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#2509822 flyers sign macdonald to 6 year $30 million extension

Posted by paulwoodsfan on 15 April 2014 - 01:58 PM

This is why I always laugh when, every time the Wings re-sign any of their RFA types, letsgowings blows up with "we overpaid!" It happened with Ericsson and Kronwall, and it has happened with others. Invariably those "overpaid" contracts start looking pretty darned good later when other teams pay more for lesser players. Not saying Holland has never made a mistake, obviously, but for most of the in-house guys who would be considered core players, he has locked them up for less than the market soon became.

#2507609 Is the Real Brendan Smith Finally Starting the Show Up?

Posted by paulwoodsfan on 09 April 2014 - 09:42 AM

I'm liking Smith more and more. Yes, he makes some mistakes (as do all of our defencemen) but he seems to have fantastic offensive instincts -- he knows when to move up on the rush and when to attack the net. I think he would bring way more to the power play than DeKeyser does at this point, altho DD's slapshot seems harder.

#2507151 A plea to Holland.

Posted by paulwoodsfan on 08 April 2014 - 09:37 AM

For those saying we should have tried some of these young defencemen sooner, how would you have done it cap- and roster-wise? The roster has space for only 23 active players. If we were going to give a young d-man a 20-game trial, wouldn't we have needed fewer defencemen than we actually had? I'm sure some will say it's all Holland's fault for signing Cleary and Bertuzzi and Samuelsson, but those guys are irrelevant when it comes to giving defencemen NHL tryouts. I believe if we were to try waiving Lashoff or Kindl and banishing one of them to the minors, there's a good chance they'd get snapped up as NHL-experienced depth guys with manageable cap hits. Then we would have lost our own depth and been forced to ride 20- or 21-year-old defencemen on a playoff push. Doesn't make sense to me and it obviously wouldn't make sense to Holland or Babcock.

#2506943 A plea to Holland.

Posted by paulwoodsfan on 07 April 2014 - 06:50 AM

For some reason I can't get Quotes to work, but Dabura is correct about what I meant. There was post early in this thread asserting that this year proved the Wings are stupid to leave the kids in GR as long as they do. I am arguing the opposite -- that this year proves the strategy works. We were decimated by injuries and forced to use kids from the farm, and lo and behold most of them were ready. To me that proves success, not failure.

#2506909 Glendening signed to 3 year extension

Posted by paulwoodsfan on 06 April 2014 - 08:18 PM

In today's NHL, every roster needs useful players who are cheap and provide roster flexibility. Glendening provides all of that. His less than $700k per year for three years means we will have more money to spend elsewhere and a guy who can pick up valuable minutes checking, winning d-zone faceoffs and killing penalties.

#2469441 Alumni Game Lineup / Leafs @ Wings Alumni NBCS and CBC 1pm

Posted by paulwoodsfan on 01 January 2014 - 10:05 AM

It was fun seeing the old guys play, but how in the world did the organizers manage to introduce the Wings first before the second game? Surely they could have foreseen the explosion of affection for Stevie and made him the last person introduced.


There were a number of other faux pas, at least on the CBC broadcast. The announcer started by introducing Pat Quinn while another Leaf old-timer (probably Brian Conacher) walked on without any introduction. Quinn was nowhere to be found and then suddenly the Wings were all being introduced. And after all players had been introduced and CBC cut to commercial, they came back to introduce one more Leaf player who had apparently been forgotten.


CBC also did a poor job of capturing the Gordie-Ted puck drop and Vladdie's appearance. It was almost as if no one bothered to share the script with the TV people beforehand. Disappointingly shoddy.

#2447745 Missing Homer

Posted by paulwoodsfan on 25 October 2013 - 10:53 AM

As time goes on it is becoming more and more apparent just how unique Homer was. There really has never been any player in hockey quite like him. Other guys have tried to screen the goalie and occasionally get slashed for it, but Homer did it night after night for something like 16 years, without ever letting the punishment -- or the risk of being beaned by a high slapper -- deter him in the least. He is one of my all-time favourite players because he was truly one of a kind.

#2311405 Armstrong done in Toronto

Posted by paulwoodsfan on 30 June 2012 - 01:12 PM

He did nothing for Toronto to warrant the idea he would be an upgrade to Detroit's bottom six.

#2301751 Chances of landing Parise?

Posted by paulwoodsfan on 17 May 2012 - 08:12 AM

How do you figure? Check out the stats. Some of those guys have more blocked shots. Some have more points. I mean I would like to have Suter but if we don't get him at least there are other options.
My point was not to say anyone is better than Suter in free agency but rather there are comparable players we could look at if we strike out on him.

I don't see any available defencemen who are comparable to Suter. He has Norris Trophy-type skills at both ends of the rink. Wideman et al will never contend for that trophy. Those guys are OK but not impact players, IMO.

#2296580 What's Kenny Holland's Offseason Plan?

Posted by paulwoodsfan on 24 April 2012 - 09:07 AM

. . . you don't have to convince me of Franzen, he proves time and time again that he is lazy and has no heart. He needs to go play in a league that has 40-50 games in the regular season, because after that point he is horrible. And his performance the last two playoffs? He isn't worth Helm's salary. And that is FACT. So you can talk down to someone else about not doing homework or not seeing the facts. Facts are this...Red Wings in its current state is a stale hockey club and Franzen is a big reason why...he just proved it....yet again. Time for change.

And yet somehow Kenny is going to convince someone to take him -- and his eight more years, $27.5M owing -- off our hands? Get back to us when that becomes a fact.

Ryan Clowe may be a stretch, but if all three teams are interested, he will get us more than a lower round draft pick. Quincey garnered a 1st round pick, Stuart is a bit more valuable than Quincey on the market...Fact.

Uh, no. Neither guy is an all-star. One is a soon-to-be UFA aged 32, the other a signed player aged 26. The former is NOT more valuable in the trade market than the latter. There is zero chance the Wings could get a first-rounder for Stuart, and Clowe is even farther from reality.

#2268446 THN Future Watch 2012

Posted by paulwoodsfan on 09 March 2012 - 03:26 PM

I would love to see THN's 2001 ranking of RW prospects. I bet Datsyuk was not even on the list. So it's not a huge stretch to think that someone who is outside the top 75 in hockey today (Pulkinnen, say) might turn into a top-line NHLer.

#2266151 Lidstrom to win Norris trophy?

Posted by paulwoodsfan on 03 March 2012 - 04:16 PM

Lidstrom is the second-greatest defenceman of all time, IMO, but it is folly to suggest he was as good as or better than Orr. There has never been anyone else in hockey able to do what Orr did. Even with bad knees most of his career, his skating was as good as or better than Coffey's, his vision was almost Gretzky-esque and he could more than hold his own physically.

The idea that his accomplishments should be downgraded because he won his Norris trophies in a smaller league is a logical fallacy. When Orr played (mostly in a 12-team league), the worst player he faced was about the 240th best player in North America at that time. Lidstrom plays against guys every night who are at best the 500th- to 600th-best player, albeit in the entire world and not just North America.

There's no surefire way to compare eras, but I am convinced that if 18-year-old Bobby Orr came along today, he would become as dominant a force as he was back then. He would not put up as many points as he did because hockey is less wide open, more well coached and has goalies who are both better and have much bigger equipment. But he would dominate, especially considering that when he played, obstruction was standard practice and now it is (somewhat) gone. And of course if he came along today, his first knee injury would have been fixed with a simple arthroscopic procedure and he likely wouldn't have suffered the ongoing deterioration in his knee that ruined his career.

#2202886 Zetterberg's first NHL goal

Posted by paulwoodsfan on 08 August 2011 - 04:35 PM

#2202234 The Real Osgood Question

Posted by paulwoodsfan on 03 August 2011 - 02:59 PM

It's funny that you pick Bower and Fuhr. Bower was named the best goalie in the league once early in his career, which Chris Osgood nearly was in 1996. Otherwise, Bower was an average goalie in a six-team league. Sawchuk, Hall, and Plante all played most or all of their team's games. Bower never did. The only time he won the Vezina; what is now the Jennings, was as Sawchuk's backup.

Fuhr was always considered very good, because he was always winning. But was he even the best goalie in Edmonton? Andy Moog went to the All-Star game as an Oiler and after leaving Edmonton. Bill Ranford won a Cup with the Oilers. People argue against Osgood for having played on a great team, when it's Fuhr who truly should be looked at with those eyes.

Billy Smith was a good goaltender. On a dynasty-level team. If you replace the players in Edmonton with average NHL players, how many more championships does that team win? And do they need Smith or can they do it if they get a new goalie?

Sorry, Bower was not an "average goalie." Were you even alive when he was playing?

To suggest that Fuhr was less of a goalie than Moog or Ranford is utterly ridiculous. Aside from making every save he absolutely needed to make behind a team that seldom deigned to play defence, Fuhr was also good enough to be chosen as the starting (and winning) goalie for Canada in the 1987 Canada Cup. And won the Vezina Trophy that season. And finished second in balloting for the Hart Trophy. Osgood ever do any of that?

As for Smith, although for some reason you mention Edmonton, I assume the point you are trying to make is that the reason he won Cups is because he played for a dynasty. Hmmm, could the same be said about Osgood? Oh wait, the Red Wings actually did change their goalie and win the Cup. Happened three times, actually.

The Grind Line was not a key component of four Cups. It was a key component of two Cups. A better banner would be a Russian Five banner. Fewer Cups, but more importance. And while we're at it, why not raise a banner for the Lebda/Lilja pairing that led to our current trend of not playing defense?

To suggest the Grind Line was not a key component in 2002 is, to quote myself, utterly ridiculous, but I grant it was not a hugely significant component in 2008. As for a Russian Five banner, that's actually a good idea -- I'd do both (R5 and GL) if I were Mike Ilitch.

#2176282 Vintage Wings video clips (1990s)

Posted by paulwoodsfan on 16 May 2011 - 06:47 PM

I've been going through some of my old Wings footage and have posted some clips on youtube. They include:


And this one: