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17 June 2006 - 08:29 AM

I know this a bit early but I can't wait for this year's season to start. Some of the polls are starting to come out and 5 teams I keep finding in the top 5 are Oklahoma, USC, Notre Dame, Ohio State, and Texas. Now I've read at least 4 polls so far and one had Ohio St. no. 1, the other had Oklahoma, the other had Notre Dame, and the last one had Texas. Here's my take on these five team.

Oklahoma- If they had a good defense and Peterson is healthy then things could go well for them. The schedule is favorable so the only big one for them is Texas. (which is played in Dallas, TX)

Notre Dame- They had a good recruiting year and got a 17 starters back. Quinn will be the key to the Irish. They start out with 4 Big Ten teams in their first 5 games. I don't think they will take all four. They are bound to lose at least one. But if they win out and win that tough one at USC. They could be in the National Championship with one loss.

USC- Even though they play in one of the weakest conferences I think they will lose 1 or 2. I think they have a lot of talent but experience will be the key for them at QB. They have Booty or Sanchez to choose from. Both have taken limited snaps. If they figure that out then they will be golden to make another run. I think they will have one of the top defenses in the country. Two key games for USC is at Cal and Notre Dame. Last time they played at Cal they barely won. Cal will have a top ten team this year so that should be a good one. I think they will be a contender but will fall short. I don't think they will win both against Cal and Notre Dame. One loss will hurt them because of their strength of schedule. BCS bowl but not in Tempe, AZ

Ohio State- I think they should of won with the talent they had last year but I feel their coaches out thinked themselves. Smith will lead this team but I feel out of all the top 5 teams they have the hardest start then any other team. They go to Texas the 2nd week, Penn St at home the 4th week, and then at a very talented Iowa team on week 5. Other then those games they just have to avoid getting upset by teams like Mich st, Indiana, Minnesota, Illnois, and Northwestern. Oh yeah and I can't forget the big one against Michigan. If they go undefeated in the first 5 games the Bucks have a good chance at the title game. They just have to start fast and not wait till mid season to kick it into gear. Also two impressive stats they have is 4-1 against Michigan and only one loss in November in 5 years since the Sweater Vest took over as coach.

Texas- With the loss of Vince Young this team will have to have exellent leadership in their Senior Class. They have a lot of talent but just like USC not too much experience at QB. Texas can not lose early to Ohio St because that will drop them in the polls badly. I think the pollsters will be harder on them this year because I think they doubt them without Young. With an early win against Ohio st and a big win against the Sooners then they should be golden. The chances of this happening are slim. I think between Ohio st and Okla they will drop either one or both. I think out of all these teams they won't be playing in a BCS game this year. Mack Brown will just have to wait till they are experienced enough at QB to make it back to the Championship Game.