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In Topic: Dan Cleary may return...sigh

23 June 2014 - 12:23 PM

Ken Holland: Hello Daniel, I am calling to personally thank you for your many years of great service. You have been an integral part of the Detroit Red Wings since you signed on with us. However, despite earlier promises, I must regretfully inform you that we will not be offering you a contract for the upcoming season.

Daniel Cleary: Wow, Kenny… I mean… where did this come from?!? I've devoted the last ten years of my life to the Detroit Red Wings. I left money and term on the table last year in Philly so I could play here with the promise of another contract to come...

KH: I know Daniel, and we thank you for that, but based on you performance last year, and how well our prospects played filling in for you and other while the injury bug hit, we feel this is the direction we need to take as a franchise.

DC: C’mon man, you know I only played poorly last year because I was injured. There’s still plenty left in the ol’ gas tank. I know I can get back to my old form, and deep down inside, you know it too Kenny!

KH: That may be the case, Daniel. However we are simply not in a position where we can afford to bring you back on. I’m sorry.

DC: Wow!, what happened to you, man? You use to be cool.

KH: What?!? I’m still cool, Daniel.

DC: No, you’re not. You've changed man, and not for the better. Loyalty use to mean something to you. I guess it doesn't anymore.

KH: Loyalty is very important to me.

DC: Whatever, man. You’re all talk. Take your lies and broken promises elsewhere. Talk to you later…

KH: Wait! Don’t hang up! Let me see what I can do, Daniel. I’ll prove to you that I’m still cool. I’ll call your agent and see if we can’t work something out right away; perhaps a two-way contract?

DC: Two-way contracts aren't cool, man.

KH: You’re right, you’re right… I knew that. Definitely not cool. I can do better... just let me talk to your agent, ok? We’ll work something out, don’t worry Daniel.

DC: Cool, man. I’ll see you when camp opens. Ciao.

KH: Yeah, yeah… Ciao!

In Topic: Next Seasons Needs/Team Future

14 May 2014 - 11:37 AM


So how are we acquiring a roster like this? Who do you give up for Burns and Wheeler??


I'm guessing he sent Weiss and Tatar to the Jets for Wheeler, plus Nyquist and Miller to the Sharks for Burns. (based solely on who he left out of his lineup)

In Topic: Going to the Joe for the First Time!

15 January 2014 - 11:02 AM

Really appreciate all the great advice folks. I knew this was the right place to ask, thanks.

In Topic: Lines Thread

14 November 2013 - 01:04 PM

Tatar should hire Larionov as his agent.

In Topic: Lineup Crunch: Who's going?

16 October 2013 - 07:41 AM

This is the million dollar question. All the lines are playing pretty good. Tootoo , Miller, and Glendening have been a good line and have provided energy and have been pretty good defensively as well. I think Eaves will get waived, Sammy will request a trade if he keeps getting scratched, and Glendening will get sent down (because he can). I still think Holland should be shopping Smith and Mule. Edmonton might be a good trade partner right now.


Mule will not be dealt. Were he to retire before the end of his contract, the Wings would be stuck with a huge penalty--as per the new cba.

KH will not chance that.