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In Topic: Islanders Unveil New Alternate Jersey

17 September 2015 - 03:55 PM

These jerseys are horrible - who the hell thinks up these designs? Seriously? The logo is good yes, but the rest of the jersey is just awful. 

In Topic: Cleary re-signs... 1 year deal

10 September 2015 - 08:37 AM

Last year, I get the need to get worked up about this s***. But this year? New coach, one who particualry is driving the youth movement, isn't going to let Cleary play ahead of those who deserve it. I still respect Cleary, and how can you not for someone who still has passion for the game after all he's put his body through. And actually, when he played last year, he did look better than the previous season when he was just a mess. Why are we spending our time right now worrying, moaning and whining about whats happened the past 2 years? it's not like Holland had to re-acquire him and gave up a no body prospect who's turned into the next Zetterberg. He cost us nothing except a little cap space. 


Energy would be better spent figuring out things about the upcoming season and the optimism we have going which starts tomorrow with prospects tourney, as opposed to bitching about Cleary who frankly, isn't worth the hassle at a 1 year, 850,000 deal with no bonuses etc.

In Topic: Adidas Gets NHL Jersey Deal

22 August 2015 - 09:56 AM

What part of Adidas owns CCM did you not understand?


I think what frank might be getting at is that even tho CCM is owned by Adidas, you can damn sure bet that CCM won't be left to work on these jerseys alone. It'll be hugely influenced by the parent company and we all know they're just not a hockey brand. 


It really would be nice for once if the NHL could be left to be run by people and companies that truly care about hockey first, but we all know theres no money in that....

In Topic: Getting bigger.

20 August 2015 - 03:31 PM

tbh being physical isn't the only thing that makes you difficult to play against. And the best guys who have size can learn to use it even without being that physical. Take a guy like Z. Not the biggest, but incredibly strong on the puck and really hard to knock off it. Same with Datsyuk, and we're seeing the same thing with Nyquist. Thus if you're big and strong, you don't have to be running people over to have an impact with that size. 

In Topic: Las Vegas rumored to get an expansion team

15 August 2015 - 02:39 PM

I just think that, like it or not, these guys are professional athletes, and therefore they are role models to millions of people and children growing up. Thus, they're off ice behaviour is probably, almost more important than the behaviour they exhibit on it. If we place a team in Vegas, are we likely to see more stories about off ice behaviour? Can you imagine if the NFL had a team in Vegas?


All of these things are obviously subject to our own opinions, and are all projectables. These things may or may not happen at all, and a team there could be a success. Or it coiuld not, and could end up giving the league a bad name. Personally, I don;t think it's worth the risk, especially considering that the 3 biggest sports in the US do not have a franchise in Vegas. I would have thought that would be enough to prohibit the NHL from attempting something like this. Especially considering the vast failures they've had in small, non-hockey markets...