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In Topic: Dennis Wideman Suspended 20 Games

29 January 2016 - 04:58 PM

So if he was dazed and cross-checked an opposing player from behind, it would OK? If he was dazed, why did he stay in the game and not go through the protocol? Guys are responsible for their actions if they are conscious and aware, and this type of cheap shot with a stick is not OK regardless of who was on the receiving end. The fact it was an official makes a suspension almost a requirement. I'd say 10 games.

In Topic: ROY according to LGW

23 January 2016 - 01:32 PM

I want Larkin to finish second, just like Yzerman, Fedorov, Lidstrom and Zetterberg did. Three HoFers, one likely heading there and one for whom the sky's the limit.

In Topic: Brian McGrattan

20 January 2016 - 05:07 PM

He'll regret accepting those risks some day, I am pretty certain.

In Topic: Miller Out With Lower Body Injury

20 January 2016 - 05:04 PM

IMO Larkin longterm is going to be too valuable to kill penalties. He will need to be on prime power play and I don't want him regularly burning minutes playing a role that requires shot blocking. He is clearly capable of it but he's capable of other stuff that is way harder to find.

In Topic: Predict The Red Wings' 20+ goal scorers for '15-'16

14 January 2016 - 12:47 PM

You have Mantha in GR one more? Yikes. Im bringing up Mantha and Athanasiou now if Im Blashill.

I have him not scoring 20-plus in the NHL until 2017-18. He may be here next season but think it would be crazy to count on him to be ready to score that much right away.