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Do I need medication or therapy?

29 December 2011 - 02:49 AM

I believe this is my cry for help, sort of speak. Long story short, I have trust issues with the woman I am seeing. We have been in a relationship for about two months now and it's been quite a bumpy road, to say the least. I really have no reason not to trust her. It's been almost a year since my ex and I broke up and I think she is the root cause of my trust issues. My ex cheated on me and left me after I took her back. I thought I would be ready for a new relationship by now, but these thoughts have me thinking otherwise.

Whenever my girlfriend says she is going out with her friends or says something that makes me think twice, I think irrationally, and sometimes it's unbearable. I can't control my thought process and I know it's absolutely not fair to put her through what we've been going through. I think it's at the point where she won't be able to handle it anymore because it has been too much drama as it is, and for no reason. I went through anger management after my breakup earlier this year, I talk to everyone I know and ask for advice. I know what I should be doing and not be doing - should say and should not say. Like I said, I can't control my thought process and most of the time, these irrational thoughts get the best of me.

I'm honestly questioning my mentality and what's really wrong with me. I'm desperate for help.

Nathan Gerbe scores 2 goals in 5 seconds

21 January 2011 - 10:47 PM

Either way you slice it, really amazing. He's only 5'5". If anyone is wondering, the record for the fastest two goals are by Nels Stewart (Jan. 3, 1931) and Deron Quint (Dec. 15, 1995), both at 4 seconds.