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In Topic: Stamkos to... Tampa

30 June 2016 - 06:43 AM


That's pure speculation, however, I'd use it. Tell that to the guys in the locker room.  Motivate them.  Piss them off.  He's going to be playing for a division rival for pretty much the rest of his career.  Show him he made the wrong choice.


I'm disappointed in not signing him, however, TB is a solid choice and if I wasn't a huge Wings fan, I would have probably done the same.  Make a lot of money and continue to play for the organization you already know, which is a pretty good one already.



Stamkos was kind of a pipe dream anyway, and to know that he re-signed makes it a hell of a lot easier to swallow than choosing some other team on the market than the Wings. 


Really though, this team needs a trade. And not someone minor, like Jurco. Someone with bigger responsibility to show that they aren't happy with this team, and that everyone isn't as safe and secure as they thought and that they have to actually take responsibility for playing better. 


I am very scared that KH will overpay Okposo, Lucic or Nielson and for at least 5 years and we'll have another Steven Weiss on our hands and the Datsyuk money he freed up will be worthless. 


Much much rather see them promote AA, Mantha, Ouellet and Sproul full time and give Mrazek 60 starts and just go with it. If we miss the playoffs we miss. I'd much rather see the organisation actually take a stance in believing in our young guys going forward and actually giving them the minutes and responsibility to reach their potential, rather than every year tagging on some old aged players way past their golden years who eat up minutes just to make us another easy target for a first round exit, frustrating everyone more in the process. 


Give us a direction Ken, right now we're stuck in no mans land. 

In Topic: Official 2016 Detroit Red Wings Offseason Thread

19 June 2016 - 07:38 AM

NerveDamage, yes I do believe it's possible to sign Stamkos without trading Datsyuk's contract. There are always other options, but of course ridding ourselves of that dead cap space would be the easiest route. If we can't trade the contract though, it is very possible to trade Ericsson and Howard and still be able to go after the biggest UFA fish.

As I've said before, Howard to a team like Calgary for a mid round pick and Ericsson to a team like Edmonton ($1M retained) for a mid to late round pick... Those two moves alone would give us $8.5M in cap space, along with the few million we'll have after we sign our remaining RFA's.

As for Helm, he's the only UFA's that I'd personally like back, and if we can sign him for under $3M, that would be great. I'd have one of Helm or Sheahan as our 3rd line center, depending on what our overall roster looks like come October...



Come on, realistically, no one is going to take Ericsson off our hands. The guy has been brutal at times with his inconsistency, and that contract isn't going to do anyone any favours. 


If you ask me, KH is kinda f***ed here by this whole situation. Yes he hasn't helped himself with some of the deals he's made (or lack thereof) but like, Datsyuk leaving creates a huge problem. 


Look at it this way:


1. If he sits and eats the $7.5m cap space, he's going to get torn to shreds because he's responsible for not being able to move that space and then we'd never even have a shot at competing to sign Stamkos, or for that matter, one or two of the better free agents out there. E.g. Backes. 


2. If he is able to clear it, he'll have to give up someone he doesn't want to, and considering the fact that there's only one reasonable team that can take on that contract now, the price will be relatively high. So there'll be considerable backlash if he ends up having to give up say, Jurco plus a pick. And then what if he strikes out in free agency? No Stamkos, no Backes, no Okposo etc etc. 


Really, I think Howard needs to be moved this offseason, but again, that's going to be even harder now with the expansion announcement coming. I'd love to see Ericsson shipped out, but again, who's going to take on that contract and give us a good return? 


Ideally, I'd like tos ee the kids play. Give AA, Mantha, Ouellet and Sproul full time jobs and hand them the reigns. If we miss the playoffs then so be it. but having Datsyuk leave a year early with an already declining Zetterberg makes this decision to turn the page somewhat easier. 

In Topic: Calder finalists

03 May 2016 - 10:13 AM

McDavid is point machine BUT he missed a ton of games and the team didn't win sh*t all so I don't agree with him making the cut-even though its obvious why...As for Larkin he wasn't even close to keeping pace the second half, right after that damned video was released of DBoss that was all.



Why is everyone so anti-McJesus on here? Ok, so he didn't play half the season, but when he did he ended up with the 3rd best PPG in the league this year. Isn't that pretty good? I don't think he should get it because he didn't olay a full year, but you can't blame the league for nominating him when clearly he's the best rookie by a mile, especially coming back from a broken clavicle. 


I hate the NHL hype machine too, but you can't deny that the guy is a superior talent. Would Panerin have scored 30 if he didn't have Kane feeding him all year long whilst on a career year? 

In Topic: Official - Little Caesars Arena

29 April 2016 - 10:54 AM

Is anyone actually surprised about this? Seriously? I hate the corporate way sports has become, but it is what it is. And sadly, money rules the world. So what can we expect? Enjoy the last season at the Joe while you can. I'm looking forward to visiting the new arena just to see how it is in comparison with JLA, but while I'm sad that the new rink has a corporate name all over it, I'm not surprised in the slightest.

In Topic: Mantha

23 April 2016 - 08:38 AM


Just imagine that forward lineup if we could add Stamkos.


On the back end I'd like to see:







If we can't land a top dman, give Russo a shot. If we do acquire a dman, I'd imagine XO would be traded and Russo be given a year to be the go to guy for the Griffins. Either way, I feel Russo has the best shot at becoming an important part of the defense. 


Landing a top dman and/or Stamkos this summer makes the team a contender now. Getting neither I still like the future of the team, even if it means missing the playoffs next season. Blash just gotta put his trust in the kids. That's the key. Sure the streak is good business, but it is also short-sighted. giving the kids the reigns now, win or lose, is a big long term investment. The pieces are there. They just need to play and learn, despite their mistakes. Mrazek, AA and Larkin will be better. Kronwall and Hank will be effective again if their roles and minutes get reduced. Parting ways with Ericsson and Howard is VERY important this summer. I'd rather one of the kids make a mistake that costs us a playoff game than Ericsson. The kids will learn from it. E just sucks. 



The problem here is that KH will not have the stones to pull the trigger on a trade that might actually get us that top pair D man - we're not going to get it in free agency, but we do have some pieces to trade. My own personal opinion is that I think KH over values our own prospects and young players, and as such wants to hold on to them as much as possible, instead of trading a few of our expendable guys for someone legitimate that would upgrade the team and help us......


Signing Stamkos would be awesome, but i strongly doubt it'll happen.