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#2192234 No, No, NO! Jagr interested in Detroit.

Posted by Crashnburnluder on 29 June 2011 - 10:22 PM

Those Detroit colors have just cursed us. He will come to Detroit, now.

sorry.... This picture will have to resurface if we have a retro jersey night and we were the old candy cane looking jerseys haha

#2192229 No, No, NO! Jagr interested in Detroit.

Posted by Crashnburnluder on 29 June 2011 - 10:17 PM

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#2192225 No, No, NO! Jagr interested in Detroit.

Posted by Crashnburnluder on 29 June 2011 - 10:10 PM

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#2192218 No, No, NO! Jagr interested in Detroit.

Posted by Crashnburnluder on 29 June 2011 - 10:04 PM

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#2192029 No, No, NO! Jagr interested in Detroit.

Posted by Crashnburnluder on 29 June 2011 - 06:20 PM

Just saw this on HF boards.....

"Jagr does not like the Pittsburgh offer. They promise him a lot of space on the ice, they miss a top RW, yet they are offering him only about $2 mil. The Detroit offer may be even twice that big. That's why after his arrival, he will still negotiate with both parties, and will decide after that."

This is apparently from a Czech report so take it with a grain of salt

I really hope we didn't offer him 4 million. LGW.com will have a meltdown if that's the case.

#2191461 MTL police investigating Chara

Posted by Crashnburnluder on 29 June 2011 - 09:39 AM

Bitter much.

"Hey Chara Congrats on winning the Stanley Cup, now can you come to Montreal so we can try screwing up your life with questioning and possible assault charges"?

#2191459 No, No, NO! Jagr interested in Detroit.

Posted by Crashnburnluder on 29 June 2011 - 09:37 AM

Let him go to Pitt. I would have liked the extra fire power on the Wings but if he really wants to go back to Pittsburgh that bad then let him. I think he could have given us a boost but I rather shore up the D and just bring another guy in. Yes it will cost a little more but it could be someone we could keep around.

Not going to lie. I hope he flops in Pittsburgh, and that he butts heads with Crosby and Malkin... I just don't like the Pens simple as that haha

Wouldn't mind seeing Crosby get hurt again and Jagr have to carry a big load for the team like he was asking not to do.

#2190765 RFA/UFA Signings

Posted by Crashnburnluder on 28 June 2011 - 09:32 AM

Hopefully this makes Semin even more expendable.... I would LOVE to see his crazy wrister in detroit

#2190103 RFA/UFA Signings

Posted by Crashnburnluder on 26 June 2011 - 05:08 PM

I undestand the chances are very slim, but would you rather him get a contract offered to him by us so LA doesn't get him for so much of a steal? Best case scenario, we get him. Worst case he has to sign for more in LA. Just dont offer more then 7.8 and if we get him we only give up 2nd round picks and with Doughty in our line up I don't see us Pick in the top 5 in the next 2 season. That is when the two first rounders would occur. With Datsyuk, Zetterberg Lidstrom, Doughty, Franzen. We wont be getting Lottery Picks. If we don't get Dougthy we will have our 25-30th picks and no harm no foul.


#2187834 No, No, NO! Jagr interested in Detroit.

Posted by Crashnburnluder on 22 June 2011 - 08:46 AM

Yes Jagr is going to come in and put up 20 points.... Cause guys like eaves and miller are all better then Jagr haha. I really don't understand why you aren't our GM obviously you know a he'll of a lot more then the guy with 4 cup rings 20 straight playoff apperences and countless division championships....

#2187810 No, No, NO! Jagr interested in Detroit.

Posted by Crashnburnluder on 22 June 2011 - 06:51 AM

Um...Modano had 7 points in 20 games before his injury. He was contributing very little and probably would have continued producing very little, whether the injury happened or not. No matter how you look at it, it was a bad signing. Now we're gonna throw two million at another aging vet and pray the same situation doesn't happen again? Thats just unbelivable. We need to be adding faster, younger guys....not slower, older ones. Especially considering the pace of the game is faster than ever.

I just can't believe Holland is ready to and willing to make the same mistake twice in a row.

Richards, Bieksa, and Wisniewski = cup

How much was Modano's contract again? I forgot he was supposed to come in and be a ppg player. 7 points in 20 games which included gelling with a new team and new system. I'm sorry he was a depth signing he was suppose to come in and try to put up around 40 points which if he got comfortable I bet could have happened.

Also richards bieksa and Wiz... Do you want to be the one to tell lidstrom ge HAS to retire next season because we have all if our Money locked up on those guys and won't be able to give raises to kronwall and others. Yes we would all love all the best players in free agency but sorry richards 80-90 points for 7.5 million < jagr 40-50 points at 2 million... Which is nicer on the cap and allows us to fix our D situation while not handcuffing our self next season?

#2187661 No, No, NO! Jagr interested in Detroit.

Posted by Crashnburnluder on 21 June 2011 - 06:31 PM

It's funny because all those players you mentioned were effective for the team prior to the lockout sans Drake and he was a different type of player. Jagr will not be the piece to bring a cup to Detroit.

and how many of these over the hill players did we sign since the lock out... 2?? Modano and Drake, Modano suffered what was basically a season ending injury. He came back with no confidence and a bum wrist and your going to bunch together every future over 35 signing with that now? Im sorry but all these young players with skill and upside and that can put up 50+ points a season come with A LOT bigger price tag and are usually part of the long term picture. The problem being is we can only have so many long term picture players. Datsyuk, Franzen, Zetterberg, and probably a guy like Filppula will be out long term guys. Guys like Jarnkrok, Tatar, Pulkkinen, Shehan, Nyquist, and who ever else will slowly start to infiltrate our line up, but instead you guys want to start locking up these players that are going to be over paid in Free Agency when they are going to be asking for 3-4 year deals. No thank you.

Ill take the guy that is 39, signing a one year deal for 2 million. THAT IS LESS THEN ERICCSON AND HUDLER! I dont care if the guy only puts up 30 points thats still better then what the other two are going to get paid and bring to the team.

As for Jagr and his 2 million dollars or whatever he does with it, I could careless. Babcock and Holladn would not be pursuing a guy if he thought he was going to be too much of a Cancer to deal with. Simple as that. I think a guy like Babcock and Holland who have coached against him, scouted him and talked to him over the phone and spoken to his previous coaches know a hell of a lot more then a lot of people on Letsgowings.com?

Im getting tired of the Over the Hill stuff, because its the guys that are over the hill that round out our roster, give us the experience we need in the playoffs and contribute in our cup runs, On and off the ice. Sorry last time I checked we won the cup 3 years ago, with a lot of over 35 year olds on the team, and last time i checked all those YOUNG teams that weren't a creation of the draft and sucked for years prior(Pittsburgh, Chicago) havn't been winning the cups lately. Yes Boston one, but I believe there was a certain Key "over the hill guy" that was a big influence to their roster. As did some others Conn Smythe winner Thomas (37) and Captain and Number 1 defenseman (34).

Yes, we would all love the Marchands and Seguins but they come with a very Hefty price tag.

#2187631 No, No, NO! Jagr interested in Detroit.

Posted by Crashnburnluder on 21 June 2011 - 04:25 PM

how would you react if your nightmare come true that close?

I just hate this guy, he is latent idiot to say the least.

I have what you smoke... and I fixed it for you, above.

oh yea.... Jagr will only have 15 points haha.... thats a joke... I feel if he puts up 30-40 points at 1.5 to 2 million we are getting our money worth. I don't really feel he is taking any time away from some prospect that has EARNED that ice time. I'm sorry but Emmerton will be on the roster due to being out of options. Mursak will finally get his chance to play and he brings a speed element and he is just replacing Draper. As far as Miller and Eaves go. I love them both but Eaves brings more to the table and a guy like Miller can be found else where down the road.

This isn't some 4 million dollar contract that is going to restrict us from signing the UFA Defenseman that we want to sign. We wills till be able to accomplish everything we want to accomplish in Free Agency and add a little bit more of a kick to our Offense and PP for a low cost. I fail to see how that is a bad thing?


#2186485 No, No, NO! Jagr interested in Detroit.

Posted by Crashnburnluder on 17 June 2011 - 11:53 AM

If Jagr comes to Detroit I will VOMIT repeatedly. If Holland is a smart GM he will say Piss Off Jaromir go back to Russia.

I understand why everybody is afraid of Jagr but please be kind enough to add options to make our team better then.

The way I see itt adding jagr adds a vet presence that has size and a known game of puck possession. He could come here and supply as little as 40 or so points and for around 2 million that makes our team a lot better. It also leaves us a lot of room to fill all of our main needs. Like replacing Rafalski and Ericsson. Also to put something in perspective, Jagr is asking for less money the Big E is, so I'm thinking it is a pretty good deal.

I'm just curious what all you other arm chair GM's would do instead of of jagr that would bring us more of an attack and size up front, while leaving enough money to fill our void on the back end?

#2184529 Wings - Flyers Trade Partners?

Posted by Crashnburnluder on 11 June 2011 - 09:04 AM

People here really think Flyers are going to trade Carter or Coburn? Can't believe it.

Carter was their top goal scorer and they've just locked him up with a long contract. He's not going anywhere. Hartnell is much more likely if you still wanna think there's some issues between the two. Leino and Versteeg will both go before him.

Coburn isn't going anywhere either, because they'll just trade Carle. Carle has a slightly bigger cap hit and provides less so I think the choice is pretty obvious. Of course Coburn may have more trading value, but that's not really the point here, because their only goal is to shed some salary.

I can't believe there's been more than six pages of discussion about mostly Jeff Carter and the Red Wings here. I think Konnan511 should make a new avatar just to make some facts clear and drop people back down to Earth from that imaginary land.

The reason all the talk is around Carter is because a lot of Philadelphia sources said he is the main piece in a trade with Columbus. This is Philys last chance to trade him cause once the season start he has leverage with his NTC. I know Carter to Detroit is a far fetch cause if he is on the market a lot if teams will be asking about him, but nothing is impossible and it is known what our needs are. Do I think they are going to move Carter? I have no idea. I live in the Philly area and a lot if their fans want him gone cause of his playoff. Performances and because they said he is causing problems in the locker room.

I will say this though, it is a very low blow move to sign Carter for an 11 year deal and then trade him away. Only a couple months before his NTC kicks in and send him to a bad team. That would look very bad if Phillys part so id they part with him I think they should bs cautious where they send him cause burying him in a bad organization will look bad.