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In Topic: Vaclav Prospal and Ruslan Fedotenko

07 January 2007 - 07:53 PM

what if we got rid of lilja ?? lol would it be ok to be pick up fedotenko then ?? tongue.gif

i read somewhere bertuzzi might be available but hes been hurt all yr long

who on the roster are you willing to trade ??

if its for a rental player id trade lilja and williams , i wouldnt give up on hudler too soon

In Topic: Jonathan Ericsson

06 January 2007 - 02:52 AM

thats awesome news on ericsson

but how much ice time a game does he get compared to quincey ??


06 January 2007 - 02:51 AM

man oh man what a tournament for helm , he was all over the ice in canada's gold medal win

i cant wait to see him with the wings , hes like a maltby/draper ......but younger obviously , faster (sure looked like he was real fast) he can hit he looks like hes got alot more offensive talent , had some nice chances

he's gonna be a good 1

In Topic: UFA Targets

23 December 2006 - 12:34 PM

QUOTE(Detroit # 1 Fan @ December 23, 2006 - 01:32AM) View Post


Grigenko wont play here next season. Datsyuk wont be here next season. Cleary will be on a higher line then flippula. Kopecky gets a roster spot , not hudler. So bascially


Howard Ozzie

Looks good to me

chris phillips will most likely get a nice amount of money on the market and at least a 3-4 yr deal , which we dont need jakub kindl will be cheap and he almost made the team , id rather we give him a shot and use the money elsewhere , im hoping grigorenko comes over and starts in the team , what makes you so sure he wouldnt make the team ?? hes been playing in the russian elite league for years , and im pretty sure if he'd come over he wouldnt wanna go to the ahl and get payed peanuts he'd just play in russia or sign elsewhere

you say datsyuk wont be here next season yet you put him up on a line with zetterberg and smyth lol , is he or is he not here?

In Topic: UFA Targets

22 December 2006 - 07:44 PM

well 1st off we gotta add some cap space
so who are you guys willing to let go ??

we should be able to save 900k on maltby , either he resigns for 500 k or we replace with kopecky , id rather pick kopecky , hes younger and will play harder to stay in the nhl

then we got

robert lang
mathieu schneider
pavel datsyuk
tomas holmstrom
dominik hasek
danny markov
kopecky and hudler restricted

holmstrom and markov will most likely get a little raise , only way i see us savin a bit of space is if we lose datsyuk which i think we should depending on his demands and his playoff performance and if robert lang would take a 2.5 per yr deal and save us 1.3

the guy id consider letting go is schneider , yes hes doing good but hes most likely to get 4+ from another team and hes getting old , id rather we bring up kyle quincey and/or kindl

anyways on the players id target

shane doan
chris drury

our defense if it was up 2 me would be

lidstrom markov
kronwall kindl
chelios lebda
quincey ( i say we let chelios play 55-60 games and quincey plays 25-30 + games where other d men would b injured)

grigorenko datsyuk doan
filppula zetterberg holmstrom
cleary lang /samuelsson
franzen draperhudler

i know it wont happen but we gotta get rid of samuelson or williams to give some space to our younsters in the lineup