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#2628472 Raffi Torres at it again.

Posted by TheXym on 05 October 2015 - 04:47 PM

The vid on TSN from the league explaining the suspension was pretty clear it was a head shot. Long overdue. He should have been banned from the the league earlier. As others have said, hopefully this forces him out of the league next year.

#2628401 Raffi Torres at it again.

Posted by Z Winged Dangler on 05 October 2015 - 11:49 AM

Never liked the guy and hopefully this suspension is enough to force him out of the league next season.

That would be a LONG time coming.  Torres is the worst kind of garbage.

#2618155 Red Wings sign D Mike Green (3-years, $18-million)

Posted by Richdg on 01 July 2015 - 02:56 PM

About the perfect contract for Green. Will help our O a ton. Top 2 pairs are now Dekeyser-Green and Kronwall-Ericsson. Could do a lot worse. Still have KFQ and Smith for the 3rd pair. I see a trade coming. To many dmen.

#2615214 Last 16 Cup Winners Bracket (from Reddit)

Posted by Helmethead on 19 June 2015 - 08:04 AM

If we had picked up Peluso it may have brought us another Cup.

#2615073 Jets re-sign Anthony Peluso for only 675.000 AAV (2 years)

Posted by DickieDunn on 18 June 2015 - 10:49 AM


One if not currently the best 4 liner in the game what a bargain. Big touch, workhorse and will drop the gloves against anybody. Winnipeg is already a big team but Peluso adds some much needed protection, Backes and Reeves weren't running around as much after Peluso wanted to talk to them.

Guess it's safe to say Winnipeg, Blues are now having the toughest 4 lines in the league...good luck trying to run the stars against them.

Love this signing


9 points in 107 career games.  He does one thing well, punch.  Those guys are useless in the modern NHL.  He's so valuable he didn't play a single minute in the playoffs and only averaged 5:52 a game in the 49 games he did play int he regular season.  So valuable he was a frequent healthy scratch.

#2610609 ECF : Tampa Bay Former Rangers vs. New York New Rangers

Posted by Euro_Twins on 27 May 2015 - 08:25 AM

Agreed - however those d-bags in Anaheim will most likely win tonight, and be the favorite in the Cup Finals.
Personally I'd prefer a Chicago vs NY Original 6 Cup Finals.

While I believe Lundquist would outplay Crawford I don't want any chance for Chicago to win another cup

#2607938 Babcock granted permission to talk to other teams

Posted by WingedWheel91 on 15 May 2015 - 09:17 AM

HIFI Canadian:


I live in Toronto, and can assure you that Pat Quinn's (modest) success in his time here was primarily due to the fact that he also had roster control (without a salary cap) and MLSE money to spend. He was certainly the best coach the team has had in a long time, but also wasn't challenged to buy players at whatever price it would take. Following the implementation of the hard cap in 2005, he was fired because the Leafs didn't make the playoffs - and this started the magnification of what truly plagues the Toronto Maple Leafs: Bad management and even worse scouting. I can confidently say that Pat Quinn's departure as coach of the team, had very little to do with how bad they have been since.  


At the very least, we aren't going to find ourselves in a situation like Toronto because we have the arguably the deepest pool of prospects in the league - complimented by outstanding management/scouting. The other examples in Dallas and Colorado are intriguing, but both are still young teams who have had some success and probably need time to grow before we can truly judge who the better coaching option was.  


In terms of Mike Babcock, I used to completely agree with your assessment - but I no longer do.


At the end of the day, this is a results driven and oriented business and in 10 years as coach of the Detroit Red Wings - Babcock has been unable to advance past the 2nd Round of the NHL Playoffs 7/10 times or 70% of the time he's had the chance. In 2008, we won the Stanley Cup and probably rostered the best team in the NHL, in 2009 we added Marian Hossa and certainly rostered the best team in the NHL, but lost in the finals. The only other year he was able to bring the Detroit Red Wings out of the 2nd round, was in 2007 where we lost to Anaheim in the 3rd round... That team finished the regular season with the most points in the NHL. Yes, he made the playoffs every year, but he also inherited a fantastic core of players in their prime... And when those players no longer were, the results have been 3/4 years out in the 1st round. My point is, if the next 10 years were guaranteed to yield the exact same results (including 4 first round exits) would you sign up for it? Keep in mind, the players who made him successful those 3 years I mentioned wont be a part of it.


I am in no way/shape/form saying that Babcock is a bad coach - but is he atleast overrated? Maybe. It seems that his resume really shines because of the back to back gold medals (no pun intended) he recently won with team Canada, but again this is a case of accomplishing what was expected. Without bias, Canada should win every Olympic Gold they play for - they have the deepest forward group, the best defenseman, and the best goalie in the world. Of course its still an accomplishment to do it, but he isn't the only coach who would have - given the opportunity.


My real point of contention with Babcock's return is what we might have with Jeff Blashill. - this guy continues to just do it. He's only Head Coached professionally for 5 years, but already has 2 championships and 4 semi final appearances to show for it. If he wins the Calder Cup again this year (after losing the likes of Tatar, Nyquist, Jurco, Sheahan, Glendenning, Dekeyser, and Mrazek,) he will have won championships 3/6 times or 50% of the time he's had the chance - I hope the Detroit Red Wings realize this, and that they are actually the ones in the drivers seat.

#2607216 What's our draft position this year? And best defensemen available

Posted by nyqvististhefuture on 11 May 2015 - 03:52 PM

He's not a defensemen but svechnikov intrigues me

#2607076 2015 Draft

Posted by Richdg on 10 May 2015 - 09:20 PM




Meloche sounds intriguing...

He would be the D I would take. While we have lots of D prospects, only 3 are RHed and one of those Marchenko should be in Detroit next season. As Zidlicky reminded everyone, having RHed Dmen on the point does matter.

#2601325 ECQF : (7) Sénateurs d'Ottawa vs. (2) Les Canadiens de Montréal

Posted by marcaractac on 26 April 2015 - 09:32 PM


Yea, because referees who swallow their whistles when the puck is in the goalie garner so much respect.  As a goalie, I would rather the ref err on the side of caution rather than have someone slash the hell out of me or jam his stick into my chest looking for something that I clearly have covered.


The favored team statement you gave is pure nonsense and I feel dumber just reading it.

It was obvious that the play was blown dead a good second or two before the puck went in.  I don't see how instant replay or a coaches challenge is going to fix this problem.


I know there have been situations that I have benefitted from the ref losing sight of the puck, just as there are instances of the opposite.  In short, no easy way to fix them other than altering the way the game is officiated in some way, shape, or form that will probably involve removing referees from the ice surface.


A lot of these goals are waived off even when the whistle hasn't been blown yet, because of the intent to blow bulls***. Also, that whistle should have never happened as quickly as it did. 


In the end, the Habs are the most beatable team left in the playoffs. They struggle to score. They scored 2 goals in their last 3 games. Price can't get a shutout every night. Wings held the highest scoring team to just 9 goals in 5 games. The Habs are nowhere near the team some make them out to be. 

#2596672 Abdelkader to return for Game 3

Posted by kickazz on 19 April 2015 - 04:55 PM

Smith won't be any better than Marchenko, at least he can kill penalties and is RH, Smith will just turn the puck over try to fight Callahan and Join the rush giving Tampa 2 on 1 galores.
Tats Datsyuk Helm
Abby Z Jurco
Nyquist Sheahan Cleary
Miller Glendening Ferraro
We are playing at home now and we are more than capable of taking both victories, I'd be satisfied with a split but if Z continues to do nothing I say scratch him and elevate Sheahan as the 2nd line center Luke as the third and Andy as the fourth, let Pav wear the C for a game..(I know it won't happen) Put Zs line against Stamkos Luke against Johnson and get the Datsyuk Filp mismatch!

Woah relax...


Even tho Z is playing subpar his game is still 100% better than most of our forwards. Most of us are complaining about Z and comparing him to his own personal playoff standards, not the teams standards. Z is still doing better than most of the squad is. He's actually got the same amount of giveaways in this series as Datsyuk does.. Less giveaways in the season than most of our forwards including Datsyuk. 


Pav wearing the C, the refs would have a grand slam throwing us penalties when the dude theyre talking to cant effectively communicate in english to them. I understand you're unhappy with game 2 but dam gotta relax a bit there lol. 


This organization would never scratch their superstars. That's why its the Detroit Red Wings. 

#2592926 Babcock: Petr Mrazek is starting Game 1

Posted by gcom007 on 13 April 2015 - 12:48 PM

This could turn into the 2004 Stanley cup playoffs when they decided to start Manny Legace in the first round over Curtis Joseph only to regret the decision and eventually had Cujo take over to win the 1st series (but then lost in second series). 


But I'm trying to be optimistic since Mrazek isn't Manny Legace when it comes to puck handling. 


Mrazek isn't Manny Legace in any way, shape, or form. Legace was a career backup who overachieved for a minute and got in over his head. Mrazek is a rookie with tons of upside who was supposed to be in the AHL right now. Mrazek has got all the makings of a strong starter. I don't know if this is the right decision, but this is nothing like the Legace situation. Legace was and is a joke; Mrazek is the real deal, though he may not be quite ready yet.

#2571847 Team next season?

Posted by DickieDunn on 18 February 2015 - 07:52 PM

Kindl out for a rookie.
Cleary out.
Pulkinnen in.
Gustavsson out for Mrazek.
Andersson maybe out.

Anyone wanting a lot of changes is going to be disappointed.

#2572490 Getzlaf calls Ovechkin a diver, O says "I have hair"

Posted by rick zombo on 19 February 2015 - 02:48 PM



It's pretty obvious to me that frank's favorite NHL team is Canada.

#2571480 Franzen on IR

Posted by Yzerfan87 on 17 February 2015 - 12:17 PM

I guess I'm not really up to speed on the new CBA rules about retirement.  Does the over-35 thing not apply anymore?  What would happen if Franzen just retires?

Part of his cap stays. But I think we should go the NHL approved Pronger approach to retirement. Permanent LTIR.