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#2254771 What Ken Holland should do at the deadline

Posted by MabusIncarnate on 10 February 2012 - 05:49 PM

To TB- McCullum,Brunnstrom(or a prospect),and a pick

To Det- Purcell

purcell is a big body right hand shot can put up some points and has good speed maybe Holland can swing a deal with TB and Stevey saying it doesnt look like they are making the playoffs and need a possible shake up

I like this a bit better.. I don't want to get involved with Semin, next thing we know we are stuck with a big contract on an inconsistent guy that stops caring when he gets paid. I definitely don't want to pay out that much for Semin either, there's much better options out there.

#2252782 Moen / Gill / Allen

Posted by MabusIncarnate on 05 February 2012 - 03:32 AM

I like Plekanec... I don't think they will move him.

Yeah very doubtful, he might be the only player on that team that has been consistent and productive for the last three seasons. Even with as poor as they are playing this year he is still quietly putting together a solid season.

#2248520 1/23 GDT : Blues 1 at Red Wings 3

Posted by MabusIncarnate on 23 January 2012 - 08:40 PM

Helm is everywhere tonight, thats easily his third solid hit tonight. Someone fed him some Wheaties.

#2246931 Fight During Postgame Handshake

Posted by MabusIncarnate on 18 January 2012 - 06:48 PM

That's just embarrassing, I don't care what one said to the other to spark it if that was even the case. The game is over, this was unnecessary, i'd expect to see this in the NFL but not in hockey.

#2246756 Winter Classic at Michigan Stadium Finalized

Posted by MabusIncarnate on 18 January 2012 - 03:06 AM

Looks like it's confirmed, Toronto at Detroit for the 2013 Winter Classic.


#2246064 Detroit player on NHL 36?

Posted by MabusIncarnate on 16 January 2012 - 06:12 PM

This topic blew my mind until I read the thread, I thought it was in reference to the video game. I was thinkin.. is it really gonna be 24 years before a Red Wing is on the cover of an NHL game again and do they really determine it that far into the future?


#2243409 Bobby Ryan

Posted by MabusIncarnate on 09 January 2012 - 02:09 AM

I'm probably alone on this, but if a lot of people have gripes with Franzen being so off and on with production, why bring in Ryan? He is the definition of streaky, can blow up for a week or two then go 20 games without a goal. If we are going for streaky here, i'd rather go for Nash and at least get some physical presence when he's not scoring. I'd pass on Ryan, and would rather keep what we would have to sacrifice to get him.

#2222630 F*** YOU Player X

Posted by MabusIncarnate on 04 November 2011 - 04:32 AM

f*** you Mountain Dew for only having Live Wire during the summertime :angry:

#2210754 Numbers to be placed on FRONT and back of helmet

Posted by MabusIncarnate on 30 September 2011 - 06:43 AM

They just need to make it a requirement that every NHL ref and linesman are to memorize every player's name and number by their face between seasons, that way we won't have to worry about small numbers on the helmets.