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In Topic: Official 2016 Detroit Red Wings Offseason Thread

04 July 2016 - 10:31 AM

I agree, and I wasn't exactly thrilled with the Vanek signing either. I think it's a good value signing, but unnecessary, unless there is actually a trade in the works... I don't really look at it as him taking a spot from Athanasiou / Mantha, but rather Pulkkinen / Jurco / Frk. The former are top 6 forwards while the latter, like Vanek, are / should be slotted in 3rd line right wing. I'd like to see a trade before training camp to alleviate some of the log jam up front. If we can trade Nyquist / Tatar along with Pulkkinen in a package for a top pair defenseman, while freeing up a spot in the top 6 for Athanasiou / Mantha as well as a spot in the bottom 6 for Vanek / Frk, it all works out...


I actually like the Ott signing more than I do the Miller signing, but neither were needed. I can see Miller playing every game he's healthy though, and Ott used sparingly... 



Thing is, I don't believe management feels like AA is a top 6 forward, nor are they willing to even give that to him (or let him have the chance to earn it). Look at his usage in the playoffs for exhibit A of that....

I'd love to agree with you, but I think it's kinda obvious Vanek is here to slot into the top 6, and no way will he live up to that. And this is exactly why I have a problem with KH's trend of signing these veterans. this isn't 2002 anymore, when we can slot a good veteran whose production has declined (Robitaille) on the 4th line... These signings are being counted on for quite a bit of offence, and if it doesn't work we're kinda screwed. Because management continue to want to just keep a barely alive playoff team on life support rather than go with more youth full time even if we miss the postseason for a year or two. 


I would also happily jettison Nyquist in a package for a good D man, but somehow with Holland's trade track record and love for his own players, I don't see it happening and I can highly envision a scenario in which he'll state the price for D men was too high (in his defence it will be high, but if you don't take a risk or two you never know) and AA and Mantha are both in GR because of their waiver exemption status. While I fully expect at least one of Sproul or Ouellet to be exposed to waivers and probably claimed. 


Sorry for the negativity, and while I'm fully behind this team, and appreciate how lucky we have been for 25 straight  years, it seems like salary cap induced parity is an excuse for mediocrity...

In Topic: Official 2016 Detroit Red Wings Offseason Thread

04 July 2016 - 07:26 AM

Late to the party, as I was out of town all weekend, but overall I think it was a very good free agent frenzy for the Wings.

The number one thing we needed going into Friday was a top 6 center, and Nielsen seems to be a very good addition. The cap hit is fair, just a year or two longer than I would have liked. Overall solid signing.

I liked the Vanek signing as well. Seems like a low risk, high reward signing that has the potential to work out for us, if not, no big deal.

The Ott signing was basically the same way I felt about the Miller signing a few days ago. Completely unnecessary, but can't complain about minimal cap, depth signing.

Unlike most here, I was ecstatic to see Helm back. It was about $0.85M higher than I would have liked, but I'm okay with it. One of the most under-rated / under appreciated players on the team.

With these signings, it looks like Holland has set himself up to trade some forwards for help on the back end. If there's any way we can land Trouba, I think we will be in great shape going in to next season...



Agree with you on nielsen, and an important signing. Also thought the term was too long, but this is the nature of the beast these days its seems. 


Side note, I love how everyone is preparing for another lockout with all the contracts signed at the moment being mostly made up of bonuses which are salary protected....


Also agree about Helm. While he has been inconsistent, his speed is an element that is key these days, and while the money was a bit too much, I'm glad he;s still here. 


I have a problem with the Vanek signing for 2 reasons:


1. It represents an ongoing philosophy from KH whereby it seems he keeps signing 'veterans' on cheap deals that were once pretty good but are now obviously falling off the table in the hopes they regain their old magic. The problem here is that they actually don't regain this kind of magic, and instead of being a key player like KH hopes they will be, the end up clogging up a roster spot and prohibiting the team moving forward. 


2. It's also another example of how KH really doesn't seem to want to give guys like Mantha and AA a real chance at getting good quality minutes at the NHL level, let alone make the roster. My own personal opinion is that it's holding this team back. We need to develop these new core players and give them the responsibility, yet eliminating roster spots by signing veterans who are basically past their prime is misguided in my opinion, and tantamount to another first round exit. (i'll eat my hat is Vanek scores 20-30 goals and am perfectly fine with that)


Ott I don't mind, because he brigns needed grit and energy and someone who actually will stick up for teammates besides Smith and Abby. Yes, it still eats another roster spot though, but ah well...

In Topic: Official 2016 Detroit Red Wings Offseason Thread

03 July 2016 - 09:03 AM


Way to early to begin line juggling given that there is probably a trade in making.


That said I like the look of those lines. Our first line is probably the worst of the whole league, but second and third look great. We don't have the superstar player anymore, but we have at least depth going for us. Not the worst.



How many years now have we been saying that for? And how far has it got us? 


Seriously this team needs a trade of a core player to light a fire under everyone else's asses to show them they're accountable, and to give AA and Mantha a spot to let them know their jobs are on the line if they don't produce

In Topic: Official 2016 Detroit Red Wings Offseason Thread

02 July 2016 - 10:13 AM

After sleeping on it, I like the Nielsen move (albeit too much term really) and Ott on paper gives us some sandpaper this team sorely lacks. 


While Vanek might turn good, he's trending massively downwards, and is essentially just likely to take up a roster spot. 


If this team is ever going to move forward, they need to give AA and Mantha a starting role with lots of minutes. 


But, we can see, that KH refuses to move the youth of this team forward it would seem and having them compete for jobs at camp is just another misnomer that equals 'you'll start in GR'. 


I guess I'm just frustrated. Both the Vanek and Ott signings would be good if this team was actually close to competing for the cup - like Stuart and Dallas Drake in 08. But they're not. And the reality is, while they might play well, they're both taking up roster spots for younger guys who need to learn how to carry the torch and actually take us forward. Otheriwse we won't see another Cup for a good decade. 


These are just my thoughts. But why is KH so unwilling to pull the trigger on a trade, and risk giving up say, Tatar or Nyquist for a good defenseman? Yes they'll cost a lot, but we have too many soft Tatar's and Nyquists, and with numerous guys (Sproul, Oullette, Frk?, Jensen) now no longer waiver exempt, what have we got to lose? 

In Topic: Stamkos to... Tampa

30 June 2016 - 06:43 AM


That's pure speculation, however, I'd use it. Tell that to the guys in the locker room.  Motivate them.  Piss them off.  He's going to be playing for a division rival for pretty much the rest of his career.  Show him he made the wrong choice.


I'm disappointed in not signing him, however, TB is a solid choice and if I wasn't a huge Wings fan, I would have probably done the same.  Make a lot of money and continue to play for the organization you already know, which is a pretty good one already.



Stamkos was kind of a pipe dream anyway, and to know that he re-signed makes it a hell of a lot easier to swallow than choosing some other team on the market than the Wings. 


Really though, this team needs a trade. And not someone minor, like Jurco. Someone with bigger responsibility to show that they aren't happy with this team, and that everyone isn't as safe and secure as they thought and that they have to actually take responsibility for playing better. 


I am very scared that KH will overpay Okposo, Lucic or Nielson and for at least 5 years and we'll have another Steven Weiss on our hands and the Datsyuk money he freed up will be worthless. 


Much much rather see them promote AA, Mantha, Ouellet and Sproul full time and give Mrazek 60 starts and just go with it. If we miss the playoffs we miss. I'd much rather see the organisation actually take a stance in believing in our young guys going forward and actually giving them the minutes and responsibility to reach their potential, rather than every year tagging on some old aged players way past their golden years who eat up minutes just to make us another easy target for a first round exit, frustrating everyone more in the process. 


Give us a direction Ken, right now we're stuck in no mans land.