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#2649147 2016 Trade Deadline Thread

Posted by wings4thecup06 on 20 January 2016 - 03:40 PM

Frankly, we have a weakness on D that I would love to be addressed by XO and Marchenko playing full time. I think it'd awesome if we acquired someone like Shattenkirk, but realistically? I doubt it'll happen. 


What I'd like to see happen, is the Wings offload some dead weight, bloated contracts that will handcuff the team in the next couple of years. Mostly, though, I think that it's about time we had a monster deal, or at least something that really got this team excited, and the fans. Similar to what happened when we acquired Hasek. That level of excitement you get thinking about the possibilities and how you just can't wait to watch the next few games. I've missed that. 

#2639304 Jurco on Conditioning Assignment in GRs

Posted by wings4thecup06 on 25 November 2015 - 05:01 PM


It's true. Jurco still counts against the 23 man roster even though he's in GRs.


I imagine Andersson gets waived before Jurco if/when Quincey returns. Also, Marchenko is waiver exempt so he could always be sent to GRs.


I was never talking about "losing" Jurco, only questioning how he's going to crack the line-up. To do that, barring injuries, he has to outplay one of Sheahan, Richards, Pulkinnen, Nyquist, or Tatar. Can't see it.


When Q comes back that will give us 8 on the backend, so I imagine they'll try to move someone from the D. Most likely it'll be a typical KH conservative move, so most likely Marchenko will be sent down. 


Personally, I'd rather see them shop Kindl and keep Marchy, but we'll see what happens. 


I agree with Krsmith regarding Miller too. He just has seemed to have lost a slight edge this season, not sure why, but just seems noticeable. I'd put Jurco in for him if Jurco continues to tear it up, see what he can do with some more confidence. 

#2639049 2016 NHL Outdoor Games Jerseys.

Posted by wings4thecup06 on 23 November 2015 - 05:12 PM

Yea can't exactly say I'll be adding one of these to my jersey collection anytime soon....

#2638184 11/18 GDT : Washington Capitals at Red Wings, 8:00 EST

Posted by wings4thecup06 on 19 November 2015 - 06:54 AM

who gives a s***. The Wings didn't lose this game because of Kindl. They lost the game because the Capitals took over the game in the 3rd and OT. You could see it coming, and if it wasn't for Mrazek, the game wouldn't even have gone to OT. 


The Wings played well in the first 2 periods, but just looked like they almost gave up in the 3rd. The Caps were winning all the puck battles, had way way too much O zone time, and just wanted it more. It was just like waiting for the inevitable to happen. At least we had to wait til OT so at least we got a point.

#2634696 10/31 GDT: Detroit Red Wings at Ottawa Senators

Posted by wings4thecup06 on 02 November 2015 - 08:55 AM

@NHLPlayerSafety: Ottawa's Mark Stone will have a hearing tomorrow for an illegal check to the head on Detroit's Landon Ferraro.


There is a 2 game suspension coming here. But if you ask me, the league should give him 15 games, WITHOUT PAY. It'd make everyone in the league sit up and take notice. If they're dead serious about eliminating these kinds of hits from the game, they need to get on with it. 


Also, super effort in this game by the Wings. Only the 3rd time all year I thought they played a true 60 minute game. Lets see if we can keep it going on tuesday night. 



P.s. Larkin is going to be a star. 


P.p.s Mrazek is also going to be a star

#2634695 Looks like Tyler Bertuzzi is a ****** like his uncle

Posted by wings4thecup06 on 02 November 2015 - 08:52 AM

While Bertuzzi needs to dial it down a notch, its these kind of guys who play with a little bit of a feisty edge that the Wings really need IMO. Just watch our games with the sole purpose of looking for Wings players INITIATING body contact. There really isn't a lot of it. Ironically, when Z and Datsyuk throw their bodies around, the results are good. 


Take a look at the great Wings teams that most of us on this board grew up with. Guys like Maltby, McCarty, Kocur, Shanny, Lapointe, Konstantinov. All willing to punish opposing players and rough it up a little to win. Balance that with the sort of high end scoring talent that this team is developing (in guys like Larkin, Nyquist, Tatar etc) and we may be able to go somewhere. Our D is way too soft. Ericsson, if he applied himself physically game in and game out, could be a FORCE. He's huge, and has some serious strength. None of the fights he got into last year were even close. Neil wanted a piece of him saturday, but you can tell he would have got hammered if the refs had let them go. 


Kronwall hasn't played the body now really in the last few seasons, probably because he's now the number 1 d man and was also the primary offensive D man. I also think that his most recent suspension in the playoffs has signalled the death of anyone getting Kronwalled every again. He's too valuable to the team to miss time over a suspension, and he knows it. 


This is why Brad Stuart was such a great addition in 07. He played with an edge that the D didn't have and he brought it physically  night in night out. I'm not saying the wings need to change everything and go to a bunch of goons, but even 1 hard hitting D man on the back end, and one or two more physical forwards would go a long way in making this team more dangerous. 

#2634322 10/30 GDT : Ottawa Senators 3 at Red Wings 1

Posted by wings4thecup06 on 31 October 2015 - 10:36 AM

After thinking about this and re-wathcing and being immensely frustrated post game, here's what I see are the issues:


1. The wings forechecking is shocking - literally, all night long, the Senators D had tons of time to make plays and break out of their own zone, constantly killing any chance the Wings had to get zone time. Our forwards seemed to be floating around the slot waiting for the puck to be coughed up, or standing around the half boards waiting for the play to go back the other way. Not good enough. They need to pressure the D men so they can create turnovers and maintain offensive zone time. 


2. No net front presence at all. When they were in the zone, and got shots (which they did well at times), there was no one in front. There were a couple of glorious chances where you could see the guy move OUT of the way of Hammond so he could make a save. A couple of point shots with no one at all anywhere close to the front. This has to change. They need to simply work harder to get to the net to create some screens and havoc. 


3. Puck retrieval in both zones was atrocious. In the O zone, the wings were just not skating to win the puck back first along the boards. This isn't necessarily an issue of size, it's work ethic and skating. And to go along with this, a complete lack of puck support also when these plays happened. 

And in the D zone, again, our forwards seemed to be static, just watching Ottawa retrieve the puck, while our D looked too tired to battle along the boards for it. 


4. Poor decision making with the puck. This was horrendous. The number of times I saw Kindl cough the puck up (and many other D men - especially DK, and Ericsson) in our own zone, killing a break out, lengthening the shift, tiring guys out was a joke. Ottawa forechekced well and created pressure and our D kept tossing it right back to them. They need to make quicker, faster decisions, tape to tape. 


The only good things I'm seeing right now our Larkin and our Goalies, plus the work ethic of Z. They need to clamp down on these fundamentals and frankly, work harder. We're going to get slaughtered if we keep playing like this when we play better teams. 

#2631151 10/16 GDT : Carolina Hurricanes at Red Wings, 7:30 EST

Posted by wings4thecup06 on 16 October 2015 - 11:30 AM

Glendening is in tonight apparently, so you can forget about seeing Andersson this season...:)

#2630902 10/13 GDT : Lightning 1 at Red Wings 3

Posted by wings4thecup06 on 15 October 2015 - 06:18 AM

What I'm really interested to see is what happens with Larkin once Helm and Datsyuk both return. Andersson looks like he's gone and I think he'll be easily waived but what next? 


The 4th line has looked good and personally I like Ferraro on that line with Glendening and Miller. If Larkin continues to play as he is at the moment, are we looking at a situation where he goes back to GR or someone gets moved? 

Is Jurco out of options?

#2625788 Islanders Unveil New Alternate Jersey

Posted by wings4thecup06 on 17 September 2015 - 03:55 PM

These jerseys are horrible - who the hell thinks up these designs? Seriously? The logo is good yes, but the rest of the jersey is just awful. 

#2625096 Cleary re-signs... 1 year deal

Posted by wings4thecup06 on 10 September 2015 - 08:37 AM

Last year, I get the need to get worked up about this s***. But this year? New coach, one who particualry is driving the youth movement, isn't going to let Cleary play ahead of those who deserve it. I still respect Cleary, and how can you not for someone who still has passion for the game after all he's put his body through. And actually, when he played last year, he did look better than the previous season when he was just a mess. Why are we spending our time right now worrying, moaning and whining about whats happened the past 2 years? it's not like Holland had to re-acquire him and gave up a no body prospect who's turned into the next Zetterberg. He cost us nothing except a little cap space. 


Energy would be better spent figuring out things about the upcoming season and the optimism we have going which starts tomorrow with prospects tourney, as opposed to bitching about Cleary who frankly, isn't worth the hassle at a 1 year, 850,000 deal with no bonuses etc.

#2623708 Adidas Gets NHL Jersey Deal

Posted by wings4thecup06 on 22 August 2015 - 09:56 AM

What part of Adidas owns CCM did you not understand?


I think what frank might be getting at is that even tho CCM is owned by Adidas, you can damn sure bet that CCM won't be left to work on these jerseys alone. It'll be hugely influenced by the parent company and we all know they're just not a hockey brand. 


It really would be nice for once if the NHL could be left to be run by people and companies that truly care about hockey first, but we all know theres no money in that....

#2623171 Las Vegas rumored to get an expansion team

Posted by wings4thecup06 on 15 August 2015 - 02:39 PM

I just think that, like it or not, these guys are professional athletes, and therefore they are role models to millions of people and children growing up. Thus, they're off ice behaviour is probably, almost more important than the behaviour they exhibit on it. If we place a team in Vegas, are we likely to see more stories about off ice behaviour? Can you imagine if the NFL had a team in Vegas?


All of these things are obviously subject to our own opinions, and are all projectables. These things may or may not happen at all, and a team there could be a success. Or it coiuld not, and could end up giving the league a bad name. Personally, I don;t think it's worth the risk, especially considering that the 3 biggest sports in the US do not have a franchise in Vegas. I would have thought that would be enough to prohibit the NHL from attempting something like this. Especially considering the vast failures they've had in small, non-hockey markets...

#2622535 Las Vegas rumored to get an expansion team

Posted by wings4thecup06 on 08 August 2015 - 02:15 PM

Ive been against this idea from the beginning, and now it's one step closer I still find it totally abhorrent. There'll be no real fan base there, and there could be constant links to gambling. And what about the team that lives there? Can you imagine some of the more shadier characters in the league being able to stay out of trouble? It's another desperate attempt by Gary to try and force hockey onto markets it doesn't belong for the sake of expansion fees to fill the pockets of those paying his salary. 

#2619942 Things you would like to see for 2015-16 Season

Posted by wings4thecup06 on 10 July 2015 - 12:13 PM

They don't have much left to prove, but theyre not better options than we have now, thats the problem.
Yes kindl should be gone, but he still has some potential too, and he actually showed he can be a top four d man, albeit for the lockout shortened season, but still.
And Ericsson is not suited for our top pair, I agree with that, but he is still a top four d man, and you don't move that for a bottom pairing guy.
There will be injuries, and they'll get their shot, and hopefully when they do, they'll grab ahold if it and run with it...
Then next season one of them will be the seventh guy while waiting for his chance...its how the wings tend to do things, we've seen it at forward with Gus and tats, and I don't see it changing just because its defense and not forwards.

And no arguments about Quincey, he was good last year, but hell be gone next season. He was one of our steadiest d men last year, which could be just because he was with Deke, which is fine.


Maybe not better options as it looks right now, but how are these guys supposed to realise their potential if they don't ever get to play at the highest level? 

I get your opinion, I just feel its time the Wings took a chance with 1 of these guys, especially with how they both played last year. 

Kindl plays arguably the most sheltered minutes in the league in terms of D, which is why he looks good every time he comes into the lineup, appears to play well for a couple of games, then makes the inevitable couple of mistakes and gets bounced. Its the same story over and over, I just feel its time the Wings cut their losses with him. 

That's my opinion though