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In Topic: 11/21 GDT: Hurricanes 3 at Red Wings 4

22 November 2013 - 12:22 PM

My guess is that the Wings trade somebody that other teams might actually want for prospects. Candidates IMO are: Smith Lashof Abby We could live without these guys and other teams may be interested. Face it, nobody is going to trade for Sammy, Cleary, Tootoo, Eaves, so to get out of this jam, we are going to have to lose somebody that we'd like to keep. But it is obvious that we NEED Nyquist in Detroit.

In Topic: Cleary re-signs with Detroit, 1 year, $1.75m deal

12 September 2013 - 11:52 AM

Wow!  I really expected an LGW meltdown but many of the posts were actually positive.  How can you hate a guy that takes a big paycut and a reduced term just so he can stay on the Wings.  I think even the Cleary haters (or most of them) have to respect him for this.  OK.  Maybe not.


I'm glad he's back as long as it doesn't affect Nyquist, Tartar or DeKeyser....

In Topic: Franzen: "I am not a goal scorer"

02 September 2013 - 09:41 AM

The haters are going to have a field day with this.


The way I read it is that he said that he is not JUST a goal scorer but a hockey player.


Franzen's biggest drawback is his lack of confidence.  Sure, he floats alot.  That is because he is by his nature, lacking in confidence.  There were articles back in '08 that said that he was very shy and didn't like the limelight.  He got over this in '08 but seems to have regressed.  Hopefully Alfie will help him with this. 


So he isn't a goal scorer? So he confirms my opinion of him being a useless piece of crap and a waste of money and roster space? THANK YOU FRANZINA.

That post was useless and a waste of time.  30 seconds of my life that I can never get back.  Thanks

In Topic: Who do we Unload, reload on before the season starts?

14 August 2013 - 11:30 AM

If Sammy's on LTIR, that opens a roster spot.  Once he's off of it, send him down until he agrees to waive his NTC. 


For me, the only totally untouchables are Z, Pav, and Tootoo, the latter being personal preference and purely personal opinion.  I understand that others may disagree.  I'm ok with that.


Assuming we don't re-sign Cleary :) or Brunner :( a lot depends on a healthy Helm.  Since signs are looking good, maybe we might have to part with someone like Eaves, although I loathe to see him go.


Since Miller and Andersson were just re-signed, I doubt they'll be moved. 

I hate to say it, but after Emmerton, who may well have some moderately decent trade value, Eaves is the next best option that they'll possibly consider.


Sucks.  I like Sammy too, but like Cleary, his time has come and gone.


I'd even be willing to part with Johan, even though he did his share of goal-scoring.  We might get a bit more in return for him if we find someone who will take on his contract.  I wouldn't just settle for a pick and a bag of pucks for him; he'd need to bring something substantial.


I have a feeling that no matter what happens, I'm going to be saying, "ah, dang.  I'll miss him."

For me, the only totally untouchables are Z, Pav, and Tootoo, the latter being personal preference and purely personal opinion.


Uh, seriosuly? 

In Topic: Rule 48: not working as planned.

27 July 2013 - 02:51 PM


Try skating up and down the ice with a concussion.


The speed, velocity, and collision impact are all greater than ever and tweaking the rule book will not have a significant effect.  Why has the head gear not evolved?  I'm not saying you need to wear a NASCAR helmet or a military helmet.  It was a simple illustration that the technology exists to develop a helmet that will both increase concussion protection and still be light weight and hockey-able, and aesthetically pleasing.


LOL Change the rules back. How'd that work out for Lindros and LaFontaine and all the others?

Tweaking the rule book will not help?  huh?  You don't think that slowing down the game will reduce concussions?


As far as Lindros and Lafontaine, I never said that slowing down the game would eliminate ALL concussions.  I don't think anybody believes that.


If such a helmet exists, why aren't the players wearing them?  My guess is that they either don't exist or the players don't like them.  If it was as simple as wearing a different helmet, they would already be doing that.


Middle school science tells us the E=mv^2.  The energy from a collision is a function of velocity squared.  Changing the velocity of an impact has a large effect on the energy expended.