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#2281124 WCQF Game 1 GDT: Red Wings 2 at Predators 3

Posted by Hockeytown0001 on 10 April 2012 - 10:19 PM

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#2212730 10/7 GDT:Senators 3 at Red Wings 5

Posted by Hockeytown0001 on 06 October 2011 - 09:46 PM

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Tonight's Stream-Opposition GDT
Official Game Preview

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Last Detroit-Ottawa matchup:

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Next Game
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Special thanks to Doc Holiday for providing the graphics for "Game Day", "Team Records", "Projected Lines/Starters" and "Injury Report". I'm a new photoshop user and took care of the rest. Here's to a great season!

#2210725 9/30 Exhibition GDT: Toronto Maple Leafs at Red Wings

Posted by hillbillywingsfan on 29 September 2011 - 11:15 PM

Love old picks like these
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Just wish i was old enough to have been able to watch back then.

#2210722 9/30 Exhibition GDT: Toronto Maple Leafs at Red Wings

Posted by Hockeytown0001 on 29 September 2011 - 11:10 PM

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Posted Image Official Game Day Thread

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- - Tonight's Matchup - -

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Start time: 7:30 EST

Joe Louis Arena - Detroit, MI
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Available On:
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Tonight's Stream

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Official Game Preview:
Original 6 Pre-Season matchup in Detroit

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*Opposition GDT*
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Posted Image News from around the NHL
Ovi, Kovi lead bounce back candidates
Iginla back on the ice for the Flames
Kings, Doughty reach agreement

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Posted Image MAPLE LEAFS
Last Game: Defeated OTT 5-3

Posted Image RED WINGS

Last Game: Lost to CHI 4-3

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Valtteri Filppula-Henrik Zetterberg-Johan Franzen
Justin Abdelkader-Darren Helm-Todd Bertuzzi
Gustav Nyquist-Cory Emmerton-Tomas Holmstrom
Chris Conner-Joakim Andersson-Landon Ferraro

Nicklas Lidstrom-Ian White
Niklas Kronwall-Doug Janik
Brian Lashoff-Garnet Exelby

Posted Image Projected TOR Lines
Clarke MacArthur - Mikhail Grabovski - Nikoali Kulemin
Joffery Lupul - Philippe Dupuis - Phil Kessel
Matt Frattin - Darryl Boyce - Colby Armstrong
Mike Brown - Mike Zigomanis - Colton Orr

John Michael Liles - Dion Phaneuf
Keith Aulie - Luke Schenn
Jake Gardiner - Mike Komisarek

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Posted Image Jonas Gustavsson
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Posted Image Jimmy Howard
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Next Game - October 1

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7:00 EST - Air Canada Center

#2200771 Dog lover thread

Posted by Kira on 24 July 2011 - 06:07 PM

Poor you...to never know what it's like to have unquestionable love.

#2189625 Babcock "pissed off" about Burns-to-SJ

Posted by dobbles on 25 June 2011 - 11:55 AM

while i don't mean to interrupt the awesome hyperbole of lgw, both sides of this are understandable. i could even see babcock being disappointed and making those comments. burns isn't the next lidstrom, but is one of the better realistic options to replace rafalski. many thought he wouldnt be moved, so when he was, and for a pretty reasonable package, it raises eyebrows. i think a lot of people feel like a package built around filppula (or MAYBE hudler) could have been assembled that was similar to what SJ got. personally, i think the wings could have made a similar/better offer. many people are saying we would have to offer franzen, however, i think people that suggest that are over-valuing setoguchi. while goal scorers are a rare commodity, he has pretty pedestrian numbers overall aside from his 30 goal season. if you look at the production the last 2 years, he has been comparable to flip.

for a lot of people this was a big missed opportunity. thats why people are so passionate. we all just want to see the red wings be the best team possible. unfortunately, we all have differing opinions of what that entails.

#2189390 2011 NHL Draft: Round 1 Discussion

Posted by USAFWingedWheel on 24 June 2011 - 11:05 PM

if you read the post before you just hit neg, I said disappointed THUS FAR... He says he needs to replace Rafalski, yet when a great player is available, he balks. Holland could've offered more than the Sharks did for Burns but for some reason he won't budge on his "core." That is why most teams get better every year and the Wings don't. I am ready for July 1st, but THUS FAR, Holland spewed a bunch of crap about making deals on draft day only to trade down so he can draft Haken Pupen and Bojrn Swappin Nutt in the second round... I am THUS FAR disappointed, he stood in the batters box today and watched the ball go by...strike one. Strike three and I will go back to hating him and once again knowing that he is NOT the best GM in the NHL. Today, Brian Burke, BRAINf****** BURKE FOR f***'S SAKE slapped Holland around like a *****...

This is the dumbest thing I've wasted 10 seconds of my life on reading. Teams are getting better??? The Wings have the longest active playoff appearance streak in the last 20 yrs and 4 cups to go with it. What do the teams that are getting better have to show??? Maybe a conference finals appearance or two??? Your comment was an epic fail.

#2187154 Lidstrom agrees to 1-year, $6.2m contract

Posted by Aussie_Wing on 20 June 2011 - 10:28 AM

Oh, so because Lidstrom has already made a lot of money, he should take peanuts to spend even MORE time away from his family and bring in ticket sales, merchandise sales, and an even better product to the Detroit Red Wings because he owes it to them?

What a joke.

Nah, I'm thinking more along the lines of he's 41, he's in his last year, lets take a slight discount (heck, $5.5 mil, what a slap in the face......) to give me the absolute BEST chance of having the perfect send off.

It appears gaining that every last bit of money takes priority over building the best possible team.

#2187150 Lidstrom agrees to 1-year, $6.2m contract

Posted by Aussie_Wing on 20 June 2011 - 10:24 AM

Yeah, because a difference of 1 or 2 million is going to keep Detroit from making it in the playoffs.

Do you think he is worth LESS than Seabrook? Seabrook is being paid 5.8 next year.

Oh right-o, I forgot that Seabrook was in his 20th odd NHL season and had earnt an absolute stack over his cateer.

#2187142 Lidstrom agrees to 1-year, $6.2m contract

Posted by Aussie_Wing on 20 June 2011 - 10:20 AM

Again too steep.

$6.2 mil, he must like losing in the Semi's.

#2184180 Flyers acquire Bryzgalov's rights

Posted by eva unit zero on 09 June 2011 - 04:09 PM

If a door is opened for Boucher then I hope Kenny closes it. Sign Conklin. He's the perfect back-up goalie. Likely get him for 1 mil.

Yep, and Howard will have a season-ending injury in October after being run by Matt Cooke, so Holland will then go out and sign Manny Legace, who had been playing on an AHL contract. He'll trade for Andreas Lilja the day before the next Pens game so that Cooke's season can end, also. And at the deadline, he'll just start trading picks for every player in the league who has played for the Wings while he's been GM. The Wings end up getting guys like Kopecky, Hossa, Leino, Quincey, Lebda, Whitney, Williams, and so on. Most of them end up having to be waived to make room for other guys Holland keeps bringing in, but Holland doesn't really care. After he finishes with all of his trading, he manages to trade coaches and acquire former Wings coaches such as Dave Lewis and Todd McLellan, and then trades himself to Tampa Bay for Steve Yzerman.

Mike Ilitch then appeals to the league, stating that Holland had been under mind control by a fan forum and was not making decisions of his own will. Any trades involving the Wings at the deadline are nullified, Holland is admitted for treatment, and Jim Nill is named acting GM. However, Mike Ilitch didn't know that Nill's minor was in Musical Theatre, and Nill constantly sings songs from "West Side Story" when playing Winnipeg or Phoenix, and is always belting tunes from "Cats" when in Miami or Nashville, while sailing through "Annie" when at Madison Square Garden.

#2179986 Why no team is likely to offer sheet Doughty, Weber, or Parise

Posted by Datsyerberger on 26 May 2011 - 12:43 PM

Because they're all eligible for salary arbitration (which protects a player from offer sheets), and if these players are not signed by July 1st, it's likely that will be taken to arbitration (the arbitration award is not likely to be as high as what exposing such a player to offer sheets could drive their salary to). A team has the option to take a player to arbitration once per each player's career (a tool to protect a valuable player from offer sheets during their most valuable RFA period). A player can still choose to go to arbitration any time he comes up as RFA.

This has been a public service announcement.

Edit: more information from post below

I was on my way out the door when I wrote that, so I'll offer a little more insight to the process here now that my brain isn't quite as numb as it was earlier.

RFA: A drafted player may opt to become an unrestricted free agent either when they're 27 or when they've acquired 7 years of NHL experience (10 games or more played counts as a year of experience when determining free agency). Their rights can free up earlier if the NHL team in possession relinquishes them.

Offer sheet: Any RFA may be given an offer sheet unless they're protected (either by the team or player) via arbitration. If (and only if) a player accepts the offer sheet, the team in possession of his rights has a chance to match. The match is binding, and so the player cannot be given another offer sheet. If the team in possession declines to match, then the offering team relinquishes draft picks based upon salary. If the team is not in possession of their own draft picks needed for the next draft, they cannot make the offer. They must have the picks for that draft and it must be their own picks, not ones in the same round acquired via trade.

Additionally, a player may not be traded in the year in which they signed an offer sheet (whether they're on the new team or on the old team that matched).

Here's the chart for offer sheet compensation for this year (based upon league average salary):

$1,034,249 and below -- Nothing
$1,034,250 to $1,567,043 -- 3rd round pick
$1,567,044 to $3,134,088 -- 2nd round pick
$3,134,089 to $4,701,131 -- 1st and 3rd
$4,701,132 to $6,268,175 -- 1st, 2nd, 3rd
$6,268,176 to $7,835,219 -- Two 1sts (sequential years), 2nd, 3rd
$7,835,220 and above -- Four 1sts (sequential years)

Arbitration: If a player signs a contract after age 20 (meaning they turned 20 before free agency IIRC) then they are eligible for arbitration any year afterwards in which they are an RFA. If they sign before 20, then they are eligible for arbitration for 4 years after they signed. However, an accrued NHL season (>=10 games) takes a year off of this period.

If the player is eligible for arbitration, he may elect to go to arbitration any time he's RFA. Deadline for submission of arbitration is July 5th.

If a team files for arbitration with a player, the rules are a bit different. The team may only do this once during that player's career. They cannot ask for a salary reduction greater than 15%, and any contract awarded during this period is binding. If it was the player that brought them to arbitration, and not the team, the team can opt to step away from the contract (and automatically do if they don't accept the contract within 48 hours of the verdict).

So what effect does this have on Doughty, Weber, and Parise? All are eligible for salary arbitration. In the case of all three, the team is eligible to file. In the case of all three of these players, if they are not signed by July 1st it likely means that they want significant money and they were not able to work out a deal with the team. If this is the case, the teams in question will most likely take them to arbitration.

Remember, any salary offered under a $7,835,220 cap hit is worth two 1sts, a 2nd, and a 3rd at max. Even if those are likely valuable 1sts, it could be argued that is worth it to acquire any of these players. Seeing as their teams would not want to be forced into signing a contract that high (or lose the players for two 1sts, a 2nd, and a 3rd), and that arbitration will likely not award any of them a salary that high, this greatly increases the chances of all three of these players going to arbitration via the team if they do not have a deal worked out by July 1st.

I hope this provides additional insight into the process for some people.

#2024466 Wings sign Ruslan Salei

Posted by NeverForgetMac25 on 09 August 2010 - 02:47 PM

Realistically, as long as Kenny wants to stand pat at the deadline, Detroit could even pay both Modo's and Salei's bonuses with this years' cap money. Let's say Abdelkader gets an equal deal to that of Helm (which I feel is slightly overestimating it rather than under) at a Cap-hit of $912,500. That's puts the Wings at a current Cap Payroll of $60,300,377 (or Cap Space of -$900,377). Given both Miller's and Meech's salary are removed (either through waivers or trade) Kenny then has $249,623 in Cap Space remaining for injury call-ups.

Granted its half of what he was looking for but as long as the Wings stay relatively healthy, the call-ups shouldn't take away too much of that cap space. Even if it chews up the entire almost $250k, all of a sudden the Wings have zero carry-over bonuses next year (which wouldn't be the worse thing to begin with give the current state of the team for 2011/2012).

Now, if Kenny really wants to go for broke, he could choose to apply the bonuses to next year's team and literally add a player with a cap hit of roughly $4 million at the deadline to put the team over the top if he feels its necessary.

No matter how you slice it, Kenny's assembled an incredible team with the Cap Space he's had and barring an epic meltdown of Howard, there's no reason to think this season won't be great for Wings fans.

#2017145 Loophole

Posted by T.Low on 20 July 2010 - 12:11 AM

I really hope the NHL closes the loophole which allows teams to give ridiculously long contracts, such as Kovalchuk's 17 year deal, to save cap space.

Instead of averaging the yearly salary, the cap hit should be whatever the player makes that year. These contracs are getting ridiculous, and that includes Franzens 11 year deal.

Anyway thoes are my thoughts, What do you guys think would you like the NHL to step in and put a stop to the madness.

Spoken like a true socialist.

#2012163 Getflaf for Zetter

Posted by Original-Six on 07 July 2010 - 05:20 PM

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