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#1981975 San Jose to Finals?

Posted by w00p33 on 09 May 2010 - 10:22 AM

Two things. First, I was hoping for an Original 6 CF and SCF. There's no O-6 WCF now but still hope for a SCF matchup. So by default I have to hope for the Hawks in the West. Which leads to...

Road to the cup goes through Hockeytown.

Second, absolutely true.

I like the team that kicks Detroit to win because I always feel that the team that beats us has to win the next round, or the wrong team won. Since '02 that has been the case so SJ has to win but that would kill the O-6 matchup, so I am conflicted.

Point is I have a reason to back either team but no reason to like 'couver. In the east, given my O-6 bias, Go Bruins and Go Habs!

I hope they win it. Just so we can tell how we lost to the best.

Exactly to my point of wanting the team that beats the Wings to win at least one more round.

#1924348 babcock death stare

Posted by w00p33 on 24 March 2010 - 11:33 PM

Of course there would be a guy in a Penguins jersey at a Blue Jackets/Red Wings game. God, these people are everywhere. That picture has jersey foul written all over it.

Don't you mean jersey fowel?