percentage (175-130-42 for East vs. West and 181-140-35 for West vs. East).


Maybe it's just me....but I haven't really noticed any big and scary, consistently dominating West teams yet this year.  Nashville is the obvious team to point to (1st overall), but for some reason I just don't see them as dominating....maybe that's just history and I'll just need to get used to it...we'll see.

#2577328 Lindros suing Paul Stewart

Posted by toby91_ca on 02 March 2015 - 11:06 AM

If the story written is untrue, I can understand the lawsuit.  I'm sure Stewart thinks it's true, but it's very dangerous to publish stories that you are hearing second hand...so he's finding that out.


However, if I'm Eric, my guess is the lawsuit has more to do with Stewart than the actual story.....since, the lawsuit is bringing a lot more eyes and attention to the story than would have by just having the story out there. 

#2575621 Zetterberg leaves after 2nd Period; "upper body injury"

Posted by toby91_ca on 27 February 2015 - 01:59 PM

I'm not sure how anyone could even consider giving Benn supplemental discipline for that.  If I were the ref and watching the whole play, I'd give them both two minutes, Z for holding or interference and Benn for roughing.  Normally in these incidents though, it either goes totally unnoticed (no one gets called) or they call the roughing as they are following the puck off the draw and aren't paying attention to the interference.


This was in no way a sucker punch in my book.  Z was tying him up, he made a forearm push to get free, which didn't work and then punched him in the head.  A sucker punch would be when a player is just standing there and a guy punches him for no reason.  Z was tying him up and Benn was trying to get away.  That same play probably happens, on average, 5-10 times in every game....it just happened to have a bad outcome here.