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In Topic: Grand Rapids Griffins Playoff Thread

09 May 2016 - 03:06 PM

Didn't watch the game but didn't we lose 2-1? Wouldn't say McCollum was a disaster , in fact wasn't he not bad this year? He'll never be a starter but maybe he can be a Joey McDonald type back up for a few seasons some where?

In any case Jared coreau is ahead of him and I'd gotta believe McCollum will move on ,Patterson will also be in Grand Rapids as well unless we trade one of them


Unfortunately Patterson looks like McCollum v2.0

In Topic: Jim Bedard gone... Ferschweiler demoted

09 May 2016 - 03:04 PM

I would have had preferred Fersch be gone completely as I dont see what he brought to the organization. Bedard is a bit of a shock but when you look at it it I think its a good thing. 18 years is a long time in one spot and the game changes. Theres a chance management doesn't see him keeping up with the changes. Now add into the fact that in those 18 years he really hasn't developed a young goalie to reach there top potential. McCollum, Patterson, Larsson, and Howard are examples of guys drafted in the top 3 rounds while hes here that never reached the potential they had when drafted. The team has a young stud in Mrazek. Getting a guy in with a proven record of developing goalies is a plus in my opinion.

In Topic: ECSF : New York Islanders vs. Tampa Bay Lightning

28 April 2016 - 11:17 PM

Its amazing to see how a team can score on Bishop when they actually dont aim for the crest dead center of his jersey. To bad the Wings never learned that.

In Topic: ECQF Game 5 Post-GDT: at Tampa Bay 1, Red Wings 0 (TB Wins, 4-1)

21 April 2016 - 09:05 PM

Wings would of won this in 6 with Babcock.


Because thats what happened last year ehh

In Topic: ECQF Game 5 Post-GDT: at Tampa Bay 1, Red Wings 0 (TB Wins, 4-1)

21 April 2016 - 08:57 PM

At-least Mrazek got an assist tonight.