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In Topic: The most annoying things about being at games?

28 October 2013 - 04:20 PM

Oh boy.  So, I'm a first time season ticket holder who basically moved to MI for a great job and the Wings.   I'm thrilled that I get to see most of the games and experience how much fun the Joe can be in person.   But after two months these are my biggest complaints:


1) "f*** you, Howard." That was screamed by the large man who rented the seats behind me.  I know he rented them because the season ticket holders never show up, which means I get to put up with a very entertaining group of drunks most nights.   This man pretty much pummeled his knees into my back for the night, was upset that I wouldn't lean over to the row in front of me and steal him some extra purple towels (the "gift" for breast cancer awareness), and called me a ***** for looking at his wife, who leaned over the seat next to me, pretty much had her ass sticking up in my face and reached under the seat to get the towel that slipped into the crevice.  And all this was during the warm up while they were stone cold sober. 


2) Seat Poachers.  My friend and co ticket holder is overseas for work.  Nobody wants a single ticket as a freebie (they want both seats, go figure) so I had an empty seat next to me.  But before the game started, this guy slides in and informs me that his friend is in the seat on the other side of my friend's seat and his ticket is way up at top, so he'll move when my friend shows up.  Now I have a huge guy behind me, a sloth/stoner poacher next to me and another huge guy to the other side.  It would have been nice to tell the guy to move because I technically have both seats, I possess two tickets and I want a space to put my coat.  But I didn't know what the etiquette for such circumstances was and I hate being intolerant to a hockey fan, so I sat smushed.


3)  "Who designed these seats, an anorexic model?"  followed by "the AA center has cup holders and Wifi"  (and the fact that you can't see the ice from 80% of seats is negated by cup holders?).   I'm not a skinny person.  But when I say that I mean that I'm a size 10 who wishes I was a size 8.   It's interesting to listen to the people behind me (the towel stealers) complain about the seat sizes when they are huge people, who probably purchased close to 100 dollars in food.  At the Joe.  I'm all for having a good time but after eating dinner at the Joe for 4 preseason games in six days, I learned the value of not spending 5.50 for a chili dog.  And I'm sure my cholesterol levels appreciate that awareness.  The man patiently explained to the woman that the seat sizes were why we were getting a new stadium because the Joe was built in the 1970s when people weren't so fat.  I'm not sure the new stadium has enough rows for the seat sizes some of these people need. It also doesn't help when people bring a ton of crap to the Joe.  Huge purses, giant coats... I can't complain about the AA comment too much because my co ticket holder is from Dallas and that's enough punishment for any hockey fan.


4) Some of the elitism of season ticket holders.  After showing up for three preseason games, the person next to me asked if I was a season ticket holder.  I confirmed that and I was excited about the season.  She looked confused and asked me why I had printed out tickets and not the real ones.  I guess because I normally can't find my keys (or my pretty tickets) but I always have the ability to print off a ticket in a few seconds.  She said that people would think I was a "renter" because I had paper tickets.   It's like the high school lunch room hierarchy all over again.  Except that who really cares?  I've always traveled to see the Wings play and I've usually "rented" tickets from someone.  Doesn't mean I was a bad fan, just one that didn't/couldn't have season tickets.


5) And the worst thing about going to a game, for me, is watching Dats and Z skate off the line while the national anthem is being sung.  It's disrespectful and something I never saw on the broadcast at home.   And seeing the young skater do the same thing, following Pavel's lead just makes me sad.  Let's teach everyone that it's cool to skate while someone is singing the anthem.  Maybe Karen could speed it up a bit, because they are so anxious to start skating before the game and we can't get them to skate DURING the game. 


So those are my complaints.  But I'm still thrilled to be at games.  I just wished people used some common sense.

3.  Remember the Joe was built in the 70s everyone was a lot smaller and skinner.  Also, the upper bowl seats are wider.  Seems like it any way.


5.  It could be a superstiton. (sp)  And the fact that Chicago cheers throughout the whole thing makes this seem moot.

In Topic: Brendan Smith

28 October 2013 - 04:12 PM

Problem is when the whole team is doing bad, smith looks REALLY bad.  At the last game I started counting the times smith and Q blew it.  It wasn't good.  Also, the fact we are getting out shot is something new and needs to be addressed.

In Topic: Lidstrom will play in Winter Classic Alumni Game

20 September 2013 - 09:08 AM

It is that Lidstrom will play.  Weird. 

In Topic: Big Red Wings Announcement coming tomorrow

20 September 2013 - 09:00 AM

Lids comeing back for alumi game was annouced a while ago.