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In Topic: Semin

06 July 2012 - 06:49 AM

So, Semin saying "I don't know" inclines you to believe we have a shot?

No, but he isn't saying he's not interested either. He really doesn't say one thing or the other. I just wanted to point out that the wings have atleast shown some interest in Semin. Atleast it seems that way.

In Topic: Semin

06 July 2012 - 06:23 AM

That was July 4th. Holland isn't about NEEDS, he's about......yeah I'm still not sure.

Anyway yeah, even though trading for Yandle and signing Semin is our best option, all I can see Holland doing is inquiring about bringing Williams back for another run.

Well, he also tweeted the following yesterday;

"I asked Semin if he was going to play in Detroit - one of the clubs reportedly interested. His reply: "I don't know." Evaluating his options"

I dont really know how reliable Chesnokov is, but i think he is pretty wellknown and respected among hockey people, no? Im also a bit unsure about Semin and how he would fit in, but i think the best thing right now would be to sign him (and preferably Doan aswell), and then look into the trademarket for a good Dman. If we sign those two, we have A LOT of forwards, we could prehaps trade two for a top pairing Dman.

In Topic: Semin

06 July 2012 - 06:08 AM

The Red Wings are not high on skilled right wing Alexander Semin, the second-best available forward, due to concerns about commitment and effort that have dogged him his entire career. They would be hesitant to sign a player like that to a long-term deal.

Well that was before they knew parises decision, and lets not forget it's one reporter (khan) that says they are not high on semin. Below the part you quoted it says
"Of course, that was on Tuesday night. Now, with Parise officially no longer an option, Dmitry Chesnokov is reporting that the Red Wings are starting to show interest in Semin".
If you are going to comment on an article, you should atleast read all of it before you make remarks..

In Topic: Semin

06 July 2012 - 04:57 AM

Wings have apparently inquired about Semin;


In Topic: Rasmus Bodin

27 June 2012 - 04:40 AM

An article from the local newspaper where he lives in sweden, its about him getting drafted på by the wings;


Iv'e taken this excerpt from HFboards, google translate is used so the text is formatted a bit weird..

Quote from article;
Rasmus hockey dream comes true

- What can one say? This was really a huge surprise, laughs 18-year-old forward Rasmus Bodin, Östersund hockey, who was drafted to the Detroit Red Wings in the seventh and final round

Interest in the Brunflo Hockey org. schooled Rasmus has been around for awhile.

- It was a scout and looked at me early in the season, but then I have not heard anything from him. Then suddenly it happens here and it was really unexpected, and it is scarcely believe it to be true, cheers Rasmus who has his hockey life so far most experience some ten days before him.

Between July 4 to 14 Rasmus will be on camp in Detroit.

- It is really great because it's something you've dreamed about since I started playing hockey. I hope that my parents and my brother can come along too, continues Rasmus who do not exactly have an eye on what's going to happen. But all drafted players for the Red Wings and a number of other guests will be there, making it both extremely exciting and a great challenge.

Before the draft became clear it was thought that Rasmus would move to Jönköping and start training with the HV71's U20 team on July 19.

- By the time the program looks like it might be a bit tight to keep up with it, so I still have to shoot on the move a few days, continued Rasmus, who describes himself as a big, strong player who works hard and fast on skates.

Kjell-Åke Andersson in Östersund Hockey welcomes the transatlantic attention around Rasmus.

- It's a little surprising, although we are well aware of his skills and talent. But it's not so darn easy to get drafted says "Kjella" who do not know exactly what impact it has to be number ten or 200.

- Just to be drafted means that you're a really good hockey players and the talent scouts from the NHL will continue to keep an eye on you.

- We're not exactly spoiled with drafted hockey talent from our county, but every time it happens it is extremely funny. The interest around Rasmus gives a ripple effect and we continue to develop young talent in the county, we will be of interest to the Scouts, even in the future.