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In Topic: 11/28 GDT - Red Wings @ Devils - 7:00 PM EST

Yesterday, 07:21 PM

its nice to see the hockey gods stepping in after the devils goal.



In Topic: 11/28 GDT - Red Wings @ Devils - 7:00 PM EST

Yesterday, 02:00 PM

The devils were just on a west coast trip and had the last 3 days off, that tends to mean they would start off sluggish. The one thing I would like to see Detroit do which hasn't been lately is start on time!!!

Wings take this one 3-2 (natural hattie for Franzen) betta believe it.

In Topic: Lines Thread

Yesterday, 02:25 AM

I have seen Helms name thrown around a few times now as trade bait, he's always been one of my favorite red wing so seeing him go wouldn't be the best news I've heard... His speed is a big asset especially to a team that thrives off quickness, but you have to move asset to attain one just the way the cookie crumbles. I just see him as a big part of our team late in the season and playoff time, what I consider a good depth player. He's been hurt for a large chunk the past 2 years, which doesn't make up for having stones for hands, except me believing he's capable of providing more given time.

This sequence here shows just why he's so valuable given it was awhile back....http://m.youtube.com...h?v=HSr1i4AUnYA